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  Volume 4 - Issue 02


(Continued from the previous issue)



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Kondama Raju comes with food to meet his Guru Venkavadhoota.

K. RAJU: Salutations sir!

GURU: Come Raju, come! Sit down. ….. This is all God’s will! Perhaps only now you could find the time to come to your Guru Venkavadhoota.

K. RAJU: After one long year, I now have the good fortune to be able to see you!





GURU: For Venkavadhoota, the whole world is his home! Like the wind I move here and there, and my feet never stay put in one place. One moment here, next moment there!

K. RAJU: Swami! Of late I am feeling very much agitated, and I am always thinking of you. The age of Kali has become the age of famine! The mind of man has become polluted. Wherever you turn, you see only lawlessness, wickedness, and injustice.



GURU: I fully understand what you are saying.

K. RAJU: Forgive me sir! Talking about all sorts of things I completely forgot about the eatables that I have brought for you! In keeping with tradition, I have personally made this dish for my revered Guru! Please accept what I have brought.


GURU: Very happy! Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram……[starts eating] Kondamma, like you I also belong to the Ratnakara lineage! Our tradition has always been to serve good and noble people.

There is no power greater than that conferred by service to the Master. Ram, Ram, Ram… Food is the very embodiment of God! Ram, Ram, Ram … Dishes may differ but the satisfaction of consumption is the same. The Names and the Forms may vary but God is present everywhere in a most wondrous way, including in you and me.




Ram, Ram, Ram…… God shows His Omnipresence in many ways but man’s vision is restricted to the external world. Poor fellow, he believes that what is visible to the eyes alone is real.

He fails to understand that what lies beyond the visible is the Infinite. That is God! He also does not realise that he himself is God!! To see the Inner Self, to see God inside, one must open one’s mind’s eye.


: Swami, please tell me what the Inner Self means.

GURU: Through the use of his senses, man is able to experience the purity of water, the heat of the fire, the sweetness of fruits, the taste of food, the coolness of the breeze, the strength of the earth and even the vastness of space. But he is not able to comprehend what lies behind all these! Happiness produces brightness, but is it the same as the brightness of sunlight? Pain produces gloom, but is it the same as the darkness of the night?

K. RAJU: Swami! Your words are so comforting to me!






GURU: There is more Kondamma! While Creation has only five characteristics, man, who has one more, has gone astray.

His mind has strayed onto the wrong path, and as a result he is agitated and has also become selfish! …… At the end of it all, he is restless!

K. RAJU: Is there no way to remove this restlessness?



GURU: There is! In every age, the wicked get punished and the good are protected. You know that in every age, Lord Narayana Himself incarnates to re-establish Righteousness [Dharma].

K. RAJU: Yes I know, but in this Kali age…….?

GURU: Look my dear fellow! Man can stop a small flow but not a deluge. Only God can do that. The world is ridden with attachment and it is like a deluge. To re-establish Dharma in this polluted world, to protect the good, to show the proper path to people in the grip of illusory attachment, Narayana will incarnate again - yes, even in this Kali Age!



K. RAJU: Swami, when is that glorious moment going to come?

GURU: Very soon…Lord Narayana is going to take birth in OUR Ratnakara family! You will definitely have His Darshan! He will shower His love on you. He will show the proper way to the world. He will wipe out the troubles of the good and re-establish Dharma. He will - and this is the Truth!



K. RAJU: Swami, I am so happy that the very Lord is going to incarnate. All along, I was plagued with doubts, but now your words offer much comfort. Thank you!

GURU: Why all this?! Everything will be auspicious! I have to leave now and continue my journey.





K. RAJU: Swami, this place has been sanctified by your feet! When will I get again the opportunity of serving you?

GURU: Have I not already answered that Kondamma?! Know one thing for sure. Humanity is one. Service to man is service to God. The heart saturated with Love does not make distinctions like mine and thine. It derives satisfaction by serving all. I now take your leave. May all people be happy! May the whole world be happy!


To Be Continued...

- Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 4 Issue 02 - February 2006
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