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  Volume 4 - Issue 02


- A Little Story from Bhagawan Baba



There was once a boy, who picked up a precious gem, bright and round, and used it for playing marbles on the road, with his comrades. A merchant dealing in precious stones chanced to pass along that road, and his discerning eye fell on the gem. He approached the boy, took him aside and offered to pay him fifty rupees in exchange for the gem.


If the boy knew the value of fifty rupees he would have known the value of the gem! He went to his mother and told her that a stranger had tempted him with fifty rupees in return for the marble he played with. She was surprised that it was so costly and she said, “Do not go out of the compound with it. Play in the garden with your friend” setting limits after finding out it had some value.

The merchant had no sleep that night. He was planning to secure the gem from those simple folk, so that he could sell it at a huge profit to some millionaire or maharaja. He discovered the house where the boy lived and moved up and down that road hoping to see the boy. When he saw the boy play with it as if it was a cheap marble, his heart was wrung in agony. The boy threw it on the floor. His mother emerged just at the moment from the inner apartments and it struck her foot and fell under a bush. He spoke to the boy asking for the gem in exchange for a hundred rupees, and again, for five hundred rupees! The son ran into the house in tears, complaining about the stranger who would not let him alone. The mother came out into the garden and begged the merchant to go away.

The merchant grasped the chance. He told the mother that he was ready to give even a thousand rupees on the spot if the marble was placed in his hand! On hearing this, she forbade the child to play with it outside the house. He could play only within the rooms. The merchant could not be shooed off like that. He appeared the next day in front of the house. He held out ten thousand rupees as his offer for the marble.


The mother refused to part with it but kept it now in an iron safe, under lock and key! When the merchant came the next day with fifty thousand rupees she took it to a bank and deposited it in their safety vaults.

You are also playing marbles with the Name of God, unaware of its value. Once you realise its worth, you will keep it in your heart of hearts as the most precious treasure. Know that the Name is the key to success in your search for consolation, confidence, courage, illumination and liberation.

- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 02 - February 2006
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