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Volume 4 - Issue 12 DECEMBER 2006


Right answer on your 1st attempt
3 Points
Right answer on your 2nd attempt
2 Points
Right answer on your 3rd attempt
1 Point

1. In Swami's education programme, what does the term 3-HV stand for?

2. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna elucidates the seven divine qualities of women. "Among women I am fame, fortune, fine speech, memory, intelligence, steadfastness and _________." (Chapter 10 v 34) What is the missing quality?

3. After the crucifixion of Jesus, He appeared again as the Resurrected Jesus to His close disciples. One disciple, named Thomas, was not present at the time and he did not believe that Jesus had appeared to them. What factual proof did Thomas want to confirm that Jesus had been resurrected?

4. In what context does Swami use the example of a registered letter to teach us an important lesson?

5. The Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha falls on Sunday, 31st of December this year. It is celebrated at the conclusion of the last day of the Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah. Apart from special ceremonies in Makkah, it is also a time when Muslims around the world go to the Mosque for prayers dressed in their best clothes, and thank Allah for all the blessings they have received. It is a time for visiting family and friends as well as offering presents. The festival commemorates the faith of Prophet Abraham who was asked by God in a dream to sacrifice his son, Isaac. How did Abraham react to the dream?

6. Some of the medallions created by Baba in former years carried the initials T.P.S. on them. What does Baba say these letters stand for?

7. The 8 day Jewish festival of Hanukkah occurs from 16th to 23rd December this year. Jews light one candle every evening for the 8 days with special prayers, placing the candles in a special menorah (see picture). What does the festival refer to?

8. In which year's Gurupoornima did Bhagavan announce that He is the divine Incarnation of Shiva-Shakthi?

9. Who was the last of the ten Sikh Gurus?

10. Swami tells us that there are the five D's that students have to cultivate in order to become successful in life. Four of them are dedication, devotion, discipline and discrimination - what is the missing 'D'.

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Vol 4 Issue 12 - DECEMBER 2006
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