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  Volume 4 - Issue 09 SEPTEMBER 2006


Fill me with the fruits of Your Spirit, Lord.

Fill me with love, so that I seek to understand and appreciate the rich variety and diversity of life that surrounds me.

Fill me with joy, so that I celebrate Your presence in each and every moment I am on this earth.

Fill me with peace, so that I know how to ease those angry and sometimes violent urges that well up inside of me.

Fill me with patience, so that I stop rushing long enough to witness Your miraculous work taking place all around me (and within me!)

Fill me with kindness, so that I take the extra time to help the one in need, even when it isn't convenient for me.

Fill me with faithfulness, so that I place my mind, heart and all that I do in the service of Your Will.

Fill me with gentleness, so that others know that I believe in a God who loves and cares for all people.

Fill me with self-control, so that I act not on my impulses and urges, but rather on my beliefs and values, which are rooted in You.

Fill me with these fruits of Your spirit, Lord!

Adapted from Moolyasudha Oct 2005

- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 09 - SEPTEMBER 2006
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