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  Volume 4 - Issue 11 NOVEMBER 2006

PART - 23

(Continued from the previous issue)



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The scene is the Puttaparthi Elementary School , and the bell goes to indicate that the classes are over. Boys come running out, eager to get back home. Venkama Raju comes there to meet Sathya’s teacher.

TEACHER: [to the boys who are rushing] Slow, slow!

VENKAMA RAJU: Hello Teacher Sir, how are you?

TEACHER: Thank you Mr. Venkama Raju, I am fine.

VENKAMA RAJU: How is my Sathya studying?

TEACHER: If at all there is anyone who is really studying well, it is your Sathyam.



TEACHER: Yes, and this is the truth. You may not believe it but Sathya does not need to be told twice; He grasps everything first time, right away. The fact is, we are learning a lot from Him! He is far above the Elementary School level…How do I say it? He has to be educated somewhere way up there! [holds his hand high] I can’t say anything more!!

VENKAMA RAJU [Thinks]: We must try to admit our Sathya into High School.


The scene is Sathya’s house. Discussion is going about the next step in Sathya’s education.


VENKAMA RAJU: [to Kondama Raju] Father, Sathya has completed His education in the Puttaparthi Elementary School. Higher education is available only in Bukkapatnam.

SESHAMA RAJU: [to Kondama Raju] Yes grandfather. It is desirable to admit Sathya in the Bukkapatnam School . If He is admitted there, then later He can go for much higher studies.

EASWARAMMA: If He has to go for higher studies, then does He not have to go to a distant place? Venkamma and Parvathamma also are wondering whether He has to go that far.

SESHAMA RAJU: Mother, Temple and School can’t always be where we want them. Rather, one has to go where they are! Can’t be helped!

EASWARAMMA: True, but is not Sathya quite young?

VENKAMA RAJU: Sometimes it becomes necessary to go to other places for study. We just have to adjust, that’s all.

SESHAMA RAJU: Yes mother. There are many boys who go to Bukkapatnam for studies. Sathya can accompany them. This is the right age for study, and we should not be hesitant.


SATHYAM: Yes mother.

EASWARAMMA: Are you ready to go to Bukkapatnam and study there?


SATHYAM: Yes, I am ready to go there and study.

EASWARAMMA: Are You really willing to go to Bukkapatnam for studies?

SATHYA: Most certainly, mother.

PARVATHAMMA: I’ll dress You up!

VENKAMA RAJU: And I will walk with You up to the Chitravathi River .

KONDAMA RAJU: Easwaramma, it seems that even though Sathya is keen, you don’t want Him to. Tell me truly! Do you want Him to go to Bukkapatnam or not?

EASWARAMMA: Everyone is saying that He should go there. Sathyam also says He wants to go. Don’t I want Him to study further? Yes, I too want it!


Sathya is being helped to get ready to go to the School in Bukkapatnam.

KONDAMA RAJU: [to Sathya] You must study well and become a great person!


SATHYA: Yes mother?

EASWARAMMA: Behave properly and study with earnestness. … I have kept sanghati in this; and in this, I have kept other eatables. Remember to eat them! ….. You will eat them without fail at midday , will You not?



SATHYAM: Yes, father.

VENKAMA RAJU: You must study English well and learn to speak it fluently. People should say with pride, “My! This boy speaks like an Englishman!” Understand?!

SATHYA: I will do as you say, father.

SESHAMA RAJU: Sathyam, that school is not like our school. It is Bukkapaptnam School, and a big one. You should not argue with anyone there. Listen carefully, come home and do your homework properly. If you want to go for higher studies, then schooling in Bukkapatnam is important. You must behave properly with Your teachers.

KONDAMA RAJU: [to Seshama] My dear Sir, it is not Sathyam but the teachers who must behave properly with Him! Get it?! ….[in general] Why are you all confusing Him by constantly repeating your advice?

VENKAMA RAJU: [to Kondama] Is it not beneficial to repeat good advice? I am telling only your grandson!

KONDAMA RAJU: For my grandson, telling once is enough! He is a child prodigy! His education is of a different type. Who is there who can truly educate Him? It is only on account of your compulsion that I am sending Him to Bukkapatnam….

VENKAMA RAJU: [to Kondama] It is your attachment to your grandson that makes you shower such praise! [to Sathya] Sathyam, come on, get ready. Your friends are waiting.


(To be continued...)

- Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 4 Issue 11 - NOVEMBER 2006
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