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  Volume 4 - Issue 05 MAY 2006




To read the April issue Cover Story “Be A Good Christian...” Click here ; To read the supplementary article “The Story of Easter – Christ is Risen!”, Click here.

Feedback on the Supplementary Article to the CoverStory


Dear H2H Brothers,
The article appearing in H2H on Easter authored by Reverend Father Charles Ogada is simply superb, explaining the spiritual significance of the whole chain of divine events, for both the pious Xian as well as the Hindu, nay, any discerning spiritualist who may read it! May the spirit of Jesus / the love of Sai guide us to reach that level! Thank you abundantly Rev. Father and the H2H team.

Yours in the loving Soul,
Badri - from Sangita family

Sai Ram Dear Brothers,
I would like to say a few words with regards to the cover story – “The Story Of Easter – Jesus Is Risen!” by Reverend Father Charles Ogada. About the meaning of Easter this is probably the first time I really understood what Easter is all about and relate it to our sadhana. Also what Jesus had to go through for mankind..... Also I read the article on Lingodbhavam by Prof. Venkataraman and it really was an eye opener for me personally. The way the article was written and explained stage by stage the events and the meaning of Lingodbhavam and how we should relate to our every day life with it's ups and downs.

Sai Ram

Feedback on the Spiritual Quiz

Dear Heart to Heart Team,

I wish to congratulate you on a fine quiz. The questions, answers and level of interactivity are all fine in my opinion. The information focuses on some beautiful essentials that demonstrate the true extent of how being a Sai devotee can open one's mind to the appreciation of spiritual faiths other than one's own.

Your quiz is a great example of what Sai devotees can produce to prove that we are hardly a cult or anything for the world to fear but that the Sai approach is one founded upon a charity of the human heart which is found in all of us, and that one does not have to leave one's religion at all in order to benefit from the enhancing wisdom of Sai spirituality. In this respect, the emphasis in the quiz on the practical value of the teachings of Sai Baba and other great spiritual world leaders is commendable.

Good work, Heart to Heart people! Keep it up!

To do the Spiritual Quiz of April issue, click here.



I cannot wait to read Sai Inspires every morning. It actually makes my day. I forward it to many people and they all say that just by reading Sai inspirations they are learning to make a change in their lives by practicing the 5 human values. Most of these people I send to are not even Sai Devotees. Reading the stories also helps in knowing what goes on in other parts of the world, and reading the miracles of other people brings so much tears to my eyes and joy in my heart. My love for Swami is growing by reading Sai Inspires. I myself have had so many miracles in my life and reading other peoples stories makes me want to cry. I have made a lot of changes in my life just by reading Sai Inspires. I try my best to practice what Swami wants of me. My Sai Love to the wonderful team out there. You will be truly blessed by Swami as your work is inspiring a lot of people like myself. Keep up the good work!

Devi Kisten


Dear H2H team.

You cannot imagine my impatience each day for the next day to come to work and read the message from the H2H team. Your messages are so inspirational and divine that, just by reading it, it enlivens my spirit and gives me an opportunity to reflect each day on my deeds and actions. I must confess I am not an overtly religious person, but reading each day’s message makes me feel that I am building a closer bond between God and myself.


Dear Brothers,

I've been receiving your "Sai Inspires” since the beginning. I have almost all of them. Only a few are missing. It's a wonderful job you're doing. I've translated your messages into Portuguese and posted on the Net and e-mailed to other people. At Orkut I've been posting "Sai Inspires" in English and Portuguese, as well the "Thoughts for the day" since 2004.

Sai Ram
Antonio Paiva

Sai Ram.

One of the first e-mails I open every day is the message from the Heart2Heart Team. Why? Because you are inspired by our beloved Bhagavan choosing the right message for every day, for everyone. It occurs when I cannot get an answer from the heart it comes some days later via one of your messages. That is my experience. Please continue sending these messages, they are valuable to me. That is one of His ways in which He works.

Sai Ram
Mrs. Zatsia Renfurm (Holland)

Sai Ram

I am very happy to receive mails and blessings from Swami through e-mails. It is like having a sip of cold water in mid summer hot sun which gives us energy, relaxation & peace of mind. The message whatever H2H team sends me, is guides me "A lot" in my day to day matters. Keep Continuing.

Sai Ram.
P.Venkateswara Rao.


An excellent service from this team. I am a working women and the first mail I read in the morning is "Sai Inspires" before I commence my day to day tasks. Being in Sai family you all know Swami need not come in front of us or we need not go to Parthi / Whitefield / Kodai to seek answers / blessings from HIM, through many means he answers to our prayers. One of the means for me is "Sai Inspires" messages.

My heartiest wishes to the entire team and request you all to continue this service.


Sai ram,

The messages you send everyday are truly inspirational in my life. This has become one of the ways I receive messages from Swami. Let it be a confirmation from Swami about a decision, a pick-me-up line when I am down and out on my luck, or just something that puts a big smile on my face in the morning. I look forward to the messages everyday without fail at around 11 plus in the morning, Singapore time. The discipline in which you always send it around that time is also remarkable. May Swami bless you today and everyday for doing this wonderful job that you do.

SSEHV teacher

Sai Ram Dear Brothers in the Heart2Heart Team,

Messages from Heart2Heart and RadioSai programmes help me a lot to purify myself. Very often I enjoy tears of love for Bhagavan through the messages I listen and read. Some guide me, for example, the true meaning of surrender, I learnt it through these messages. I am far away from India and unable to come to Prashanthi as much as I want but due to Prashanthi Bulletin I am able to know what's going on at Prashanthi and it gives me so much happiness. Special Sunday Special message sent for Rama Navami about Ramayana really touched my heart. In the monthly journal articles, “Swami and Me” section always bring tears of love and gives me joy. These are only few examples of what I really liked. I did not come across anything which I do not like, but for my taste I would like to humbly suggest the following,

1. Heart2Heart Sunday special - You can write more about devotees experience with Bhagavan, specially in the old days or ask devotees to write how Bhagavan came into their lives and select the most touching articles.

2. If possible, please include Bhagavan's recent photo's and specially the one's which look like looking at us in the daily Sai Inspires messages.

3. Is it possible to send these messages daily to the internet so that anyone could see it if he/she wants? I think that sending these messages to more than 9000 people everyday consumes lot of your precious time.

With love and regards,
Subodhini Ramanan

(Dear Subodhini, regarding your first question, we already have two sections dedicated to devotees experiences in H2H and generally we would like to give ‘Spiritual food for thought’ in the Sunday special messages as there is a hunger for it. However, we will have devotees experiences too on certain occasions. Then with the respect to your second question, we do not have enough photos of Swami looking straight to send one everyday. And regarding having Sai Inspires on the web, we are working on it and in the near future Sai Inspires messages along with archives will be on – H2H Team)


Feedback on “Law and Justice’ sent on 16th April 2006

To The Team at H2H,

Thank you for your wonderful article on law and justice. I agree with Justice Dinakaran's and your ideas about how the common law needs to strictly adhered to the principals of Atma dharma or divine law. You both have provided accurate information on right conduct through law which is sorely needed in today’s society, world wide. This is in keeping with the principals of eternal law as taught by Sai Baba.

Kind regards
Sylvana Bonaddio
Melbourne Australia.


Feedback on “How Much Salary Does A Man Really Need?” sent on
26th March 2006

Sairam. Your article was an eye opener, I came to Doha Qatar (by His grace) for a high salary, in Nov 2002. First one and half year, life was just like the desert - dull and monotonous! Money was not giving satisfaction. I prayed to SWAMI to make my life more meaning full and purpose full and He answered.

I joined Doha Sai Samithi in May 2004, doing seva and attending bhajans and study classes. Believe it or not, my desire to earn more has vanished. Being in the second richest country in the world with all its attractions has become meaningless.

How fortunate are Swami’s (property and wealth) His own students that they have the good fortune to realise the truth of the value of high salary right at His lotus feet at a very young age.

Sanjeev menon
Asst. sales manager


Curriculum of all business schools is generally the same but the Specialty of Sai School is helping students ‘Evolve as Humans’ and this is the ultimate in any subject of Education!

Supreme Happiness is in Self-confidence, Contentment, Tolerance, Ethical Values, Commitment to Help Others and these are the Basic Traits chiseled here.

Sai Graduates stand-out as Composite Masters and blessed will be those corporations who employ them.

Sai Pranams!

Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 05 - MAY 2006
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