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  Volume 4 - Issue 09 SEPTEMBER 2006

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This is the seventh instalment of the wonderful recollections of Mr. Chidambaram Krishnan, a long-time devotee of Bhagavan Baba who came to the Lord under somewhat unusual circumstances. In the last Instalment [06], we took you up to the point where Mr. Krishnan dramatically becomes united with his estranged son. In this the seventh instalment, we now have Mr. Krishnan telling us about an incident in the earlier part of his life when he was about to be murdered while visiting Ceylon [now Sri Lanka ], and how Swami transforms the assassins at the very last moment. Read on.

All Other Parts of the Series

Swami once told me, “I will provide you the ultimate protection no matter what; and I will also give you detailed instructions about what to do and when.” In the beginning, I did not appreciate Swami’s Divinity and used to critically analyse every one of His statements and remarks, instead of accepting them with full faith. Eventually, it dawned on me that I had no right whatsoever to indulge in any such analysis. Instead, I had to surrender totally, in the full sense of the word, leaving everything to Swami, Karma or no Karma. He knows everything and He would always do what was best for me – slowly, this realisation sank into me. I realised that I had no choice but to accept whatever Swami decided for me, having the faith that He would always do what was good for me.

Thus it is that I have given up completely all that useless analysis. If He says stand, I stand; if He says sit, I sit; my job is to simply obey His command. I have now learnt to see Sai in all because that is the only truth. No doubt Swami tells us again and again that He is in all but we quickly forget that because we are so used to focussing on external diversity. So we have to constantly drill ourselves to see the Inner Divinity rather than the external form.


How to Avoid the Consequences of Karma

Here I am reminded of a story. It seems that a certain gentleman who was once travelling with Swami in a car asked, “Swami, you say one should not hunt and kill animals. Suppose a cobra comes to bite. Can one kill it?” Swami replied, “If you think it is coming to bite you, you could kill it, but if you believe that Swami resides in that cobra also, you should not kill it.” “But, Swami,” said the other person, “the cobra would bite!” “No,” replied Swami, “If you really believe that Swami is present also in that cobra, it will not bite.” I can say with authority, that this is really true. I have had many such experiences when danger that was imminent miraculously passed away because of this belief. That belief brings Swami’s protection.

Swami once told me: “A man is coming to attack you and to stab you. He is trying to do that because of your Karma. Maybe you can escape the attack but you can never evade the consequences of Karma forever; because there is, under normal circumstances, no escape. However, if you see Swami in the person who is coming to attack and stab you and do Namaskar to that person, then the danger would pass and indeed the Karma itself would get cancelled, just like that!”

It is all a drama. Swami is the one who is coming to stab and Swami is also the one who is getting stabbed. Swami is both. We see these two individuals as distinct because of ignorance. But once we realise the Truth, the drama is over and Karma vanishes!” So the safest way to wipe out all past Karma and to avoid accumulating fresh Karma is to see Swami in all. This comes through total surrender, and that is the best option.


The Intriguing Ceylon Adventure

I shall now narrate an incident that happened in 1961 that highlights how Swami protects once He gives the word. At that time, our company had a lot of business in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka. Our product had a trademark, and the rule in Ceylon was that the trademark must be renewed before the expiry date. In India, the rule is not so strict and there is a grace period, but in Ceylon they were very strict; renew before the expiry date or else lose claim to the trademark. If the ownership of the trademark was allowed to lapse, then someone else could use it; that was the law in Ceylon .

As I told you, our company trademark had to be renewed, and my brother had to go to Ceylon for that. We had a rule: never do anything without taking Swami’s permission first. So my eldest brother went to Puttaparthi to get Swami’s blessings for going to Ceylon for this purpose. The company was registered in his name, and legally he was the owner; so it was he who had to go and sign the papers needed for trademark renewal. My brother thus came to Puttaparthi, and sought Swami’s blessings, which He lovingly gave. Swami then asked my brother to do a few small things while in Ceylon. Swami also gave some Prasaadam and permitted my brother to attend the wedding of the High Commissioner’s daughter, while in Ceylon.

My brother then left Puttaparthi and returned to our place Mukkudal via Trichy. In Trichy, he booked a seat on a flight to Colombo. It was about 7.30 in the evening when he came home. On arrival, he told me that he had received Swami’s blessings, had booked a ticket on the Trichy – Colombo flight and would leave the next morning. He added, “I would be gone for a few days; while I am away, take care of the business.”

At 4.30 A.M., my brother woke me up and said, “Swami told me repeatedly a short while ago that I should not go to Ceylon.” I was taken aback and said, “Brother, I think you must have had a dream. You have personally gone to Swami and He granted you permission to go to Ceylon. Not only that, he wanted you to do a few small things there. How could He now suddenly change all that?” My brother said, “No, it was not a dream. Swami stood physically in front of me and He repeatedly warned me not to go. I then bent down to touch His feet, when He suddenly vanished. This is the truth.”

I was not prepared to accept all this and said to my brother, “Listen, you have personally gone to Puttaparthi and Swami told you to go to Ceylon. He not only gave you permission but also His blessings. And now you are suddenly saying you will not go. I find this unacceptable. I suggest that you must go as earlier planned.” My brother was in no mood to listen to me and replied, “Look, I tell you that Swami personally stood in front of me and asked me again and again not to go.” However, all that did not convince me and I simply dismissed his so-called vision as a hallucination. My brother then told me that Swami had advised against going because of a sudden danger. I was disturbed to hear all this and said, “Brother, just think of what would happen if you did not go. What would happen to the renewal of our Trademark?” My brother responded, “I understand but when there is imminent danger, what do you expect me to do?”

I decided that there was only one way out, for me to rush to Swami and seek His personal guidance once more. I called my driver and left almost immediately. It was about 7.30 P.M. when I reached Puttaparthi, and Swami immediately sent for me. I went up and found that Swami was waiting for me. I asked, “Swami, what’s all this?” Swami replied, “If your brother went now, he would not return alive.” I was puzzled and said, “But Swami, You were the one who gave my brother the permission to go to Ceylon in the first place.” Swami said, “Yes that is true but the situation was different then.” I could not understand and asked, “Swami, what changed the situation so suddenly and so dramatically?” Swami patiently replied, “Soon after your brother left here, your company manager in Ceylon dismissed the company driver there. The driver became very angry and tried to attack the manager. To save himself, the manager told the driver that it was your brother who gave the dismissal order. This is not true but the driver believed it and vowed to kill your brother if he came to Ceylon. It was because of that circumstance that I appeared before him and stopped him.”

I understood what had happened but still had a doubt. I asked, “Swami, all that is fine but what happens to the renewal of our Company Trademark? Without my brother going to Ceylon and signing the papers in person, the Trademark would lapse.” Swami replied, “Don’t worry about that. I shall take care of it.” I was still not fully aware of Swami’s Divinity and naively asked, “Swami, how can You take care of it from here? My brother has to personally go; that is required by law.” Swami brushed aside my immature remarks said, “Did I not say I would take care of everything? Now keep quiet.”


Swami then asked, “Was there any other work your brother wanted to do while in Ceylon?” I replied, “Yes Swami, he wanted to attend the marriage of the daughter of the Indian High Commissioner.” Swami said, “Your brother need not go but you can go in his place.” I became scared and blurted out, “But Swami, that evil driver would come after me!” Swami smiled and said, “They cannot do anything to you. I shall take care of you.” Baba then materialised some vibhuti and asked me to open my mouth. I did and He put all of the vibhuti into my mouth and said, “Eat it.” After that, Swami said, “You just go and trust in Me; nothing bad would happen to you.”

I came back to my hometown and narrated everything that happened in Puttaparthi to my brother. He was relieved and said, “Thank God I did not go. If I had, that mad driver Ali would have killed me.” I then told my brother that Swami had given the assurance that He would take care of the matter of the renewal of our Company Trademark. My brother did not seem too sure how Swami was going to do that but he did not raise any further queries. He then asked, “What about the marriage of the daughter of the High Commissioner?” I said, “Swami has asked me to go.” My brother now became alarmed and said, “But you cannot go! That mad driver would try to kill you!!” I assured my brother, “Have no fear; Swami has told me that nothing would happen to me and that He would protect me.” My brother was not convinced and tried to dissuade me from going but I was firm – Swami had asked me to go and had assured me of protection; nothing would stop me and I was going!

Life Hangs by a Thread in Ceylon

And so I left for Ceylon and landed in Jaffna, on my way to Colombo, to attend the wedding. Our company manager received me on arrival, and the very first thing he told me was not to go to Colombo. He added, “If you went to Colombo, that Ali would try to kill you. I replied with bravado, “I am going and nothing would happen to me.” My manager and his associates did their best to stop me but they understood I was firm. So they said, “OK, we will drive you to Colombo and drop you in your residence there. After that we would all disappear because if Ali finds us there along with you, he would kill us also, besides finishing you off!”

As I mentioned earlier, it was actually this local manager who had got rid of the driver. However, to escape blame, he told the driver that the dismissal order actually came from the owners of the Company, that is, my brother. The manager feared that if my brother or I came to Ceylon, the truth would come out and that he would be in deep trouble. I was now in Colombo and trouble could erupt any moment. I was so tired that soon after I was dropped off in our Colombo flat, I fell asleep.

Early in the morning, I heard someone knocking on the door. Half asleep, I dragged myself to the door and opened it. And there, standing before me was Ali, hopping mad, along with three others. They pushed themselves in and shut the door after them. Ali then spoke, “So tough guy, what do you think of yourself? Your big brother is hiding back in India and you thought you could come here and get away with it? You feel secure because of that Sai Baba?” I must here mention that Ali had earlier come to India and had in fact driven me from my hometown to Puttaparthi to see Baba. Indeed, he too had seen Baba.

I was completely rattled and tried my best to pacify the gang that had come to finish me off. I said to Ali, “Listen, don’t get excited. Let us discuss calmly and resolve this problem.” Ali was in no mood to listen to me and shouted, “What’s there to talk about? You have come here to flaunt your authority. You are an Indian and this is Ceylon, not India. You have no authority to dismiss me from service. You are cocky and think you can get away with it. We will teach you that you cannot. You have to pay and pay you will.”


I changed my tactics and said, “You forget that I too have a gun but I am not touching it. Presently, I am alone whereas you are four big fellows there. This is an unfair contest. It is better therefore that we talk sensibly and if there is a problem, let us find a solution. Why should we unnecessarily resort to violence? First, listen to me. In case you are not convinced with what I say, you can then go ahead and kill me.”

I must confess that despite this external bravado, internally I was very scared. At this stage, one of the accomplices of Ali said, “I say, why are we wasting time? We came here to do something; let’s do that and get out quickly.” Ali seemed to agree and it appeared that the moment had come. They all gripped their weapons and positioned themselves to strike me. Absolutely terrified, I feverishly prayed to Swami silently, “Oh Swami! What’s happening here? It looks that the end of the story is going to be different from what I had hoped for. Baba, what sin did I commit to merit such a fate? I came here because You permitted me to and now see what is happening!”

I then said to Ali, “You can go ahead but first give me two minutes to myself.” Ali sneered and replied, “Oh, you want to pray to your Sai Baba, do you? Go ahead and pray for the last time.” I closed my eyes and silently cried, “Swami, must it really end like this?” My eyes were drenched with tears. I felt some drops falling on me feet. I opened my eyes to see those tear drops falling on my feet. Instead, what was it I saw? It was an incredible sight. Lying at my feet was Ali, and tears were flowing from his eyes on to my feet! It was simply unbelievable. It was incredible. I rubbed my eyes and saw that Ali was actually there, sobbing at my feet!!

Murderer Becomes Meek

It all happened in a flash, as if in a dream. Yet it was not a dream but reality, Sai Reality! Swami had kept His word and saved me in the very last minute, after testing me for quite a while. Earlier, Swami transformed my eldest brother in one second and made my marriage possible. Now once more, in just one second, Swami had transformed a man who had come to murder me.

I heard some words being spoken and realised that Ali was saying something. I started to listen. Ali said, “All these years, you have treated me not only fairly but also very well and now, here I was trying to kill you! Honestly, I simply do not know what evil feeling came over me. Please beat me, kick me and punish me any way you want. I deserve all that you can give and much more. Go ahead! What are you waiting for? I deserve every punishment you can give.”

My head was spinning. Earlier, this very same Ali was refusing my offer to reinstate him, my offer of higher pay, bonus etc., and now here was the same man, just two minutes later, asking me to beat him and to punish him! Slowly I bent down and lifted Ali up. I said, “Ali, you really did not mean any harm to me. I know that; what happened was the result of circumstances. Let us forget this nightmare.” Meanwhile Ali continued to sob uncontrollably. The other members of the gang were just stunned to see all this and were wondering what was going on. Suddenly, they too became respectful to me!

Ali said, “You know something? It is Baba who has brought about this change in me! That local manager of your company is a coward. He should have stayed with you to protect you. Instead, he simply abandoned you and ran away! He deserves to be flogged! Is this how one shows loyalty to one’s master? Anyway, do not worry sir. From this moment, I shall be with you every single moment until you leave for India! I shall be your bodyguard!”

Mr. Krishnan’s life seems to be full amazing experiences, does it not? Want to know more? Look out for the next instalment of H2H! Share these stories with those you know so that they too become aware of how Swami is everywhere, helping devotees in innumerable and unimaginable ways.

(To be continued...)

Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 09 - SEPTEMBER 2006
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