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  Volume 4 - Issue 06 JUNE 2006


- Trayee Anniversary Day, 2001

Dear Reader, in this series of “Expressions of Love” which we started in this January, till now we have offered you stories of different cards – New Year Card, Shivarathri Card, Gratitude Card, etc. – all made so lovingly by the students for Swami and how Swami, the indweller of their hearts, responded to their sweet ‘expressions of love’ - sometimes churning their hearts, sometimes drowning them in His ever-purifying love, sometimes smiling with them just like a longtime companion, sometimes taking them to heights of ecstasy with a rewarding remark or a gentle gesture.

But the boys’ ‘expressions of love’ are not limited to cards alone. There are hundreds of other ways (and every year new ideas come up) by which boys strive to please their Lord. Just like an infant who never looses an opportunity to be with his mother, the students always look for opportunities to be with their Divine Mother, to express their heartfelt feelings for Her and bask in Her love.

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The Trayee Anniversary Day, the day celebrating the inauguration of ‘Trayee Brindavan’ (Swami’s abode in Bangalore) in the month of April is one such day when every year the boys make not just cards, but decorate the whole Trayee garden turning the serene and green lawns into a paradise of divine delight. Sri O S K S Sastry, a former student, who has been involved with the Trayee decorations for many years now as a teacher, goes down memory lane and tells us:

Come April and lots of wonderful memories of Trayee Anniversary flood in. Generally, Swami would be in Kodaikanal in the month of April, but you never know when the unpredictable Bhagawan would play His sport (and return) - so everybody is kept guessing. In fact, it is these pranks of His that give us the opportunity to express our feelings of joy and the happiness of spending our holidays with Him, transforming them, in the process, into very holy days.

Way back in1998, with the Lord in our midst we were very jubilant and upbeat enjoying His beatific Darshan. As we were wondering what to do to make Him happy as we celebrate the Trayee day on April 26th, it occurred to us – ‘why not decorate the lawns of Trayee Brindavan?’

Two Sai brothers, Sanjay Singh and Sai Prakash suggested this unique idea and we were really excited. Overnight we made a big candle whose flame was in the form of 16, indicating the 16th anniversary of Trayee.

With very little time at our disposal all we could then do was something colourful with a few satin silks and Mexican hats, which were all arranged resembling small boys assembled around the lawns to celebrate the joyous occasion.


And on the Anniversary day, Swami was visibly very happy with our efforts and seemed to enjoy the little children playing in His lawns. He even said to an elderly devotee that the decoration was pleasing to the eye. We were filled with happiness, joy, bliss and encouragement. We wanted nothing more.

As luck would have it, we had many more opportunities from that time onwards and now I would like to recall the decorations we created for the 19th anniversary of Trayee which pleased Swami immensely.

The theme for that year’s decoration was “Swami and His students”. We started preparations for it by the 10th of April. We made a computer drawing of it by scanning a photo of Bhagawan that we felt suits the setting. The whole painting was a collage in which Bhagawan is giving Darshan and the students are surrounding Him and putting forward their prayers to Him. The entire piece was about 18 – 20 feet long and Madhusudhan, Raghuram and I started painting the various parts of the picture.

Lots of other boys, excited by the idea, joined the efforts and as the day was approaching we procured lots of rocks and painted them in bright colors. A cake was also added. This was to make opportunity for more boys to become involved in the celebrations and to make Swami happy too.

On the penultimate night of the 25th, we painted a lot of plastic tubs and put water and lotuses into them and arranged the colourful rocks all around. It looked wonderful.

Swami on His part was actually looking forward to the event, as we heard that He commented to the Rajamata’s daughter of Navanagar, “Tomorrow will be My Students day.”

The long awaited morning arrived and the all knowing Lord came out with a mischievous smile and an all endearing look towards the decorations. You could see it in His face that He was so pleased. The all blissful Lord looked more blissful than ever.


He asked the Hostel warden, “Who painted the picture of Swami?” Madhu ran to Him and Swami praised the painting and even created vibhuthi for him. Madhu of course was in ecstasy and we were all excited. Swami went for Darshan then and we waited with anticipation in our minds and prayers in our hearts to show the Lord around the garden more when He returns after Darshan.


After Darshan the compassionate Lord came back into Trayee and immediately entered the lawns to have a closer look at the various decorations just as we had prayed. First, we led Him to the cake which He appreciated and gently cut. We were so grateful to Him. Then He went near the painting and made close scrutiny of the entire painting. He was so joyful with smiles beaming from His beatific being. And then looking at the students painted in the picture, He said, “The boys need a haircut, the hair is too long”. We burst into laughter!


Bhagawan then lovingly went and stood next to the painting of Himself and posed for priceless photographs. We all then prayed for a photo with Him and He readily obliged. Unfortunately, we became so excited so as to not miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance that it created a bit of confusion and in the process we missed a precious photo with Him.

He took a different path on the way back towards the interview room and saw the lotuses placed inside the tubs. Swami with great interest watched the ‘little ponds’ and wondered aloud, “Where do these boys get such brilliant ideas?” But after that came the golden message for the day. He looked at all of us and said, “Boys, you should all have sublime and pure feelings for the Lord springing forth from your hearts just like the lotuses that are coming out of the water.” What a beautiful message! All the effort had been rewarded.

As the Lord slowly gilded past and returned to His divine abode we were very happy. But a little sad too that we could not get a nice photo with Him. Yes, there were many things to feel happy and we just relived all the beautiful moments just passed by and returned to the hostel. We needed to catch up on our sleep too.

Half an hour into my slumber and somebody woke me up – “The warden is calling you”, he said. I went to his chamber wondering why he wanted me now as everything is over. But imagine my joy as he announced to me that Swami is hosting a high tea for all the students who worked for the decorations!

Needless to say, all 25 of us were overwhelmed and excited with youthful exuberance. Sleep just went out of the window. We were all ready to go in at around 1 pm, as many watched us with admiration as they also wished us good luck.

Our sweet Lord received us and watched each intently from the balcony as we entered the Trayee Central Hall, and asked us to be seated in a semicircle.


He asked me, “Where is the warden” and I said, “Swami, he is in the hostel”. So He asked us to call the warden and he came immediately. Swami, in the meanwhile, came down and asked the boys who stay inside with Him to start serving the snacks. He ensured that all of us took all the items and personally supervised the serving. He watched with great joy all of us eating to our hearts' content. Finally when He was satisfied that we had enough, He summoned us to the verandah room where He sat in His joola (swing) and we all crowded around Him and sat close to Him.


What followed next was a one and hour long interview in which Bhagawan asked each student his name, what he is doing currently and what he wants to do in future. To many He indicated what discipline to take up after his current degree and blessed some of them when they were in consonance with what He wanted them to do.

Some of the students expressed their concerns and difficulties that they had and like a loving mother He blessed all of them saying, “Everything shall be alright.”

So many boons and lots of benevolence we received in those precious moments that day when time stood still for all of us and we only hoped that the interview never ends.

There is thrill passing through my spine even today as I recollect that wonderful day which was so full of love. It was a union of hearts like no other. It was an abundant exchange of Divine Love. We were drenched in His bountiful Love as the cups of our hearts were full and overflowing. And the all-graceful Lord blessed us what we desired most too! We got an amazing group photo which we missed in the morning. He watched over each one of us as a concerned and loving mother as we walked out of His heavenly abode that blissful afternoon.

These loving memories are not just beautiful moments of the past, but are eternal reservoirs of love, of energy and grace which provide instant access to our Lord and connect us to Him whenever wherever we want Him by our side.

Dera Reader, did this article interest you? Would you like more articles in this series? Please let us know at Please mention your name and country when you write to us. Thank you for your time.

- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 06 - JUNE 2006
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