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  Volume 4 - Issue 10 OCTOBER 2006



Responses to the September issue of H2H.

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Sairam dear brothers:

I have been wanting to write to congratulate you folks on the multi-faceted articles that are appearing in your columns in recent issues. Only people with real sraddha and bhakti can articulate in such a beautiful manner various articles and present the wonderful photos that appear week after week. Great teamwork. Your coverage of Atirudram and commentaries were outstanding. Sri Y. Arvind's dramatic articles from the hospital sidelines literally takes the reader through an emotional rollercoaster. Prof. Venkatraman's presentation of Chidambaram Krishnan’s story is really captivating as well as his interesting articles on the Vedas. We eagerly await the next installment of these stories/articles. Your coverage of Sai news from South America is really an eye-opener for most of the readers. We used to wonder what will happen after Prof. Kasturiji's departure, but Swami always finds the best ones to fill the vacuum! Praying for Swami's continued blessings on all of you and keep up the good work.

Swaminathan Kollengode



Dear Heart-to-Heart team,

I am a Kenyan devotee of Baba’s of Indian of origin. I would like to commend you guys for the marvelous job you do out there – especially on Sundays! Every morning at work I sneak into my email account to view the enlightening message for the day. Keep it up and well done. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way, as several times we have received messages that almost answer personal queries in our daily lives. It almost feels like Baba is responding in person!

If possible, can you please find a story or guiding messages on marriage, and adherence to morality and responsibility in marriages? I think this is such an important issue that is overlooked by many; and several youngsters can find some encouragement and Baba's message in these words/stories.

Thank you and Sai Ram,

(Name withheld by request)

[Sairam, we will be having a Sunday special or a feature article on issues more pertinent to the youth in the coming weeks – H2H Team]

Dear Heart2Heart team:

I have just been reading your Sunday message and once again I was struck by the quality of the service you provide for Sai Baba’s devotees. As a veteran South African journalist I am constantly impressed by the scope and style of your monthly magazine. I am painfully aware how standards have slipped in my profession and how dross and sensationalism hold sway in many publications. Your journalism, on the other hand, is like a refreshing draught of spirituality, a tonic for the soul. The Truth rings forth from your words. Thank you. With Swami's blessings, long may you prosper.

Sai Ram,

Roy Christie

Responses to the Cover Story The Athi Rudra Maha Yagnam .....A POWERFUL PRAYER FOR UNIVERSAL PEACE
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Sai Ram,

Just finished reading the cover story on the Yagnam - what an insight into such an amazing unique experience! I wish I was a part of it all! Thank you once again for this enlightening issue of H2H - it keeps me closer to what’s happening in the abode of peace. One thing I have realized in the past is that Swami has drawn more and more people closer to him than before. I am increasingly witnessing hundreds of devotees from places like Europe, Africa and South America thronging the ashram to absorb Swami’s grace and blessings. What’s more amazing is that people I have known before who dismissed Swami as a fake guru have begun to turn to him and his teachings during prayer. This is truly incredible; His message is reaching everyone.

I am actually an undergraduate student in the United States (I am originally from Nepal and have been a devotee since I was 7) and was delighted to see that our library has several books on Swami, by authors such as Murphet and Mazzoleni, and several other Shirdi Sai Books. To think that His teachings have reached this remote part of the US is absolutely incredible. My older brother’s faculty advisor is also a devotee. They even went to Bhajans together in a nearby town. I am truly speechless! Swami and His leelas will always bring joy to all of us! Om Sai Ram and thank you for this issue. It has put a smile on my face after a hard and almost disappointing day.

Sagar Adhikary,
308 Unit M,
College of William and Mary,
Williamsburg VA 23186.

Sai Ram, Dear Heart to Heart Team,

With reference to: 'The Athi Rudra Maha Yagnam - The Profound Significance Behind The Powerful Sacrifice'. I found the above article both interesting and informative. I feel that such articles and dissertations are very helpful in bringing about a practical understanding of sacred and meaningful spiritual practices in a world lost in materialism.Richard J Wallis

New Zealand

Dear Heart to Heart,

I loved your cover article today. It is important to try to understand the significance of the rituals that we attend when we see Swami. I was at the yagna and have never experienced such a profound experience. The whole hall was filled with love and it only seemed to increase with every passing day. Thanks for all your good work. Sai Ram.

Patricia Graybill,
Atascadero, California

Sairam and Sathakoti Pranams to Thy Lotus Feet,

The cover story on Atirudra Maha Yagnam is as good as the yagnam itself. The photos, participant comments, Swami's quotes all are very inspiring. It covered the significance of such yagnams in simple English that can be understood by everyone. This yagnam once again signifies the selfless nature of Swami in uplifting humanity. I am sure that the powerful vibrations have reached and continue to reach us as well as the entire world and the world will be a much better place after this yagnam. The entire world is indebted to Swami for making such selfless acts that benefit humanity at large. Thanks again to Radio Sai for the hard work done in providing us such coverage.

Sairam and Sathakoti Pranams to Thy Lotus Feet.

Syam Rajasekharuni,
Sydney, Australia

Dear Heart2Heart team,

In answer to your question, “How did you like the cover story about the Yagna?” it was wonderful and inspiring! The computer doesn't see a lot of me, except for some mail for work, but everyday I look forward to reading Swami's message you send me. During the Yagna I was so thankful to be able to follow (from Zandvoort, Holland, on the other side of the world) the beautiful sounds, images and speeches. It often felt like I was truly there. I felt the glow of Baba’s divine love, I felt deeply touched in my heart beyond description. This Yagna has worked and still works through all the cells and atoms of the whole living creation, the Lord’s Leela. Thank you, Baba, for enabling the world to experience this, for this Supreme Love boost in the divine irrigation system. Thank you Heart2Heart team for all your loving effort and work that is surely felt on this side of the world and I’m sure by many many others.

Sai Ram Greetings,

Kika Keus, Holland


Pranams to the lotus Feet of our Loving God.

I was one among the fortunate people who by our Lord's immense grace could be present for a few days during the Yagna. Your write up really helped me to relive those glorious divine moments and as I read through it I could feel the same blissful feeling running through me which I had during the yagna. I salute and bow my head in reverence to devotees like the old man who picked up waste papers, the people who served sacrificing their physical presence during the Yagna and the great Sardarji who did the “Gurdwara act.” The report is a class act, like every act of our God, and kudos to the team for the excellent compilation. Please continue the good work.

P. Sekar

Your beautiful summary of the Athi Rudra Maha Yagnam brought me to tears. I was so happy that so many “other parts of me,” – brothers and sisters who were in attendance – were so blessed by the ritual. Their blessing is my blessing. And the story of the old man picking up the Prasad wrappers…I will never forget that story. Thank you for giving so much sweet detail about your experiences.

Pennsylvania, USA

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Dear Heart2Heart team,

I am in the middle of reading this wonderful article with all the great sound bytes - which are of a really high quality, very clear. It's really brilliant to explain this Vedic verse in such a universal way, and to include music from other religions. Where else can one find something like this?

I also recently purchased a copy of "The Vedic Experience" by Raimundo Panikkar, which I was introduced to from the excellent articles on the Vedas. It is thrilling to have a copy of such a masterpiece and it will surely help me a great deal, personally and probably professionally as well. Dr. Venkataraman expressed some doubt about the interest of the younger generation in the Vedas, but here is one member of the younger generation who is deeply interested in the Vedas, and whose burning interest is greatly fueled by your excellent service. My university classes are not even half as interesting as these articles. Please keep up your world-class work - I am so deeply grateful for it.

Sai Ram,

Ellesha Wanigasekera,
Toronto, Canada

Response to the articles FAITH, FORTITUDE…AND THE DIVINE TOUCH! . To read it again, Click Here.


May Baba’s blessing always be with you for doing such fantastic work. I read the heart-wrenching story of Pinku and his family. It is really wonderful how Swami is guiding all of us in this sojourn of eternal life.

Yes, please do post more medical stories. It really helps to see how people follow and practice Swami’s teachings in day-to-day life.

Lalit Mohanty

Dear Heart to Heart,

This is truly a touching story. I had tears in my eyes, especially reading the part when the mother says, “Whatever has happened so far has happened with the Will of God. And what will happen, will also be His Will. We will make our efforts to get back to our normal life in our place but now we are sure that there will always be someone somewhere who will help us. Without that our child would not be with us today.”

I have circulated this story to more than 100 of my friends. Nice to have more articles like this as it will kindle the little flame of love and belief in God in the readers.

K. Ravindran,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sai Ram,

I was deeply moved by the story in the September issue which speaks about the illness of Pinku and his subsequent recovery after his operation. I literally had tears in my eyes when I read this story. Hats off to Dr. Anil who took up the initiative to do the difficult operation. I really believe there is someone who is looking over us and supervising our actions. At this point I am speechless and unable to express myself any further.

Thanks and regards,
K. Venkatesh

Response to the Spiritual Quiz

Om Sai Ram to all at Heart2Heart:

Thank you for all your effort to bring us all that we receive via the net. It is a great way for those of us who are so far away to enjoy the moment as if we were at Prashanti and feel spiritually awakened daily. Thank you for the spiritual quiz. I look forward to more in the future. Take care.

My loving Sai Rams to all.

Shamala Naidoo,
Kibler Park, South Africa

Response to the Radio Sai Programmes

Sai Ram Dear Members of Radio Sai and Heart to Heart,

I wanted to thank you with the utmost gratitude for so faithfully and so beautifully running the Radio Sai program so that we can have Prashanti in our hearts 24/7 on the other side of the world. As a youth growing up in Western society it is very hard to keep our lives in perspective and to keep Bhagavan in our hearts and Radio Sai makes it so much easier for us to do that. Even now as I type there are soul-stirring devotional songs playing on my speakers at home courtesy of Radio Sai – they keep me company during my most difficult times and give me strength and inspiration when I need it. I seriously don't know what I'd do without Radio Sai. Thank you so very much! And may Bhagavan bless you and your program so that it may run for the benefit of all mankind for all eternity!

Jai Sai Ram

Responses to SAI INSPIRES

[Sai Inspires is a free daily inspirational email service sent to all subscribers. To subscribe to Sai Inspires, click here]

H2H team,

I must take the time to thank you for your quotes from Swami, and for your helping those of us who cannot travel easily to Prashanti Nilayam to experience His Presence through reports, stories, pictures and radio broadcasts. A few weeks ago I was in deep emotional distress. Although there are many sayings of Swami's that would have some bearing on the issue, the one you printed that day was so perfect ("Consider as unimportant the evil that others do to you...") it could only have been the Lord Himself saving me. I printed it out as a poster and read it over and over until it was memorized. Moreover, the quote the next day was the icing on the cake. Reflecting on those two quotes changed me so much that I was able to act completely differently in the situation. It is hard to remember a time that I have felt so protected and cared for by the Lord. Sai Ram and thank you for this seva.




Every Sunday the subscribers to Sai Inspires also receive a spiritual discussion
on a topic of current relevance called Sunday Special Articles.

Responses to the Sunday Special THANK YOU… GOD!!!
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Dear H2H team,

I was cogitating about the difference between a superficial thank you and one that expresses true gratitude. It struck me that the first comes from the lips and the other comes from the heart. There is little doubt that we are vortexes of energy and that we are constantly using this energy to affect the world around us. I am sure that I do not need to remind you of the incredible love energy emanating from Swami when being close in His presence.

The first time I had a personal interview with Swami, which was also the first time I had come to India to case out this strange holy man, I was standing in front of Swami and He was asking me a few questions. I felt overwhelmed, not by what He did, not by what He said, but by this extraordinary feeling that prompted me to say to our group leader when I came out of the interview room: “I thought I knew what love was, but I have never experienced love like that.” Note that I had practically no preparation for this interview in terms of what to expect.

When we thank from the heart, it has an affect on our expression, our posture and the sound of our voice. It is wonderful to observe the lighting up in people’s faces and the change in their attitude as a response to our own behavior. As you may know, even plants respond to our loving vibes, not to mention animals.

In my practice as a psychologist, I constantly direct people on this path of love. It has just occurred to me that I need to instill in them more gratitude.

Thank you!

Om Sai Ram,

Jacqueline Trost

Response to the Sunday Special Why Are We So Desperate About Exceeding The Speed Limit?
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Dear Dr. G. Venkataraman,

Om Sri Sai Ram, Your H2H Sunday special of 10 th August on the fast pace of life was very good. This should be made available for reading at all educational and management institutes and all corporations all over the world. That would hopefully make people pause and look at life from right perspective (sudarsana, right vision).

Jai Sai Ram, With Love, Narendra.

Dear Reader, you can write to us about your feedback/suggestions/comments concerning any article of H2H, Sai Inspires or Sunday Special write-ups at Please mention your name and country when you write to us.

– Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 4 Issue 10 - OCTOBER 2006
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