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  Volume 4 - Issue 01


God created beauty and He created the Word to communicate the beauty. The word is the eloquence of expression, the soul of understanding and the essence of an unseen thought. As the word marched through the alleys of time, it instilled fear, it bestowed knowledge, it created unity, it bred evil.

It inspired and conspired. It created and destroyed. It praised and insulted. It blessed and cursed. The Word thus reigned over the human race.

The words that emanated from the son of God raised Lazarus - bringing back the dead to life. The quiet words of a half-clad old Indian rallied the masses to wrench their country non-violently from the fists of slavery (read Gandhiji).

The profound words of God in the battlefield lit the corridors of centuries showing man the way to God (read Mahabharata). The Word thus reigned over the human race.



There was once an inspector who was on his regular visits to a school.

Hearing the teacher discourse on morality and values, he mockingly asked her,

“Do you think that mere words will have any impact on these children?”

The teacher nonchalantly asked her students,

“Who will help me in throwing out this arrogant fellow?”

The enraged inspector bellowed, “Do you know whom you are dealing with? Your misdeeds can land you in severe trouble.”

The teacher politely apologized and then calmly asked him, “Sir, did anyone come close to harming you?”

“No”, was the puzzled reply.

“Then it was merely my words that elicited the angry response from you. Just as negative words elicit negative reactions, positive ones spread peace and harmony.”

The inspector understood her meaning.

The above incident is one of the many “Chinna Kathas” ‘Little Stories” that Baba lovingly narrates in His discourses.

Every word, truly, is a force for good or bad - and depending on how it is used, can uplift or cast down the listener.

Words in their simplicity carry the profundity of eternity, in subtlety they represent the human longing to be understood, to be loved. Each word is a droplet concealing an ocean. As the human mind dwells deeper into the meaning of each word it witnesses the beauty of God. The word in gross understanding is a pebble cast in the pool of societal thought. The pebble, if coated with evil and cast into a placid lake creates and sends the ripples of evil to the fringes, thus making it into a cursed habitat

Read the following for an illustration of this.

A group of frogs once decided that they wanted to find out who was the fastest and strongest of them and they organized a race from 100 competitors to the top of a tower. All the other frogs gathered to witness the event as they set off with a bang! As time went on the weaker frogs began to tire. And unfortunately, the frogs that had gathered to cheer began to mock and jeer.

“None of you will ever make it to the top…..”

“It is an impossibility…a dream!”

More frogs gave up amid the jeers and comments which only made the detractors shout louder, “You can’t do it!”

“Give up weaklings!” And true to their ‘words’ they limped back. None ever made it to the top - none but one little frog who was declared the undisputed winner!

The frogs all gathered to find out how he did it. But it was found that our little hero was unresponsive to all questions as he was DEAF!

He had never heard the disparaging words of failure and had succeeded as he listened to the words that emanated from the depths of his own heart.


Choose to hear the words of your conscience and believe in their power, because they carry the power of God. For in the beginning there was the Word; the word was with God; the word was God…

Illustrations: Sri Vamsi Aditya, SSSIHL

- Heart2Heart Team.

We would like to thank Sri Ranganath Raju and Sri B Arvind of SSSIHL for their help in the making of this story.

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Vol 4 Issue 01 - January 2006
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