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  Volume 4 - Issue 11 NOVEMBER 2006


This is the story of a British couple, Joan and Alan Humphries, and their amazing journey to the Lord filled with moving accounts of divine blessings and protection.

 Joan Humphries begins their story…

 Love Beckons…The Path Begins

In 1997, Alan and I were following the Christian Spiritualist Faith until we met a couple, who later became our good friends, who asked us to read a book called Embodiment of Love. This book told the story of Sai Baba and His teachings, through another couple’s experiences. After reading and digesting the contents, we both knew these teachings were our way forward to enlightenment. From that moment on, we felt the need to go and see Sai Baba in India. We made the journey when we met another couple who had helped us so much with their love, wisdom, knowledge and kindness. They organized a trip to India in October 1997 and we went for two weeks to see Sai Baba in all His glory at Prashanti Nilayam. We all experienced so much love and peace during His daily darshans, and knowledge and wisdom through His teaching. Though we didn’t realize it at the time, our spiritual journey to divinity had begun. In July 1998 we went to India again to see Sai Baba. On our return we heard of a larger group going to India in September 1998 and were very excited to go and see Him again.

Cursed by Cancer


Then in 1999, Alan and I decided to visit our dear Swami for the fourth time, but in August tragically I was diagnosed with cancer. I underwent surgery in September. While I was in the hospital, Baba gave me many signs that He was looking after me. When I returned home from the Hospital, I just wanted to visit Him to say thank you for being with me.

After a few weeks of my discharge from the hospital, I was not feeling very well. I went to see my GP. The doctor looked at my notes and said the laboratory usually states that the cancer will return, but they have not stated a time, which means it could come back at any time. You can imagine how I felt hearing those words. When I got home I did not say a word to anyone, even to my husband, Alan. I kept this conversation a secret between Swami, the doctor and me. From then on, I prayed and prayed to Baba. The hospital said no tablets could cure cancer and I refused the chemotherapy. I put all my faith in my loving Mother-Father God and took vibhuti and lingam water.

That December (in 1999) I had a dream in which Sai Baba said, “You will go to India, wearing plain clothes.” He then raised His Hand and with one finger in the air said, “You will sing.” I woke up straight away. Alan and I discussed this dream as to what it meant.

Then in 2000, I kept praying fervently to Baba to let us please visit Him again to convey our thanks. By His Grace we found ourselves preparing for a pilgrimage to Prashanti Nilayam, truly, the Abode of the Highest Peace. When we arrived at the ashram, we were glad we were entering Sai Kulwant Hall on our first day. I was so happy at the very first glimpse of our beloved Baba. My heart and soul knew my eyes were looking at God incarnated on Earth. I continued to pray, hoping my prayers would be heard. During our stay, we were told by our group leader that Swami would grant us a group interview in the mandir on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. By 1:30, we were all seated inside and waiting for Him. The auspicious moment arrived and Swami gracefully glided in towards us, showering His Divine Love on all. After listening to His divine discourse, we were asked to sit back-to-back in columns running down the length of the mandir.

“Good, good, good” – The Lord’s Blessings

As He approached where I was sitting, He leaned towards me and asked, “Do you want to talk?” I could only softly reply, “It’s about my cancer, Baba.” He leaned over again and asked me to repeat what I said. I repeated a little louder, “It’s about my cancer, Baba.” He then asked me if I was a Christian and said, “Good Christian.” Only you know Baba, I thought to myself. He then turned towards the men and told them I was a Christian. Then my Lord held out His arm and circled His palm and manifested the most beautiful cross set with eleven green emeralds and attached to a gold chain. He held it out in His holy hands and put the cross to my lips to kiss. No words could ever explain the profound feelings I had and still have within my heart. As Baba stood there, I was able to touch His divine lotus Feet. Then He patted my head three times saying, “Good, good, good.”

When I returned home, I shared this wonderful blessing and experience with many friends, but because Baba did not say, “Cancer is cancelled,” there were some doubts. I turned and looked at Baba and apologized for the small doubt which entered my mind. From that moment onwards, I prayed intensely. My prayer went like this: “Please, Baba, could I visit you again soon, and hear your words that my cancer is cancelled, and could there be a witness to hear your words?” Alan always told me when I came home from the Hospital that Baba took the cancer away. His total love and faith in Baba just grew stronger and stronger.


I could not believe we had been in Baba’s mandir for one and a half hours hearing His sweet words, being in His divine presence and witnessing all the wonderful miracles He performed externally and internally within each one of us. We returned home overwhelmed and exhilarated. Our spiritual batteries were recharged and we were ready to face life with renewed vigor.

Evergreen Memories of Healing Grace

Emerald green is Baba’s color for healing. During darshans we sit under a canopy of gold and emerald green in Sai Kulwant Hall absorbing the healing effect. This is the significance of the emerald green cross He so graciously materialized to protect me. Thank you, dear Baba. We hoped that by His divine grace we would be able to see Him soon in the month of June.

Then 2001 arrived. And by Baba’s grace, Alan and I joined the Heart Valve Bank Group which was going to Prashanti Nilayam. During our journey, I still continued my prayers to my beloved, Sri Sathya Sai.

When we arrived, we felt that divine feeling of love and peace as we entered the ashram. During our stay, He honored the entire group. What a blessing it was to hear a divine discourse inside the mandir! After the discourse, we were asked to sit back-to-back in columns, just like last time, to allow Swami to walk around us. I could hear Baba speaking as He approached the end of the mandir where I was sitting. He said, “Come the day after tomorrow. You and I will talk as there is something worrying you.” I got on my knees and said, “Thank you,” and He patted my head and said, “Good girl.”


The auspicious day arrived. Six of us were granted an interview that morning. I was a little nervous but felt so much joy in my heart to be at the divine Lotus Feet of Swami. Straightaway, He asked me, “How is the cross doing in London ?” I replied everything is fine. Baba knew what my heart was really feeling and my inner thoughts.

Then the thought came into my mind, Come on, Joan, ask what you have been praying for all this time, and He gave me the inspiration to ask, “Baba, is my cancer cancelled?” As I gazed into His eyes, He said, “Yes, your cancer is cancelled.” Then He asked, “Where is your husband?” I replied, “He is outside, Baba, and wants to come and see You.” Then He said, he is a good man and I was a good lady.

After I finished my talk, I bowed down to Baba and He asked, “Do you want me in your heart?” He repeated this three times, and I replied, “Yes, Baba,” three times. He then circled His divine hand and materialized a beautiful pendant of His face with a lovely chain. I now feel Baba with His divine love wherever I am.

When I returned to my room, I wrote a letter to Him: “Please forgive me if I have hurt anyone’s feelings today. I take full responsibility of what has been said, as no one knew what I was going to say.”

When I finished, I read it back to myself, but while doing so, I saw Baba reading the letter in my mind’s eye. I folded the letter and placed it under my pillow. That evening when I went to sleep, I heard a voice saying, “You asked me to be in your words.” That is just what I asked Baba when I handed a lovely red rose to Him before I started my talk.

The Last Day…Heart Warming Talk

The day before leaving Prashanti Nilayam, the Heart Valve Bank Group was honored by singing in front of Baba in the hall and He handed each one of them a beautiful sari. While doing so, He asked, “Where is the lady who did the talk?” When I approached the veranda where He was standing, He said, “Ah, Jamuna.” This is the beautiful name Swami gave me in 2003. He said gently, “You did the talk the other day.” I replied, “Yes, Baba” He then said, “I am very happy. It was from the heart.” While holding my hand, He circled His palm and a beautiful three-diamond ring emerged from His hand.

As Baba placed it on the ring finger of my right hand, He said, “This is for your talk,” and then placed a lovely sari in my arms saying, “I will see you tomorrow and we will talk.” He repeated these words two times. I am sure He was referring to the spiritual time of tomorrow.


After Joan, now, Alan continues the story…

In December 2003 we went again with a large group to Prashanti for a visit to Swami. While this visit was in preparation, I was asked to give a talk at the end of the visit to the group before we returned home. I agreed. I was excited and happy at being asked. During our stay with Swami at Prashanti, I was again asked about the talk I was to give but this time I was told I would be speaking in front of Swami in the Sai Kulwant Hall.

Now there was some nervousness in me, but I still looked forward to it. When the day came, we waited for a confirmation from Swami. Swami sent a messenger over to the group to tell us that the tall Englishman could carry on with his talk. It was Prof. Anil Kumar who gave us this message. The day was given and we all assembled in Sai Kulwant Hall for the afternoon darshan. I was sitting at the front awaiting Swami’s call to come forward and talk, and when He did, I very nervously went forward to His chair and presented Him with a flower. Then I was asked to begin.

Overwhelming Compassion

I spoke about love, devotion and faith and also about Joan’s cancer which Swami had cancelled. After the talk, He invited me to sit on the floor near His chair. I felt so honored and humbled! I sat there through our group’s program. Then just before Arathi was performed, I stood up and it was then that Swami materialized a nine gem ring and put it on the ring finger on my right hand. I was overwhelmed by the love and blessings He bestowed on us on this auspicious day. That moment will stay with me for the rest of my life. He even allowed me to kiss His hand.

Several days later we were graciously allowed to perform our bhajan program in the mandir in His presence. As a test of His omnipresence, I mentioned to my friend sharing our room that I was not looking forward to our bhajans in the mandir because I was suffering from backache due to the long sittings we do throughout our stay. But then forgetting all this, we all assembled in the mandir awaiting Swami’s presence. He came in and started talking to some members of the group.

When He came to where I was sitting, He looked down at me and asked, “Are you alright?” I replied “Fine, Swami”. He asked again, “Do you want a chai?” I was not sure whether I was hearing Him right. He repeated, “Do you want a chair?” and beckoned someone to bring a chair for me. I reluctantly replied, “Yes, Swami.” I sat on the chair for the rest of the program. At the end His gave us His blessings with a wave of His Hand. I was so grateful that He showered His love on the whole group. His love and compassion is unfailing to all.


- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 11 - NOVEMBER 2006
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