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  Volume 4 - Issue 09 SEPTEMBER 2006

- A Little Story from Bhagavan



An aspirant after spiritual realisation went off into a jungle and was plodding across the infested region, through the thick undergrowth, when he heard the angry roar of a lion. He climbed a tree to escape from the beast, but the lion saw him among the branches and roamed round and round the trunk in terrific rage.

On the tree, he was attacked by a bear and so, he slid down the roots that descended from one of the branches of that banyan tree. Luckily, there were two roots hanging from the branch, so that he could hang on in midair clinging to them, one in each hand.


Just then, he saw two rats, one white and the other black, which were gnawing at the base of the roots, endangering his life with every bite.


While in this perilous state, a honeycomb which was full of sweet nectar situated on one of the top branches leaked a few drops which fell his way. So, the unfortunate man put out his tongue to catch a drop so that he may taste the delicious honey. But no drop reached his tongue. In despair and terror, he called on his Guru, “O Guruji, come and save me.”


The Guru who was passing by heard his appeal. He sped to the rescue. He brought a bow and arrows and slew the lion and bear, frightened off the rats and saved the disciple from the fear of death. Then, he led the man to his own Ashram and taught him the path of liberation.

This is the story of every one of you. This world is the jungle in which you roam. Fear is the lion, which drives you up the tree of Samsara, worldly activities. Anxiety is the bear that terrifies you and dogs your steps in Samsara. So, you slide down into attachments and binding deeds, through the twin roots of hope and despair. The two rats are day and night which eat away the span of life. Meanwhile, you try to snatch a little joy from sweet drops of egoism and mine-feeling.

Finding at last that the drops are trivial and out of reach, you shout in the agony of renunciation, calling on the Guru. The Guru appears, whether from within or without, and saves you from fear and anxiety.


- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 09 - SEPTEMBER 2006
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