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  Volume 4 - Issue 06 JUNE 2006




There once was a Sadhu who regularly used to give discourses.

One day at the end of his talk he was expounding on being grateful to existence.

"Operate from a space of gratitude, 'Kritajna'. This will allow us to expand," he said.

A beggar was sitting in a corner and listening to this discourse. Afterwards, went up to the Sadhu to speak with him.


"Maharaj, your talk was really great. But one thing I am not able to do.

You said to be grateful to existence because it has always showered benediction on you.

Sorry, but existence has not given me anything. I am struggling even for one roti to eat!"

The Sadhu said,

"I agree with you, so I will give you two lakhs, right here, right now.

Will you be grateful then?"




The beggar was thrilled and said yes.

"But…I want something in return from you," the Sadhu explained.

The beggar became confused.

"But I do not have anything at all. What can I possibly give you in return?"

The Sadhu smiled and reassured him.

"I promise I won't ask you for anything that you do not have."


"Well then," the beggar said, "if I have something then I shall definitely give it to you."

And so the agreement was made. The Sadhu went on.

"I shall make arrangements for the two lakhs to be delivered to you. Now, you please give me both your eyes."

The beggar was taken aback.

"What will I do with two lakhs without my eyes? I do not agree to this ideal!" he protested.

"I prefer my two eyes right where they are in my head to the two lakhs."

The Sadhu asked,

"But you were cursing existence because you said you don't have anything."


This is a revealing story, isn't it? The beggar who claimed he had nothing in fact possessed two eyes, two hands, two legs, a brain, a stomach, his intelligence, and so much more, but he was unable to see these gifts. For him, only what he didn't have - money - was important to him, until the Sadhu pointed out to him what he did have.

Being able to see is a great gift of existence. Not only that, but we can hear, walk; talk, smile and laugh: all these are great gifts as well. To say that you have nothing and become unhappy is ridiculous. In fact, we should dance and celebrate that existence has showered upon us so many wonderful abilities. We too often tend to focus on what is missing in our lives. When we start operating from what we don't have, all that we do possess gets dismissed and forgotten. However, counting your blessings, and they are always there as the beggar found out, reminds us of the wonderful gifts that are ours.

Swami tell us, “There is no wealth more satisfying than contentment. Eat your fill, not more. There is a limit which you cannot overstep without injury to yourself. Find out your measure, your limits, your bounds, then act. Do not develop jealousy towards others whose measures are greater, who have less limitations, less narrow bounds. Hold firm to the steps that you have reached on your spiritual path, then transfer attention to the next. Have a clear vision of the goal and march on. (Divine Discourse, 3rd April, 1967)

Illustrations: Ms Vidya, Kuwait
Courtesy: Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas, February 2006

- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 06 - JUNE 2006
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