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  Volume 4 - Issue 02


Continued from the previous issue….

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57. ‘Now let Me see, where am I? Oh yes, I have been telling you about the Yogi, equanimity and all that. Now why on earth does the Yogi go through so much trouble and such an elaborate discipline? He does all this in order to experience Reality.’

58. ‘Arjuna, people look at the world and imagine it is real. I am sorry to inform you that it is not, at least not in the way people imagine. Truly speaking, Reality is within you, and what you see outside as the world is merely a reflection of what is within.’

59. ‘Let Me briefly illustrate My point before I get back to the Yogi. You see a man and say that he is a bad fellow. You judge him to be bad because there is bad in you! Unless you know what is bad, how can you declare him to be bad?’

60. ‘This is where the true Yogi is different. The Yogi identifies himself totally with God and sees God not only within himself but also everywhere, including in all beings. Since he sees only God everywhere, for him there are no bad people!’

61. Arjuna frowns and mumbles,‘ Krishna, I am not getting the point. Can You please explain again?’

62. Krishna smiles and says, ‘Yes I shall. Firstly understand that God is the only Reality there is; that is because God is the only entity that is permanent. Next, Reality is within, for the simple reason that the Heart is the permanent residence of God. Thirdly, God is everywhere because the outside is merely the reflection of the inside. So, how can you ever say there is bad in the world? It is all the result of wrong vision!’

63. Arjuna protests and says, ‘But Krishna, there is something very weird about Your argument! If there is nothing bad in the Universe, then why talk about good guys and bad guys, why talk about Dharma and Adharma, and why this war in which You are asking me to fight? I am totally lost and back to square one!’

64. Krishna laughs and says, ‘Arjuna, I can well understand your problem. In fact, this is the confusion that almost all people have. Just keep listening carefully, and in due course your doubts would all vanish. Getting back to the subject of Reality, in simple terms it refers to the Cosmic Unity underlying diversity. He who sees Me in everything and everything in Me has understood Reality. Such a one I shall never forsake. And when this person sheds his body, he would merge forever in Me.’

65. ‘Arjuna, the Wise man always feels is that he is in all, also that all are in him. This is a very important point. The Truth is that man is a limb of Society, Society is a limb of Nature and Nature is a limb of God. To give an analogy, your nail is a part of your finger. The finger is a part of your hand. The hand is a part of your arm and the arm is a part of your whole body. Got it?’

66. ‘Having identified himself with God in this manner that is as a limb of God, the Wise man now sees everyone else also as a limb of God. In this way, he feels that all are part of God. Further, as he has identified himself with God, he now feels that all are a part of him!’

67. ‘Coming now to the other aspect namely, “I am in all”, the Wise man sees it this way. Let us say you see a hungry starving man. Feeling pity you might give him some food. A Wise man would do likewise but he will not do it out of pity. He would say, “I am hungry and let me give myself some food!” This is the way he sees God and himself in all! Strange is it not? But all this comes from tight mental discipline.’

68. Arjuna now says, ‘ Krishna, You talk of regulating the Mind and all that and make it sound so simple. But are You not aware that the Mind is so difficult to control? It wanders so easily. How on earth is one to tame this wild beast? The Mind is as difficult to control as the wind, and here You are telling me, “Arjuna, it is all very simple, and stuff like that!”

69. Krishna gently replies, ‘Arjuna, I understand what you are saying but don’t you realise that you are quitting before even giving it a try? That is a sign of great weakness. True the Mind is fickle and all that but people HAVE tamed the Mind before. If they can do it why not you?’

70. ‘People do all sorts of things, go through all sorts of difficulties and troubles in order to achieve power, acquire wealth and so on. Man is ready to climb the highest mountains, go to the bottom of the ocean etc., etc., but when it comes to God and experiencing Inner Reality, suddenly things become impossible!’

71. ‘No Arjuna, it is not impossible. The fact is that people do not want such things. There is not enough yearning for God. If the hunger is there, the impossible would immediately become possible.’

72. Arjuna takes in all this and stroking his chin slowly says, ‘OK, You have a point there. Let me now ask You something else. Let us say there is a person who has tried very hard to do all the things You are now recommending but has not quite made it during his lifetime. Does that mean all his life ends up as a big waste?’

73. Krishna replies, ‘No, not really. Spiritual evolution is a slow process involving successive stages of refinement. If the Jivatma does not get purified enough in one birth, it gets another chance to improve further. Thus the person you are talking about would be born again and Destiny would place him in a situation where he can start from where he left off earlier.’

74. ‘In this manner, going through many life cycles, he slowly advances. Eventually he becomes sufficiently refined to achieve the status of a Yogi. Every birth is a fresh chance; but it can also be squandered, if one is not careful. In a manner of speaking, it is all like the familiar game of snakes and ladders!’

75. ‘Yogis come in different types. The type of Yogi I like best is one who worships Me with faith and is always thinking of Me. If you have total faith, you do not have to worry about achieving 100% Purity. When you have earned enough deservedness, I shall, out of Compassion, extend My hand and pull you to Me! Of this you can be sure.’


To be continued….

-Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 02 - February 2006
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