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  Volume 4 - Issue 02


Unity, Purity And Divinity In Action:
Three Seva Reports From Kuwait


“We were checked very well by the doctors. We have to pay a lot of money for the medical tests if done outside in some laboratory. As a result of this camp, we could know about our health condition.”

This is what Rita*, an industrial worker from Bangladesh working in Kuwait, who was examined at the medical camp organized by the Sai devotees in Kuwait said. The excellent and wide-ranging medical camp was held in December 2005 with the primary goal of reaching out to those who cannot afford private health care.

The beneficiaries were industrial and hygiene workers of various nationalities. The industrial workers were drawn from companies engaged in the oil fields and refineries of Kuwait. The hygiene workers belong to companies engaged in maintaining the hygiene of big industrial establishments and buildings. Most of the workers were exposed to industrial hazards on a daily basis such as exposure to high noise equipment, continuous contact with corrosive chemicals and continuous inhalation of hydrocarbon fumes and carbon dusts to name but a few.

The medical profession is a restricted and regulated profession in Kuwait and hence medical camps have to be conducted after getting permission from the Kuwait Medical Association. The medical camp was conducted in association with the Indian Doctors Forum (IDF), a recognized group of Indian doctors in Kuwait, having community welfare and service as one of their main objectives. The KMA thus accorded approval for the Medical Camp to be conducted by Kuwait Sai Centre and issued a No Objection Certificate.

The initial hurdles were cleared by the unseen Divine Hand and the required number of doctors was available to counsel and render medical advice. The workers who were initially apprehensive and hesitant to register themselves soon turned up in large numbers and gave their names for the camp.

The Medical Camp Begins


The Medical Camp was held on the 16th of December 2005 at the premises of the India International School in Kuwait. As the camp begun Swami’s presence could be felt in the orderly way the various activities and tests were being conducted. A total of 563 workers were examined in the camp by forty-eight doctors over a span of six hours. A total of one hundred and twenty six volunteers participated in the camp and helped with all the testing activities. Swami’s presence could be felt in all the activities and aspects of the Medical camp.


In addition, there were twelve optometrists from the Kuwait Optometrists Association who conducted Vision Tests for the workers. A total of six nurses, eight lab technicians and one ECG technician were available to assist the doctors and carry out relevant tests.


The Kuwait Heart Foundation, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Health, had provided a Mobile Cardiac Care Unit, along with its medical personnel to carry out blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol checks for the workers.

Service with Enthusiasm

The volunteers started gathering in large numbers as early as at 7.00 in the morning and could be seen going to their allotted positions with enthusiasm and zeal. “All of us were bound by a common cause - that is to serve the workers and the community at large,” says a volunteer recollecting the medical camp.


The tests were carried out in a sequence starting with a general checkup consisting of height,weight, blood pressure, fasting blood sugar measurement, urine test, and lastly eye testing. Based on these test results, the workers were examined by General Physicians to determine their state of health, who then determined whether these workers needed to consult specialists. These specialists consisted of Gynaecologists, Dermatologists, General Physicians, Urologists, Nephrologists, Neurologists, Ophthalmologists, ENT Specialists and Cardiologists.

One of the many doctors who served in the camp said to the Sai volunteers, after the camp,

“Yours was one of the best and well organised medical camps that I ever attended. I really enjoyed being there. In the 60 (62 to be precise) odd cases that I saw, around 10 -15 cases really need a follow-up.”

Prescriptions were written advising the workers as their future course of action to help them alleviate their problems. Keeping in mind the laws of Kuwait, medicines were not distributed in the camp.

“There was an abundance of love everywhere as the doctors, nurses, lab technicians and volunteers put in their best, unmindful of the strain and helped assess the health conditions of the workers. When we work for others, we basically transform ourselves into a better person. We learn to be more patient, more loving and caring and develop all the values which Swami wants us to imbibe and practice,” said one volunteer serving in the camp.

Long Suffering Patient is Relieved

A person who was suffering from chronic body pain and who had not been helped by previous hospital visits was advised by a friend to visit the medical camp. He was wondering - “Am I going to get a solution for my problem here in this camp? Is it going to be another waste of time?!”

Swami, the master doctor, helped him at the first consultation itself. The General Physician diagnosed the health problem as Hydrocele and advised him to consult an urologist who confirmed the diagnosis, prescribed proper medicines and advised the person to undergo surgery. The medicines gave the required relief and the person was able to find a cure to this long-standing problem.

Important detection of Diabetic, Cardiovascular and Gynaecological problems

The camp was unique in many ways. The workers were of various nationalities, belonging to various faiths but their faith in the camp and in the doctors was unbelievable. Swami guided the doctorsin identifying 27 diabetic cases. One lady worker had a very high sugar count and was on the verge of collapsing. Detection of the diabetic problem enabled her to obtain advice from the diabetologist and find relief of her symptoms. Impressed with the enthusiasm and dedicated service of the Sai volunteers, Dr.Noble Zachariah, a diabetologist said,

“I would like to record my appreciation of the excellent work by you and all members of your association in conducting the medical camp. It was a pleasure to be associated with a compassionate and competent organisation like yours.”

Many workers were identified as having other health problems. The mobile unit of the Kuwait Heart Foundation was used to check cholesterol values of the workers who were identified as being potential cases for cardiac related problems so that they could make lifestyle changes or receive medicines. The gynaecological examination of the ladies helped them to understand their problems better and provided them an opportunity to get expert medical advice in the matter.

Bhagavan’s Grace in Abundance

Swami says that “You put in the efforts. I will do the rest for you.” His Grace was evident from the fact that the entire camp was conducted in a peaceful manner without any hitch or any problem, say the volunteers.

The saying “Help Ever Hurt Never” of Bhagawan always inspired them to be more compassionate and forbearing to other human beings, they add. Swami says “Start the day with love, spend the day with love, end the day with love”. There was an abundance of love everywhere.

A Special Narayana Seva

Bhagavan gave another opportunity to serve people whereby in addition to the medical camp, there was a special Narayana Seva for all the people who visited the camp. There was a continuous flow of food for all the people. A total of 800 persons were provided with breakfast and almost 200 people including doctors, nurses and volunteers were provided with lunch. The camp concluded at 2.00 pm with a valedictory function.

With the abundant Grace of Swami, many of the workers could be checked and informed about their state of health such as Jay*, a Sri Lankan hygiene worker, who said,

“The medical camp was well organized. We could good medical advice which is very difficult to get unless you pay for the services. We thank your association for having provided us an opportunity to get ourselves checked by good doctors.”


Swami thus provided these workers with Sai-Health Care and the Kuwait Sai Centre with an opportunity to serve others. The boundaries of religion, nationality, caste and creed were submerged in the ocean of love as we saw God in each other and realized that we are serving the Lord – the Narayana in us. As one volunteer put it,

“At the outset, I wish to thank Bhagavan, who gave us an opportunity to do this Seva and made it a grand success. Also, I would like to thank Shanti Association and the Committee members for organising this big task, thereby giving me an opportunity to do some small seva. The Gulf-SPIC employees were so happy and impressed over the way in which the camp was conducted and each one was received and guided with so much of love and affection by our volunteers. I pray to Swami to give me more and more opportunities for doing such seva in the days to come.”

“To remove the evil of egoism, Seva is the most efficient instrument. Seva will also impress on the person doing Seva the unity of all mankind. He who dedicates his time, strength and skill to service can never meet defeat, distress or disappointment, for seva is the own reward.”

- Baba  


To commemorate further Swami’s 80th birthday the 2nd of October 2005 was (literally) a red letter day for Kuwait Sai Centre, as a mass blood donation campaign was conducted. The required Mobile Blood Donation vehicle with adequate beds was supplied by the Central Blood Bank at Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital and the venue was kindly arranged at the Indian Community School for Girls. Thus Swami ensured that a large space was available for us to accommodate all the equipment, staff and the donors.

Swami Plans and Guides - We Execute

The Blood Donation Seva Team drew elaborate plans and contacted the members of Kuwait Sai Centre. Most of the members, who were contacted, consented to come and donate blood. Thus the initial concern that there may not be adequate donors was dispelled. The initial count totaled sixty five at the planning stage. On the eve of the Campaign the concern that there may be fewer donors was replaced with the concern that we may have too many donors and too little time and beds to accommodate.

The Donation Day Arrives

The D-Day dawned and the volunteers from the Blood Donation Seva Team and the medical team of one doctor, three administrative staff and three nurses sent by the Blood Bank were in place ready to begin by 5.00 pm. The donors started pouring in from the word go and soon the registration counter saw an unending stream of donors eager to register themselves and donate blood. The donor seating section was overflowing with every one eager to donate blood.

Swami says that ‘’Blood Is Liquid Love’

With Swami’s grace the donation process was quite fast and the Blood Bank staff worked fast catering to the requirements of the donors as well as counseling members on their problems. Some of the members who had donated previously but whose blood was diagnosed as having some problems were counseled by the staff and asked to report to the hospital for further checks. Dr.Wael, the doctor-in-charge of the group from the blood bank, worked tirelessly and with a smile on his face thus endearing himself to the donors and members of Kuwait Sai Centre.

The administrative staff also put in their best to record the donor data and generate relevant documents within a short span of time. The nurses put in their heart and soul, speaking lovingly to the donors so that no one would feel any discomfort during the donation process. The veins were identified with ease and all needles were inserted without causing any pain to the donor.

Energetic Volunteers and Donors

Energetic volunteers could be seen ensuring that the donors were seated properly and sent in an orderly way for preliminary checks and donor documentation. Anxiety was writ large in the faces of some female donors on account of possible rejection due to low haemoglobin levels. Juice, water and snacks were served to the donors to provide them with the required energy after the donation process was over. Barring a few, most of the donors could be seen looking energetic and as fresh as before. Indeed they were even keen to come back as one man commented,


“The Blood Donation campaign was well organized. The arrangements for donating blood as also the post donation care were excellent. We look forward to many such Blood Donation campaigns in future.”

Abundant Giving

The planned completion time of 8.30 pm was reached with still many donors left to donate! The Blood Bank staff were accommodative and agreed to wait and accept all the donors which meant that all the donors could donate except for seven as the nurses ran out of blood bags to collect the blood. It was 10.00 pm and time to wind up but the required number of blood bags were brought from the Blood Bank at that late hour and the remaining donors could donate blood.


The smiling and hardworking staff worked ceaselessly till about 10.30 pm when the last donor could donate blood. At the end of the donation process, statistics revealed that a total of 109 donors had registered.

Thank You Bhagavan

There were absolutely no hurdles or impediments to the entire blood donation campaign. Bhagavan saw to it that the entire blood donation process worked with clockwork precision and all left with smile on their faces. Swami’s presence could be felt as an unseen hand guiding us through this task. Our sincere thanks to Swami for guiding, helping and providing us with an opportunity to serve the community at large through the noble act of Blood Donation.


In addition to the above, Kuwait Sai Centre conducted seva at a school for disadvantaged children at Hawally in Kuwait. This is a regular monthly occurrence at the school which is a government institution, run by the State of Kuwait. The volunteers interact with the Special Needs children of the school, play with them, as well as sing rhymes to them. These activities help the children to develop their motor skills as well as other faculties apart from providing the volunteers with an opportunity to interact with these children and share their love.

The Special Children

The Special Needs children in the school are affected with problems like cerebral palsy, Autism and Down’s Syndrome to name a few. However the children are special in a different way. They are love personified. They recognize love and spread love.

They do not have any of the maladies of jealousy, anger, hatred, etc which affect the so-called normal people.

The seva provides a wonderful opportunity for self-transformation. Interacting with the children leaves a lasting impact on the volunteers so much so that one starts shedding the acquired afflictions of greed, anger, jealousy, hatred and the cleansing process starts.


Orange Beach - Occasion to Rejoice

As part of Bhagavan’s 80th birthday celebrations, a special outing was conducted outside the school at a place called Orange Beach close to the sea. The location provided a change in atmosphere and environs not only for the children but also for the nurses who take care of these children.

A total of fifteen children and eight nurses together with thirty Sai Centre volunteers participated in the seva, which began at 4.00 in the evening and went on till late evening.

The volunteers played games with the children and sang rhymes, thus enlivening their spirits. Snacks were distributed to the children, nurses and the volunteers.


Sai Inspires

Swami inspires us and guides us in our attempts to help others. When the intention to serve is honourable and suffused with love, the results are highly rewarding and encouraging.

The children enjoyed the cool breeze and the music and were happy to have an opportunity to get outside the school and spend some time with their nurses and the Sai family. It was a tremendous success and an occasion to remember.

There was love and harmony all around and the volunteers also enjoyed themselves.



Heart2Heart wishes success for further loving sallies in service from our Kuwait brothers and sisters – and yes, let’s hear about them as well.

- Heart2Heart Team.

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Vol 4 Issue 02 - February 2006
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