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  Volume 4 - Issue 09 SEPTEMBER 2006



Responses to the August issue of H2H.

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Dear Heart2Heart staff,

I wanted to write to tell you how many hours of happiness I have immersed in reading the amazingly wonderful journal each month. The sheer size and volume means I have to force myself to read in many sittings (tonight was an hour and a half on just part of the August issue).

I look forward with joy every month...and a little caution because I know if I start reading it will take me a long time to pull myself out.  The writing and the depth of the reporting are all wonderful, and the scope of topics covered is also astounding.

I am an interfaith minister and have appreciated this year's series on the great religions.  I am excited to be coming to Prashanti soon (at the end of August) for my third pilgrimage. This year I am bringing two of my sister ministers, both first-time to India and Sai Baba. What an adventure I'm sure it will be. One of them is a registered nurse - an emergency room care specialist as well as an acupuncturist and talented administrator who has run large integrated health care /alternative health care centers in Chicago. Your story on Swami's Hospitals have inspired her and she is looking forward to seeing them in person.

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I also had the opportunity recently to show the articles on the Water projects to a friend (another minister) who works as an assistant for a woman who has done much with the UN, lived in India for some time, and has worked tirelessly on behalf of women in distress around the world. She had recently attended a "futurist" conference and came back so discouraged on the state of the world. I had my friend show her your articles on the water projects, (especially the article on the presentation to the WWF) and her first remarks were that these must be proposals for projects; they couldn't be completed...I think she is still digesting the reality!

I was in Prashanti last summer as the female guitarist who sang with the American Sai children's chorus on August 1st, our English songs from the CD "Love Eternally."

Thank you again, so much for your work. I wanted you to know what a difference it makes, these many miles away from Sai's physical brings me to His Feet over and over, and when I am tired and sometimes discouraged it is like a panacea for the heart! Truly Heart2Heart!

Sai Ram,
Nettie Spiwack, Old Greenwich, CT, USA.

Please accept my  most sincere and heartiest congratulations on bringing out an excellent magazine everytime. Consistently good, always inspiring and very elevating.You are bringing a lot of happiness to our lives. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.


Responses to the cover Story “Zoroastrianism – A Shimmering Flame of Eternal Wisodm”
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Dearest H2H Team,

Sai Ram, the time and effort put on researching and gathering information on the article on Zoroastrianism was definitely well spent as the article covered all parts of the religion and was wonderful to read. 

I was amazed to learn that most of the temples were in India and how wonderful and confident the Zoroastrians are even when the population is slow growth. It is a beautiful religion and a lot can be learnt from this wonderful religion. The section which really stood out is how the dead bodies are disposed and how nature/animals are important in all parts of the degradation process. Keep up the wonderful work and may Swami shower his blessings on the H2H team. I look forward to your next article.

With Sai Love,
Sarika, London.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This was a fantastic article. Thank you for doing your homework and putting together such a comprehensive, complete and concise document. Your efforts are highly appreciated.  

Best wishes and blessings,

Sai Ram,

Thank you for our very interesting, comprehensive and above all, very lively informative story on Zoroastrianism! You provide so much: maps, audio prayers, pictures and history. I sincerely hope that you will continue to provide information on the great religions in this way. Thank you again with all my heart for all the regular information you send out to all of us in the world about the work and the experiences Swami inspires in us all.

With love and blessings,
Constance Eykman,
Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Dear H2H Brothers and Sisters,

I just finished your beautiful cover story on Zoroastrianism. It was as wonderful as the one on Buddhism. Sathwic and Premic information such as this promotes harmony and peace. Please consider an article on Taoism. Thank You.

Your Sai Sister,
Felicia Gironda,
Brooklyn NY, USA.


The cover story of the latest issue is very informative and interesting. Of course many of them are not known to many people. The history of religions with maps is very useful and made it easy to understand. It is happy to note many similarities with Swamy's sayings e.g. "good deeds, good thoughts, good words". Giving old names like Persia and new names like Iran is also useful. Anyway the presentation is a very good with lots of research work in it. I appreciate the efforts you put in bringing this informative research article. I liked the clubbing with Baba and Balavikas childrens' presentations photos. We wait for more and more articles of this type from you.

God bless you all, Jai Sairam,
Dr.Lavanya Saraswathi.

Hello, Sai Ram

My name is Mona Antia and I volunteer (at least 2 Sundays per month - Sept to June) to teach Zoroastrianism to little kids in Toronto, Canada. This is a very impressive article and cannot tell you how much it is appreciated! You have made a tremendous effort in covering it from the beginning to the present day!!! I am very impressed and thank you!

Ushta Te, Mona Antia.

Sai Ram Brothers and Sisters,

I just wanted to write to tell you what a wonderful job you did with this article. It is very thorough, informative and enlightening. Thank you very much for sharing such beauty. Also I have saved all the prayers on my hard drive. I think this is a very special treat that I can have forever.

With Love, Michele.

Responses to the article “Sai Movement in Brazil To read it again, Click Here.

Dear Heart2Heart,

I was cleaning out my email account and happened to click on this article, which I had not read.  It was so beautiful!  Tears sprung to my eyes to read about the excitement and joy that the Brazilian Sai family has in such abundance.  Reading about the Sai Movement in other parts of the world is so inspiring because it gives me hope for my own country.  Each country seems to have its own particular strengths and weaknesses in implementing the Sai Message, so we can all learn from each other.  Articles like this also tend to minimize cultural and religious differences as we can all recognize the Love for Swami that we all have in common.  One day I hope to be able to visit all these countries and meet my worldwide Sai family.  Thank you for sharing!

Ellesha Wanigasekera,

Toronto, Canada.

Om Sai Baba,

I'm enjoying very much this article of The Sai Movement in Brazil ! My name
is Paulo and and I'm Brasilian. In this edition I learned about the origin of the movement, and it put me in contact with the Sai organization in my country. Thank you all for that joy and for opening some doors for the future.

May Baba bless us all.

Response to the articles"Sai Seva In Laos and Hyderabad" . To read it again, Click Here.

Dear H2H Team,

Sai Ram, the article on Sainet Project in Laos is wonderful. To read it is a humbling experience, to serve in such way, how much humbling it would be. One has to experience it oneself to feel it, no words can describe it. The article on Hyderabad Sai youth service was wonderful, the service being wonderful and timely. Being yards away from Shivam but knowing the service activities only through the Internet speaks volumes of the silent service done by the Sai Sevadal /Sai youth service.

Kudos to H2HTeam, With Love,


Response to the article Unforgettable Moments With Sai . To read it again, Click Here.


We are truly blessed to read such narrations as 'Unforgettable Moments With Sai', where Mr. Chidambaram has taken us back to the bygone era of our beloved Lord. As I read, I stop and imagine how it would have been to be so close to Baba. Strangely as it may seem, I am relatively a newcomer to Sai or should I say a late bloomer. I was born and brought up in India and like a lot of our countrymen I too heard of Swami, but never made that attempt to get close. And now staying half way around the globe, how I wish Baba had given me the opportunity. So my million thanks to Mr. Chidambaram and other close devotees of Baba for giving myself and others this opportunity to read these beautiful stories and relive the moments.

Thank you - Heart to Heart.

Jai Sai Ram,

Jay Venkatraman.

Response to the article “Amitha’s Amazing Journey – From Doubt and Despair to Light And Delight” .
To read it again, Click Here.

Sai Ram,

The story is another example of Baba's grace. I am a retired internist in a small town in Bluefield, West Virginia, USA. I am a lonely Baba devotee. Internet is my pathway to Baba’s messages and blessings. Please continue to publish similar stories.

G.S.Gupta, M.D.

Dear Sai Family,

Sai Ram, I am always of the opinion that whatever Baba wants to do, He does. Tu Chhahe Tu Sab Kuch Kar De, Vish ko Bhi Amrit Kar De. So I feel very good reading of such wonderful miracles that our sweet Lord Sai - God Incarnate - can do all the time for us. I feel very happy for Little Amita who has a long life before her and now she can go about her life normally.

Hokumchand Rewah, New York.

Response to the article “Spreading the light of Human Values in Oman ” To read it again, Click Here.

Dear H2H Team,

I am very glad that I took the time to read the whole article. The Sai group in Oman is to be commended on their innovative method of spreading human values which is  the essense of our beloved Swami's message. The Sai (Service And Inspire) group in Oman  is an example for other countries to follow.

Sai Ram, Venugopal, Canada.

Responses to SAI INSPIRES

[Sai Inspires is a free daily inspirational email service sent to all subscribers. To subscribe to Sai Inspires, click here]

Thank you Heart2Heart Team so much for all the emails you are sending! You are doing a great service, I have no words to express my gratitude. May that Divine Light guide you always!

Sai Ram! Respectfully,

Thank you for such an informative and spiritually inspiring newsletter.  I eagerly look forward to reading the Sai Inspires piece every morning and it gives me such a warm, pleasant and peaceful feeling throughout the day.  I also enjoy all the articles which I find very enlightening and the advice contained therein is pure words of wisdom.


 I know that in my daily life I try to help people in which ever way possible and all my efforts are due to Sai Baba’s motivation which gives me the strength to go forth each day and try to practice what he preaches.  To the Heart2Heart Team keep up the good work and thank you for giving us the daily inspiration messages and spreading the light.  May your efforts be successful in enlightening the people and those who are fortunate enough to come into contact with you. 

Kind Regards, Amrtiha Bagwandeen,
Germiston, South Africa.

Sai Ram. Each day, the Sai Inspires message acts like a fatherly finger that guides me to walk on the correct path. I am back from Prasanthi not long ago. The visit to Prasanthi gave me a rebirth. A new birth where I am lucky enough to continue to hear the teachings of Swami through Radio Sai and to sing the daily prayers at home to develop my devotion to Swami. I just want to thank the team working in the Radio Sai organization for the relentless great work and a Love for Swami's great teaching to mankind.

Tang Wek Soon,

Dear Heart2Heart Team,

I have only just started receiving the daily Sai Inspires messages and am writing to let you know how much I am appreciating them. It's lovely to turn on the computer and to find every day a message from Sai - they truly are inspiring and arrive with such a feeling of love.

Thank you so much. All love,


Congratulations on your excellent work. The articles are interesting and inspiring. My family gets to know and understand Swami's messages in depth through your daily emails. It's like a beacon light, showing the right path we have to travel in our daily life.

Thanks and Best wishes,

Jai Sai Ram,

I have been receiving Sai Inspires mails on a daily basis on my mail id. On reading and going through it, I have found out that a major positive shift/change has happened in my mindset, which, firstly has come into a calm and logical thinking mode. This has definitely helped me a lot because, with this as a base, I am able to channelise my physical and mental energy onto a positive developmental path, which will ultimately benefit me a lot in the first place and also people surrounding me, in the long run.

Jai Sai Ram,
T P Ananthanarayanan.


Every Sunday the subscribers to Sai Inspires also receive a spiritual discussion
on a topic of current relevance called Sunday Special Articles.

Responses to the Sunday Special "Freedom, Liberty And Happiness”

Sairam, this is in response to your article 'Freedom, Liberty And Happiness' in the Sunday Special of 5th August 2006 . You have not gone wrong at all. To any person who is spiritually inclined, your explanation of the meaning of 'self rule' suits very much. It is the Truth. Therefore, there can be no counter argument to this.

I just want to move a step ahead. Even in the ordinary sense ie. in the political situation of pre-independent India or America, people came to realize the need for self rule only when they underwent suffering due to the evil tendencies of the ruler. Then they gave call for 'Swarajya' (self rule). By doing so they were confident that once the ruler with evil tendencies is removed and substituted by one who is free from such bad tendencies, then life will become happy and peaceful. This is applicable not only to the foreign rulers but also to the local rulers who do not have virtues and moral values. On the whole, man prefers that he should be ruled by GOOD only and not by BAD at all.

There is no difference between the political world and the spirituality. The only difference is - in politics it is the society (collection of individuals) that is being ruled and in spirituality it is the individual.

With Pranams,
B. Chandraiah.

Om Sri Sairam,
A very nice article which brings out the close relation between spiritual aspects of life with the happenings in the world around us: how the social, economic and political issues that face the world today will find an answer if mankind embraces a dharmic way of life.

One of main issues with many of us today is that we tend to think in closed brackets, politics and social issues for discussions, spirituality for peace of mind but with a pursuit of material desires for oneself and one's near family. To appreciate, understand, absorb and lead a life based on the eternal truths requires a transformation in each one of us, which can come about and is coming only about by our dear LORD's grace. Look forward to read more articles which will make us think a little more and indicate the right directions in this journey called life.

Warm Regards,

Response to the Sunday Special “A Powerful Prayer For Peace”

I agree that we must listen to Swami's instructions to each of us individually and do as He asks. Who knows exactly how He will create the tipping point to shift the current seeming balance of violence, hate and misunderstanding to love, compassion and mutual support. I hope we do not need more tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes to teach us that we can actually all work together. I do hope the works that address the real wars of our time, hunger, disease and illiteracy, find their way into everyone's knowledge and they are used as examples to be replicated time and time again until we no longer have those problems. These programs are with us in Sai Baba's Hospital, Schools and Service Projects all over the world.

I am reminded of the fall of the Berlin Wall. How in the world did He ever get that to occur? I have no idea but I do know, in bringing down that wall a whole new era began for Germany. Families that had been separated for many years were finally reunited and rebuilding has begun. Europe appears to be coming together as never before…in fact we should be celebrating this new cooperative venture.

Thank you for your thought provoking article.

Sai Ram,

Dear Heart to Heart team,

I just want to thank you again, for your inspirations and guidance. I do believe love is the way that can unite the world and put aside all the other trivial differences. Most of us should be content with having a shelter over our heads, and food to eat and drink, having a father, mother providing. But even then people are not happy, and make unnecessary quarrels. I liked the Sunday issue very much! I hope your words of wisdom are heard all over the world. Just know you have touched my heart and I will do my level best to hold on to your kind words and share them with others. Thanks to all of you to bring me these nice thoughts. All of you are working very hard. I enjoy reading all the Sai Inspires and the Sunday specials!! Actually makes my day. Thanks!

Sai Ram,


The message given today and the 'Powerful Prayer for Peace' was wonderful. It is very true people don’t have inner peace and are running all over the place in search of peace. Swami has put forth many ideas in simple terms but we fail to understand the significance and suffer untold miseries in our life. Every word Baba utters is so true and meaningful, if only we all could spend some time pondering over those beautiful words.

I pray to Swami that He blesses the people with Sadbuddhi and people start caring for others' lives and maintain peace and stop all violence. I am sure the Yajna will be a grand success and with Swami's blessings peace will soon reign the world. Sairam to the team making this noble contribution to the world through the Sai Inspires mails. Please continue this noble work to enlighten people.


Response to the Sunday Article “A Crash Course in Higher Learning”

Dear Heart to Heart Team,

I want to thank you for your very interesting article about higher learning. In particular I liked the way you described the meaning of the Yagna conducted in Sai Baba’s Divine Presence these past twelve days.

I hadn’t thought of it exactly the way you described it, leading us from the unreal to the real and to transcend our ordinary consciousness. Coming from a Catholic background I am used to some rituals but not to such a grand and elaborate extent. However tuning into Radio Sai and the updated reports, pictures and sounds from the chanting daily did indeed focus my thoughts and energies towards the Divine. It was extremely uplifting for myself and my family to read and listen to the Divine inspirations.

I like thinking about the Vedas and the Yagna as reminding us to think of God as Supreme Consciousness. In our Sai Center this past week we spoke about how Krishna showed His cosmic form to Arjuna, and how God is difficult to comprehend, because of His vastness, and yet He is present in all objects and matter. We discussed how all objects are expressions of the Cosmic Consciousness of the Divine One. So relating this to the Yagna is the same thing, seeing the absolute in the finite and drawing us into this Divine understanding. We also spoke about how Krishna told Arjuna that no one can behold Me, but through unswerving love humans can know My essence and enter my Being. This again relates to the Yagna because as you mentioned in your article that through the Yagna we ultimately are helped to love God in a very personal way. And I guess that is why God incarnates in human form, just as Sathya Sai Baba has done, to help us develop a love of God in an intimate way and then transcend our mundane consciousness into a Supreme consciousness. Aren’t we blessed to be born at this auspicious time?

Jai Sai Ram!

Fran Kesselman.

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– Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 09 - SEPTEMBER 2006
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