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  Volume 4 - Issue 09 SEPTEMBER 2006


Right answer on your 1st attempt
3 Points
Right answer on your 2nd attempt
2 Points
Right answer on your 3rd attempt
1 point


1. One of the beliefs in Hinduism is the descent of 10 avatars. What was the name and form of the 5th Avatar?

2. What is the spiritual significance of number 9 as enunciated by Swami?

3. Who began the practice of congregational singing in India?

4. In the Mahabharatha, after the battle of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna narrated the Kama Geetha to King Yudhistthira who wished to give up his kingdom from sorrow and retire to the forest. What was the subject of this divine discourse?

5. How is a person initiated to the Islamic faith?

6. As recorded in the Bible, why did Mother Mary give her baby the name Jesus?

7. What was the title of the first play that Swami produced at the age of 12?

8. The Athi Rudra Maha Yajnam was held from 10th to 20th Aug in Prasanthi Nilayam. How many times is the Rudram to be recited according to the scriptures for the successful completion of this great sacrifice?

9. In which religion is the Navjot initiation ceremony found?

10. One of the characters in the Ramayana was Kabandha – who was he?

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Vol 4 Issue 09 - SEPTEMBER 2006
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