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  Volume 4 - Issue 10 OCTOBER 2006

PART - 22

(Continued from the previous issue)



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Puttaparthi Elementary School again. On this day, the boys are bringing vegetables as gifts for the teacher.

SATHYA: Why have you brought all this?

BOY: To give to the teacher.

SATHYA: To the teacher? But I have not brought anything!

BOY: If we give all this, the teacher will not beat us.

BOY 2: Otherwise, he will accuse us of coming late and punish us.

SATHYA: But you have not come late!

BOY: May be. But did not the master say that we must be here at least fifteen minutes before the bell rings? Did he not warn that if we failed to do so he would beat us?


SATHYA: Are you saying that if you gave him all these vegetables he would not beat you?



SATHYA: You should not give all this! It’s wrong!! When we have done no wrong, we should not be afraid. We should not give all this to the teacher.

CHORUS: You do not know!

SATHYA: I know! If you give now, he will keep on asking again and again. It is wrong to give such things.

BOY: Then You tell us what we are supposed to do.

SATHYA: Come with Me, and I shall tell you what to do.

CHORUS: Come on fellows, let’s go. We’ll do as He says. Come, let’s go!

Sathya leads all the boys to a big tree in the neighbourhood, and asks the boys to sit under the tree.

SATHYA: We will all sit here, and not go to the class. Come, sit down! Don’t go. When the Headmaster comes and asks, “Why have you not gone to the class?” we will say, “Because the Master beats us!” We will tell the truth. We will report that everyday the Master demands vegetables, milk, ghee, and the like.

BOY: My God! If we say that, the Master will thrash us!

SATHYA: Look, did I not tell you that you should not be afraid? Listen to Me and sit here. Am I not with you?

The Head Master comes, and is surprised to see all the boys under the tree instead of in the class.

HEADMASTER: Are you all not going to the class?



HM: Is that so? What else?


SATHYA: Sir, if the boys give these vegetables, then the Master will not beat them. Otherwise, they get a thrashing. Is this not wrong?

CHORUS: Yes Sir! You tell us if it is not wrong?


At this stage, the class teacher comes there and is surprised to see what is going on. He acts as if he is disciplining the students.

TEACHER: [to a boy] Put your hands down! … [To HM] Salutations Sir!!

HEADMASTERr: Salutations later! These boys are refusing to go the class!

TEACHER: [acting surprised] What! They are refusing?! Hey, who is there who dares to stay away? [To HM] Sir, I’ll take care of these fellows.

HEADMASTER: Is this the way you run the School? Instead of teaching lessons, you are demanding vegetables, milk, curds and the like! Is this not wrong? Unable to bear your harassment and punishment, the students are going on a strike! This is a great insult to the School and to me personally. … Listen, from now on you will never beat the children; if they misbehave, report to me and I’ll deal with the problem. ……. Boys, all of you now go to the class. Go now!

CHORUS: Yes Sir!


Class room in Puttaparthi School. Boys have placed the vegetables they have brought, on the table. The teacher enters the room and sees the vegetables.

TEACHER: Why do I need all this? I don’t want this tomato, this potato…..[sweeps everything off] Henceforth, I do not want all these things! I am your mother, father, God and all the rest of it.

SATHYA: Students worship Goddess Saraswati, the Fountainhead of Knowledge, and the Teacher is Her Instrument who imparts this sacred Knowledge. Sir, there should only be a sacred relationship between the Teacher and the taught. It is to drive this lesson home that I did all this and not to insult anybody.


TEACHER: Yes my boy! Such sweet words from one so young!


The scene is the bedroom in Kondama’s house. Sathya is lying on the bed. Kondama enters and sees the boy. For a brief moment, he has the vision of Lord Krishna lying there, instead of his beloved grandson. Sathya reveals Himself as the Lord. Kondama is filled with ecstasy.

KODAAMA RAJU: Krishna ! My life has been fulfilled! It truly has been fulfilled!!

SATHYA: [pretending He does not understand] Grandfather! What are you saying?



(To be continued...)

- Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 4 Issue 10 - OCTOBER 2006
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