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Shirdi Sai - Parthi Sai Title Photo
  Volume 4 - Issue 03
MARCH 2006


(Continued from the previous issue)



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Easwaramma is offering ritual worship in her house, and at the end of it, is offering Aarathi to the deities.

ESWARAMMA: Seshamma Raju, Seshamma!

SESHAMMA: Coming mother.



ESWARAMMA: Venkamma!

VENKAMMA: Coming mother!

ESWARAMMA: Parvathamma! …. Receive the Aarathi.


ESWARAMMA: Now receive the Prasaadam, and after that go to school. Be careful. Inform your father before you go.

CHILDREN: We will do as you say mother!

FATHER: Seshamma, come back quickly.


After the children leave, a lady named Subbamma comes to the house. This lady is a noble one. She loved Swami very much right from the time of birth.

She instinctively knew that, He was Divine. Subbamma walks in calling out the name of Eswaramma, and the latter welcomes the visitor.

SUBBAMMA: Easwaramma!

ESWARAMMA: Come Subbamma, come!


SUBBAMMA: Easwaramma, we are performing the worship of Lord Sathya Narayana in our house. All of you please come, witness the function, and receive Prasaadam.


ESWARAMMA: Certainly! I am very happy. It is a great blessing to witness the Puja of Sathya Narayana. I shall most unfailingly come.

SUBBAMMA: It is all the will of the Lord. All preparations for the Puja have been completed. ….. Please finish your work and come quickly! I take your leave now, Easwaramma.


Sometime after Subbamma leaves, a man and a woman come to the Raju house. Venkama Raju (V RAJU) is seated outside, and he greets the visitors.

V.RAJU: Come, come please, Mr. Raghava Rao.

RAO: Salutations.

V.RAJU: You have come at an odd time!


RAO: Pardon me for that. I had to see you. Tomorrow, I am going to Madanapalli to celebrate the marriage of my daughter Rajeswari. Your father Kondamma Raju is the village elder. His blessings are most valuable.

V.RAJU: Is that so?

RAO: Your revered father came and blessed her when she was named and when she was admitted in school. If the hands that built the Temple of Sathyabhama were to bless this wedding necklace made for my daughter, she would lead a happy married life.

V.RAJU: My father is ever ready to do good work, and does not wait for a specially auspicious time. Please come inside.

RAO: Thank you.


All three go inside to meet Kondama Raju, who is seated there.

V.RAJU: [to Kondama] Father, this gentleman has come to seek your blessings for the marriage of his daughter.

RAO: [to Kondama] Salutations sir!

K.RAJU: Rajeswari is like my grand daughter. My blessings are always there for her….. Venkamma, in the old box inside, there is a Dharmavaram silk saree. Bring that and give it to this couple.

V.RAJU: Certainly.


Venkama Raju goes inside and fetches the saree. Kondama gives it to the couple.

K.RAJU: May the couple lead a long and happy married life.

RAO & HIS WIFE: Sir, we take your leave.

K.RAJU: Goodbye.


To Be Continued...

- Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 4 Issue 03 - March 2006
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