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  Volume 4 - Issue 06 JUNE 2006




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Dear Heart2Heart Team,

This journal is like my best friend. Articles here increase my faith in Swamiji and also make me feel confident. I like the Serial "Gita for Children". Even though I'm not so young (27), I somehow felt it is the right book for many as a stepping stone to spiritual knowledge. I like the short stories in the Get Inspired section also. I like the experiences of long time associates with Swamiji who share some interesting stories which are not documented elsewhere. Hearty Congratulations to the team that is behind it.

Gopala Krishna,

Dear Team,

This journal helps me greatly in improving my spiritual knowledge and understanding how to live in the modern world without losing my inner spirituality. The articles are highly thought-provoking and insightful. They give me practical ways to apply Swami's teachings. Spiritual Blossoms, Features, Swami and Me and Get Inspired are the sections that I like the most although I do not miss reading the entire journal.

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I would like to see more experiences of students in Swami's presence and also students who have been instrumental in spreading love and compassion in their chosen careers, which have made an impact on lives of other people.

Kandaswamy Bharathan,

[Dear Mr. Khandaswamy, in every issue we have a talk by a student in the divine presence and moving stories of cards, decorations, etc. done by the boys for Swami and His interaction with them. We will try to have more inputs from the students as per your suggestion.]


[Sai Inspires is a free daily inspirational email service sent to all subscribers. Every Sunday the subscribers also receive a spiritual discussion on a topic of current relevance called Sunday Special Articles. To subscribe to Sai Inspires, click here]

Dear Team,

The Sunday special articles are really deep and holistic, it’s beautiful to read a text which deals with science, economy, politics, ecology and religion with the values that Swami teaches. I want to express my congratulations to the people behind it.

With Love,




Responses to the Sunday Special “Truth Always Triumphs” sent on 17th May 2006.

Dear H2H fraternity,

It was a great relief to read the message entitled "Truth Always Triumphs" appended to the Sai Inspires on the 17th. If it was any other secular or even religious organization person, a big pecuniary compensation would have been claimed for the damages to the name and fame of the person unfairly sued against, besides an order for public tendering of an apology. Sai does not need any wealth from any one, much less from the mean persons casting slur on the pure souls.

But the damages by means of the extreme mental agony caused to the millions of devotees of Sai ought to have been compensated by securing an order for a public broadcast as well as publication of apology by the person who filed the reckless suit, against the greatest personality of our times, who is believed to possess extraordinary qualities and powers of compassion, wisdom and charity, by millions of His loved ones across the globe, with good and substantial reason and evidence. It is not clear why the defense did not press for this.

Further, apart from the skeptics who do not wish to believe in people with superhuman powers, or those who consider them as exercising satanic powers etc, there are others who hold a neutral view and would like to know the truth of the possession of divine powers by Sai. These people would have been confused by the media spreading the motivated evil action of the petitioner, knowingly or unwittingly, thus depriving these people of their right to know the truth of the news.

In all fairness, the media that spread the news documentaries supplied by the miscreant in their news have to suo motu report the dismissal of the suite by the California court in all prominence - perhaps at peak hours when maximum viewers /listeners are expected to view /hear the news. Since such good manners are unlikely to prevail in this world of evil influences, a court verdict in this regard would have made them to comply with justice.

Your appeal asking the subscribers to inform the friends in Sai fold appeared inadequate considering the gravity of the episode. Hence this letter to you.

Please advise in the next message if other (more effective and swift) measures to dispel the mischievous propaganda are being considered by the organization.

Jai Sai Ram.

Sangi family, India.

[Dear Sangi Family, we really appreciate your concerns. On our part, as already stated, we are preparing a comprehensive article on this so that it can be circulated to the maximum people possible. We will also use other media at our disposal like Radio Sai and Sanskar TV to spread the good news.]

Responses to the Sunday Special "Built In Terminator” sent on 7th May 2006

Dear Heart2Heart Team.

Thanks again for this wonderful article, Built in Terminator. Through the whole article there is a lovely feeling of love for Swami and the whole divine creation. Strangely I felt myself surrounded by the finest gold dust full of love when I read it. I was part of those tiny nano particles and what a fantastic feeling. The writer must have spoken from a divine point within from a part of Swami. Thank you for uniting us all in this divine feeling.

Sonja Engman Wilson,


Responses to the Sunday Special "The Silent Majority" sent on 30th April 2006

Om Sai Ram!

While reading this, I frequently considered replying to you to say how excellent this article was. I very much agree with the following thought written in the text:

"We devotees who form a sizeable section of the 'silent majority' have a profound obligation to enhance the quality of our devotion through a more firm commitment to Dharma."

What is written in the text about what Dharma really is, is also very important; because if we understand that, then everything becomes easy. Easy because as you said, our Sai is eager to help us in our path of Dharma. He is here to support us in that direction. And He always does help, no matter what. And when out of devotion we become eager to change for the better and to live righteously, our devotion grows and grows. So, it means that the one who has tremendous devotion for Sai should be righteous at the same time.

I also liked the idea that the Sai golden era can not come if our negative attitudes and petty habits (adharmic) do not change. To follow Swami's command/teachings should be our uppermost concern and as you mentioned, if we would be so interested in that as we are when we see Swami's car approaching and run after Him, the Sai golden era would already be here.

Thinking over about what I read in your article, broadens my understanding of Swami's words: "If you take one step towards me, I will take hundred steps towards you." I finally realized that these words mean, that He will always support our steps towards dharma, no matter how small and weak they are. We just have to pray that He endows us with Self-confidence and the rest will follow - even the Sai golden era. So, yes of course I agree that the silent majority can become the "effective" majority and overpower the forces of adharma prevailing today, if we become ardent in practicing Swami's teachings.

Thank you for this article and I am looking forward for next Sunday, and of course every day for Swami's message. May Sai bless your efforts with success!


Dear Team,

Yes, yes, yes, we the 'silent majority' must and will continue to do our good works, even as they go unnoticed. Our change is effective, maybe not always immediate, but we are making a great difference.

As I read the part about Swami wanting nothing from us but our bad habits, it just dawned on me that He indeed takes our bad habits away. All we have to do is ask Him, and pray fervently, and He does remove our inequities.

Yes, it is interesting how people act at the coffee kiosk, as well as in the Mandir. I think I witnessed some of the worst behavior and was quite surprised. I even tried to rationalize it as 'culture clash' but there is no excuse for rude, physical, inappropriate behavior.

It is so great that you write these open ended commentaries, they really make me think and also make me realize how fortunate we are to have God on earth and know He is here.

It is so important to teach the young children, whenever they bring up a bad, scary thing that has happened, that for one bad thing so many good and wonderful things are happening that we cannot even count them all. And that when we do hear of something bad, we should do at least two goods act to counter balance the bad.

Jai Sai Ram

Michele Hammerton

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Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 06 - JUNE 2006
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