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  Volume 4 - Issue 05 MAY 2006


By Sai Sandesh

This poem was sent to us from one of our readers.





I am not born for lesser things.
I cannot compare myself with anyone else.
My life is mine. My Swami is mine.
I am a Sai devotee.

Passing joys do not titillate me.
Waning shadows do not amuse me.
Fading bodies, flickering minds do not entice me.
I am not here for lesser pleasures.
I am a Sai devotee.

I am not here for composing an incomplete poem,
Not for executing an unaccomplished mission.
I want it in full the bliss.
I am going to finish it once and for all.
Nothing can pull me to get off my train
At an intermediate station.
I am a Sai devotee.

There is a logic if someone
Who does not believe in God
Complains about his problems.
There is a reason if someone
Who has no guiding star
lags behind with indolence.
But I am not like that.
I have the solution in my hand.
I have my Guru
Not somewhere else on earth,
But seated in my own heart.
I am a Sai devotee.

It does not make sense in my case to spend
Even a single moment in despair.
It is not rational in my case to wait for happiness.
It is not reasonable to behave
Even with the slightest egoism, in my case.
I do His work, He does my work.
I am a Sai devotee.

I am here to give, not to take.
I am here to forgive, not to avenge.
I am here to console, not to complain.
I am a Sai devotee.

I don't ask you for anything.
My Swami will give me.
You can neither harm me nor help me.
It is His will that becomes my life.
I am a Sai devotee.

When I talk sweetly to you,
you might think that I like you.
No, I am talking to my Swami in you.
When I help you, you might think
I am being kind to you.
No, I am serving my Swami in you.
I am a Sai devotee.

On the outset
I may appear like anyone else.
Cause I also have two hands and two ears.
But my hands are always involved
In my Swami's work.
I do everything in His name,
Even a cough or a sneeze,
A walk or a talk.
My ears always hear His Voice,
His Name and His Message.
I am a Sai devotee.

On the surface,
My life might appear like that of anyone else.
Since I also work and earn,
Eat and feed, sleep and dream.
But my thoughts are always in Him and for Him.
I have no misgivings, no bothers.
No fears, no complaints.
I am a Sai devotee.

I will be a success.
It is a fact, not a hope.
I am everything.
It is my experience, not a quote.
I am a Sai devotee.

I do, but I am not the doer.
I dream, but I am not the dreamer.
I walk in His footsteps.
I fly on His wings.
I am a Sai devotee.

Joy is my nature not my dream.
Light is what I radiate, not what I search for.
Love is what I am, not what I yearn for.
I am a Sai devotee.

For you, Dussera might be today.
For me, it is everyday, every moment.
I am a Sai devotee.


This poem was written by the author during the festival of Dasara.

Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 05 - MAY 2006
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