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  Volume 4 - Issue 11 NOVEMBER 2006



Responses to the Cover Story of the October Issue

Dear Editor:
Sairam to the team of H2H. It is always inspiring to read the articles in the H2H journal. The article “A ‘Sai’lent Revolution of Rural Development” in the recent issue is amazing. Just reading it gave me immense happiness and inspired me to utilize my time in doing whatever service I can. I am sure the bliss that the youth involved in the grama seva projects are experiencing is beyond description. It was a beautiful glimpse of how we are just mere puppets in the Divine Hands. He pulls the strings at the right time. Thank you very much for compiling such inspiring articles. I am sure reading these articles are inspiring many of us to change our lives for the better by making our faith deep-rooted and our determination stronger than ever.

In Swami’s love,
Prasanna Kankanala, Manhattan, USA

Sai Ram:
I just read the article on “A ‘Sai’lent Revolution of Rural Rejuvenation.” Thank you for an eye opening illustration of the work the Sai Youth of Andhra Pradesh is doing. One feels humbled and grateful at the same time as the ‘revolution’ is unfolding. Thank you for such an inspiring story! It makes me want to do more and serve more in my own community. Thank you Sai Baba for your wonderful ways of teaching, guidance, support ... the list goes on.

Sai Ram
Diana Liu,
Edmonton, Canada

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Sai Ram,

As soon as I started reading the article my tears started falling. I told my son, these are tears of joy. By just reading the articles I feel so much in bliss. Yes, that’s how any project done with pure love can affect anybody, even on the other side of the word, by just reading about it. Thank you so much for sharing with the whole world about this selfless service. Thank you so much for giving bliss. Thank you so much Swami for being with me through this article. Thank you Swami for the staff of H2H! Indeed, they are your ambassadors of goodwill.

With all my love,

Jamela Vivar
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dear Heart2Heart Team,

Thank you for the extensive and inspiring article on the extraordinary Grama Seva taking place in Andhra Pradesh. It is truly humbling and uplifting to know that Sai Youth can accomplish so much in such a short time. My eyes filled with tears several times upon reading this article. Truly, God walks on earth, and His instruments walk beside Him. I am so proud to belong to an organization which accomplishes deeds such as this. Please, please, do share any other accounts of similar seva being done by the Sai Youth of India. Sai Ram and thank you,

Ellesha Wanigasekera,
Toronto, Canada

Sai Ram, Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

I was positively transfixed reading the cover article, “A ‘Sai’lent Revolution of Rural Rejuvenation” in the October issue of Heart 2 Heart. I have been a Sai devotee since 1972 and have been coming to India for over 30 years now. I love India as my second home, and I am thrilled and delighted to read about the wonderful work the Sai Youth are doing in the villages of Andhra Pradesh.

We are all so unimaginably blessed to have Swami in our lives. The transformation I have witnessed over these decades in the hearts and lives of so many people here in the States and in India and countries around the world fills me with wonder. Transformation has touched my own family, and created change deep within my own heart. No words can ever express the sweet experience of receiving Swami’s Love and Guidance. Thank you as always for your good work. I love Heart 2 Heart!

In Sai’s Love,

Mrs. Leslie Bouché
California, USA

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Sai Ram Heart to Heart team,

Just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts. You bring to us masses a wonderful collection of Swami’s teachings. I have shared your works with a lot of people, many of whom are not in the so-called “Sai fold.” I guess that is Swami’s way of reaching out to this world. I write to you all with utmost gratitude. Please keep up the good work. Yours is true seva that I am sure Swami highly approves of.

Thank you very much,
Geeta Acharya

My dear brothers of the H2H team,

I am immensely grateful to our beloved Swami and all the members of the Almighty team. Not a single early morning passes without reading the Radio Sai Journal. I never imagined that I would be able to share these happiest moments in my life with millions of Sai devotees to sit before the PC, read the fine articles, divine experiences, photo features, albums, etc., and also take printouts for reading whenever and wherever. Particularly the Prashanti Diary of the 12 day Athi Rudra Maha Yagna is great. It would have been very bulky to incorporate the 31 page illustrated article in our Sanatana Sarathi monthly issue. By Swami’s grace, I am alive to see all these fantastic developments in Sai Communications in the electronic media. I was lucky to read the slightly bigger than postcard size Sanatana Sarathi issues (budding stage) edited by the late N. Kasturi during the early 60s and then onwards till now. Except to say, Jai Sai Raama, I have no other words.

With Love,
Krishna Prasad


I am a devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I look forward to reading the articles on the Heart 2 Heart website at the beginning of every month. Sometimes when I have finished reading the articles waiting for the next month to read more articles is the most testing time for me. I look forward to the first day of the month to arrive. I like the articles as they relate stories of kindness, selflessness, and about Baba. I am grateful to the organization for bringing this well presented and user-friendly website to the devotees.

All I can say is a heartfelt Thank You.
Ms. Pranita Gundannavar.

Sairam and Thanks,

The monthly H2H and the daily Sai Inspires are both very eagerly looked forward to and my husband and I have the Sri Sathya Sai website as our homepage. We like all the stories, and I store them in memory to relate them to my children, aged 14 and 9 at bedtime. In fact, Mr. Chidambaram Krishnan's recollections are so popular with them, that they have even coined a pet name for him "Chiki". I also particularly enjoyed Prof Anil Kumar's discourse where he has mentioned about "loneliness" and "aloneness" and "friendships" and "friendliness".  Prof. Venkataraman's writings too are very scholarly and thorough in their academic depth.  The pictures of the Athi Rudra Homam were also good, and made us long to be part of the festivals at Parthi, gazing on our Lord!

On behalf of my entire family, I thank all of you at H2H for such a wonderful service, whose value is even greater for devotees like us who are physically far away from our Swami. 

Meenakumari Venkateswaran,

Response to the Panel Discussion in the Sai Seva section of October Issue


The enlightening article " Hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray", was worth reading more than once.  The panel discussion was just superb.  A million thanks for such a thought provoking and inspiring panel discussion. Looking forward for the next issue - part 2.

 Mr. V S Venkataraman Iyer

Response to the article “Sai Movement in Panama ” To read it again, Click Here.

I'm originally from Panama but I live in Florida USA. I moved here 14 years ago. I did not have any idea that in my country with strong catholic roots, people started to be open to other ways. It was very hard when I was growing up. Also I have been reading the articles about the Sai Baba organization and their work in other countries and see that the arms of this organization are all over the world. Like an ocean wave when it hits the rocks and splashes in different directions, Sai Baba’s love extends to all the continents. Glad to see and read about my country and see all the love of this people to help others.

Love and light,

Elka Boren, Panama

Responses to Sai Inspires


I just want to thank you for sending the loving words of Swami. I never start my day without learning what Swami has to say for that day, and almost all the time it matches the requirement of my mind-set for the day. There are so many thorns in my life and the path I have chosen is hard. But, I believe the harder our paths are, the more we can be sure that Swami is with us. Through this mail, I strongly assume that I have the opportunity to send my gratitude to Swami to be with me at all times.

With love,




H2H team,

I must take the time to thank you for your quotes from Swami, and for your helping those of us who cannot travel easily to Prashanti Nilayam to experience His Presence through reports, stories, pictures and radio broadcasts. A few weeks ago, I was in deep emotional distress. Although there are many sayings of Swami’s that would have some bearing on the issue, the one you printed that day was so perfect (“Consider as unimportant the evil that others do to you...”), it could only have been the Lord Himself saving me. I printed it out as a poster and read it over and over until it was memorized. Moreover, the quote the next day was the icing on the cake. Reflecting on those two quotes changed me so much that I was able to act completely differently in the situation. It is hard to remember a time that I have felt so protected and cared for by the Lord.

Sai Ram and thank you for this seva,

Dear H2H Team,

Swami’s saying today had me laughing with delight. Yes, rejoice when people derive pleasure from talking ill of you. Of course, I know from professional and personal experience that when we criticise another, we are in fact criticising ourselves subconsciously. So we derive temporary relief when we perceive others, through projection, as being worse than we are. Not only relief, but exultation and joy, says Swami! I shall remember that.

In my office, on the wall, I have Swami’s saying: “When you point one finger at someone, remember that three fingers are pointing at you”

I have also another saying on the wall: “Change yourself and the whole world changes with you.” Which brings us to your Sunday message. For quite some time now, it has occurred to me, and I share this with my patients, that there is only one person you can change, it is yourself; and also, as pointed out above, if you discover the love that is you, then you will project it around you. Not only will that affect your perception of the world, but it will also affect the world’s perception of itself. This is well illustrated in Swami’s Jyoti meditation.

Thank you Swami, the Ineffable Truth!
Jacqueline Trost, MA. USA

Response to the Sunday Special, 15 October 2006


I was moved after reading, “Remembering an Important Anniversary.” Just wanted to write and say thank you. This coming week will be spent in contemplation of dear Swami’s words of truth that He has been telling us for so long. How patient He is.

Love in Sai,

Response to the Sunday Special, 8 October 2006

H2H team,


The Sunday Special of this week, is really wonderful, though every day it is something special in the form of a message. I really feel blessed for the reason that I am one among those who receiving daily capsules for the benefit of our soul and mind, in the form of Sai Inspires. It is very true that these messages help in solving many problems. Believe it or not, but sometimes it so happened that whatever problem I got in the previous evening, the next morning I got the best solution – a message describing how to tackle the problem! It seems that Swami is directly conversing to resolve the problem and make me happy. It is really a wonderful gift for all.

One thing more about Sarat Babu, that if I am not wrong, some months ago the story of his hard work was also highlighted in the news on various TV channels, isn’t it? However, the determination he showed is indeed a lesson for others. So, please keep the pace with which you people are providing us such wonderful material in the future also.

Deepak Kumar Singla

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– Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 4 Issue 11 - NOVEMBER 2006
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