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Volume 5 - Issue 01 JANUARY 2007



Responses to the Cover Story of the December Issue

I read the Christmas Story, and it opened my heart. My feeling was to spread to everyone this beautiful lesson of humility and love. These stories could be written in Spanish for all Spanish speaking countries, as mine, Colombia. Thank-you, very much for this and others you have written and sent.  

Merry Christmas and love from Irene, Bogotá, Colombia 

Dear Heart 2 Heart team,

The article on Christmas was very peace-inspiring and brought a lot of joy to my heart. I understood the true meaning of all religions and various incarnations. I hope to see more and more articles like these in future.

Thanks for your service, Chitra

Dear Sai Brothers and sisters at the Radio Sai,

Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. The service rendered by Radio Sai is tremendous. Those of us who live physically away from our beloved Lord are literally taken to His presence by the programs. I was sick on November 11th and could not attend the akhanda bhajan at the local Sai Centre, but I attended the wonderful sathsangh in Prashanthi!

The Sai Inspires messages always hit the nail! One day, out of frustrations and depression a friend of mine and I were blaming Swami during our conversation over the phone for all the mishaps in my life. A minute later, Sai Inspires in my e-mail points out to me that it is the lack of my faith and not Swami who is responsible!

To read the cover story of December issue, go here.
To go to the home page of December issue, go here.

The Sunday messages by the learned and devoted G.V are eye opening and a great resource for us to understand Swami better. The talks, interviews, bhajans, and more than anything our beloved Lord's sweet voice reverberating in our house - oh! I have no words to express my feelings of joy and gratitude. You are all the chosen ones by the Lord to spread His message of Love and you are doing it well. Keep it up and go on with the grace of Swami

Thank You, Sai Ram, Kanchana, Canada

Sai Ram to all,

I live in Toronto, Canada, and am enjoying the Radio Sai programmes, Sai Inspires and the e-magazine. I am working and so time is always short but I make it a point to open my email and read Sai Inspires which are very inspiring and thought provoking messages from Swami. And of course, I try not to miss the "Thought for the Day" and Prashanti Bulletin.

I really enjoy reading H2H magazine, I normally do that during my lunch time at work. I found the series on South America very informative. Also about Swami's institute and the Sai-lent revolution. We do not hear too much about the difference the lady students are making; maybe you may want to feature that in the future?

Tomorrow I will be flying to Mumbai but unfortunately after almost 13 years visiting Swami every year, this year I will not be able to come to Swami. But I know Swami is with me and everyone and He will be happier that I have chosen to serve my elderly in-laws in my short stay there.

I will miss the internet and Radio Sai when I am there. Last time when I came to Mumbai, I almost bought the digital radio when I was told that it is on subscription! I had not read or heard that before.
Please keep up the good work. May Swami's blessings be on you all for the wonderful, dedicated work you are doing.

Regards, Shobhna Mehta

Sai Ram,

My name is Grace O'Neal and I live in the U.S.A. I am 62 years old going on 63. However, when I read your articles pertaining to the Students and what they are doing all over the world, I feel as if I am a student also. I learned so much from their activities and service projects. They are so heart warming and inspiring. It gives me an incentive to do more and practice the Teachings of Baba on a daily basis. I don't see many articles about the Ladies and girls, I know they are just as active, aren't they? Instead of watching TV, I listen to Radio Sai all day, everyday. Keep up the excellent work.

Sai Ram, Grace O'Neal, Chicago, IL, USA

Sai Ram, Dear Heart 2 Heart,

Thank you for your excellent, very well produced, interesting and most helpful magazine. I read most of it over the course of a month. The articles of most interest to me have been: Concerning the Vedas, Conversations with Sai, the Gita for Children and articles by experienced Sai Devotees about Spirituality. I find the format and presentation very good as it is. I am not easily able to attend a Sai group as I live in the country, so H2H keeps me in touch with what is going on in the Sai world. I would like to be able to download some English language bhajans.

Sai Ram, Sid Wilcox

Dear Heart2Heart! SAI RAM.

I am so happy to hear from you and am very much obliged to you for your messages. Dear Beloved Bhagavan is a Great Guru and God for me. My only wish is to Serve Him. My Heart and Soul are with you, with India - the HEART of the World! Bhagavan’s Behest Is to spread Vedas and Vedic Knowledge all over the World. You can add some quotations from Vedic texts in Sanskrit. But what is more than Bhagavan’s Divine LOVE? From all my Heart, with best regards to you and India!


Sai Ram:

I have been listening to Radio Sai for over a year now and I receive Sai Inspires every day in my email. I start my day by reading the Sai Inspires and have the radio on all day. It makes me feel close to Swami and I feel very blessed that I get to listen to the bhajans and hear the discourses and the experiences of the devotees every single day. The Heart 2 Heart website is the best Sai website. It gives us a lot of information. Keep up the good work. May Swami continue to shower His divine blessings to all the staff members. What a wonderful service you are providing. Thank you.

Anjana Kumar, Elk Grove Sai Center, CA.

Dear h2h,

I simply want to say thank you. I feel so fortunate to hear and read Swami's words through your media. I look forward to its sustenance greatly. I know I have the ability to help so many more people. I hope to be steadfast in being conscious of that desire and making it reality. It is through your daily messages, newsletters and Swami's discourses that will make it possible.   

Thank you, thank you, thank you, John Fenn, Chesapeake, VA

Dear Heart to Heart team,

On this Sunday morning, I have been reading the article "When Divinity Descends...."(Dec. Cover Story). I am writing you to thank you not only for this wonderful enlightening article, but also for all your activities, including Radio Sai, Sai Inspires, the Sunday Specials, Swami's photos.

When I read the daily words from Swami or listen to Radio Sai or look at the photographs or videos, inside of me there is a ‘yes’ to all that I am reading, listening to, or looking at. There is no doubt about the truth of what I am reading, no feeling of not wanting to hear what I am hearing, no feeling of not wanting to see what I am looking at. Instead it gives me strength to live my life in a way that corresponds with that what I feel in my heart.

I hope that my words will convey the gratitude and joy I feel for the possibility to enjoy the fruits of your activities. Thank you once again.

With heartfelt greetings, Joke Cirkel, The Netherlands

Response to the Quiz in the December 2006 Issue

Dear Heart 2 Heart team Organiser,

The quiz was very interesting. A very good beginning, as it enables one to self check what we have understood from Swami's speeches. Questions indicate a sarvamadha approach which is pleasing. Kindly try to bring out many more covering various aspects of spiritualism, Swami's life history, etc. If this can feature in the monthly magazine Sanathana Sarathi too, many more can get the benefit.

With love and regards, N.Ramani, Adyar Samiti, Chennai

Response to the Feature Article The Mystery of Creation: Can Science and Religion Meet? of the December Issue

Dear Sirs,

The last paragraph of Prof. G.Venkatraman's article, is the sum and substance of the 'Evolution vs. Creation' debate:

Maybe I could end all this with a nice little story that describes how such controversies are best handled. It is about a little girl in England who was taught Darwin’s Theory in the class. On Sundays, she attended Sunday School where the teacher instructed her in the Bible. One day, the little girl came to her mother and said, “Mummy, I have a doubt.” “What is it, my dear?” asked the mother. The little girl then said, “Mummy, the class teacher says that humans evolved from animals while the Sunday School Teacher says that God created everything. Who is right?” The mother smiled and said, “Both are right!” The little girl was puzzled, naturally, and asked, “How can that be?” The mother replied, “You see, God created all the beings and Darwin just explained how – that is all!”

Swami, I am sure should be watching all the debate that is going on and smiling to Himself. He must be happy that the simplest of persons, like the mother in the story, are also the wisest. Perhaps the so-called scientists are condemned to endlessly exert their grey matter till they are tired and finally give up trying to understand creation. I think this story needs to be made part of standard textbooks throughout the world.

Sairam and Pranams to the Lotus Feet, P.Vijayaraghavan, Chennai

Dear Heart2Heart team,

I very much enjoyed the article by Professor Venkataraman.  It was a beautiful and intelligent fusion of science and spirituality - by a scientist, no less!  The debate between science and spirituality has often been an issue in my university classes, and I have just as often been repulsed by the popular attitudes among scientists towards spirituality. This, however, is a truly inspiring example that the two fields of knowledge need not be at war. Thank you, that was extremely interesting and encouraging! 

Sai Ram, Ellesha Wanigasekera, Toronto, Canada 

Responses to Sai Inspires


Dear Heart2Heart Team,

Every morning I receive the precious gift of Sai Baba’s inspiring word. It uplifts my mind and leads me through my day. It answers the questions which turn in my mind. It gives peace to my mind and happiness to my heart. It helps me to understand.... My words are not enough to express my gratefulness.

With Love from Vienna, Austria
Friederike Kommer

Jai Sai Ram!
Here is Amanda. I'm representing every one from the Sathya Sai Center of Brasília (the capital of Brazil).

Your way of writing, the themes and everything is very cool. You know, some people wrote to us asking for more information about Swami and we were able to forward the December 1 Sai Inspires with the text "Is Sai Baba God?" This was a great opportunity to solve some people's doubts. So I want to thank you so much to represent Swami so perfectly.

It is a great pleasure for us to translate your messages into Portuguese and let everyone from our beloved country be blessed with Swami's Grace. Brazilians love you so much and are really thankful!

Take care and Keep doing the best you can! Sai Ram.

Om Sai Ram:

I would like to take this chance to thank you all for providing this wonderful service. Being away from loved ones, trying to lead a life with its ups and downs and having the longing to feel Sai Divinity, has been fulfilled by the daily 'Sai  Inspires' messages. I feel more uplifted every time I see that message in my email box. I am sure that it touches others in a similar fashion.

Heart2Heart is a blessing the Swami has afforded to those of us not fortunate enough to experience Him physically by visiting Puttaparthi.
Thank you once again!

Anu Kare

I read Heart to Heart e-mail messages regularly and believe that the current format and contents are perfect. Every week, at our Sai center satsang, at the conclusion of the bhajan session, I read out the current week's H2H messages to our center's devotees. They all find Swami's messages powerful and inspiring.

Venki Ram

Dear Sir,
Om Sai Ram. I have been really blessed to have the wonderful messages of Baba every day and I cherish each one of them. The day starts off with a wonderful meaningful and helpful message and it is lucidly explained with a nice example for the reader to understand and absorb.

Om Sai Ram
Regards and love, L V Subramanian (Ramani)

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

When I recently hit upon this link and subscribed to it, I did not realise how much it helped me be grounded to Swami. I love Him dearly, but sometimes I lost focus. Now, I use every thought to be my guiding force for my interactions with others. It is the most defining moment of my morning. I look forward eagerly to Swami's recent photos and thoughts. Please continue the good work and let us be part of Swami's world.

Veena, California, USA

Dear h2h team,

I only came to know about this service two months ago, although I am a strong devotee for several years. I am very happy to say that it has tremendously helped me to transform my son who is studying in USA at Kansas University.

At a time he was finding difficult to concentrate on his studies I told Swami to show me the way. Then it came to my mind that I should go to Prashanthi Nilayam and visit Swami. To find out where he will be in January, I went to the website. There I found the h2h service and I was very happy I immediately registered and started getting the mail daily which I forwarded to my son everyday.

To his surprise many of those messages gave solutions to his problem of lack of concentration. Now after nearly two months he has improved remarkably. Thanks to dear Swami and h2h service.

Sai Ram, Ramani

Dear Team,

Every morning, I come into the office, log on the internet and eagerly await an e-mail from Radio Sai. Daily inspiration and words of wisdom from Swami warm my heart and inspire me in more ways than one. I'd like to congratulate your team on doing a good job. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sai Ram.

Warm Regards, Micheline Doray, Sydney, Australia

Om Sai Ram,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful e-mail.  Read every word and am so inspired and full of gratitude that I found your message on my computer. I have known and visited Sathya Sai Baba, in India many times, since 1987. This was such a marvellous experience this morning to read all the uplifting words and to see the photos of many evolved human beings. Thank you again and may you all have a Christmas of great blessings, Grace and joy.

With Love, Rosemary

Response to the Sunday Special, 3 December 2006- IS SAI BABA GOD?


Dear H2H team,

I am simply grateful and contented by the good work that you are doing. I used the word grateful because miles away and still we could feel the good heart beating behind all the efforts. That genuiness is the hallmark of all Sai endeavours. The article, IS SAI BABA GOD? is an eye-opener to all new devotees or to the ones who get dragged behind by all the doubts. Even when we know so many truths, it really needs to be hammered into our system again and again so that we can move closer to realising God.

We all feel proud when we do a little good. By going through the reports of enormous activities that go on in the presence of Baba, we feel the urge to do more. The search for divinity in others should be the primary requisite of any Sai devotee - our actions must speak about our Guru, our God.

One interactive channel, if possible, would have been useful in the H2H. Some senior person can advise people in mental distress in any part of the world, by advising them. 

Sairam to all, Brinda, Kerala.

Sai Ram,

First I would like to thank Swami for such wonderful pieces of work being sent to many people all over the world. I whole heartedly thank each and every one contributing to Sai Inspires and Heart2Heart. I have the pleasure and divine opportunity of being embraced with Swami's Quotes, stories, teachings, through everyday emails. Many times I thought to myself, these are incredible stories. I love all the Sunday editions and appreciate the talent. I especially loved the Dec 3rd Sunday special. It was thought provoking, and very good. I keep on looking forward to the excellent work by Heart2Heart Team. Thank you so much for spreading the Divine love.

Sairam, Mamata

Dear Heart2Heart Team,

I have enjoyed your fictional dialogue and I agree that exemplifying the virtues in the now (in the present) are most needed for being God realized. On a different note, I want to say a heart-felt thank you for the incredible service you do for devotees that are abroad.  I enjoy and always look forward to the email everyday with Sai Inspires. Many, many, thanks!

In Loving Service, Prakash Bhakta, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Sai Ram Heart2Heart team,

I really enjoyed your Sunday special "Is Sai Baba God?"  The fictional conversation was very intelligently done, illustrating how to bring the discussion of God down to a more practical level. Often debates around God veer off into vague philosophical directions, and are usually of no real value. This conversation is an excellent paradigm for how we can handle these sorts of questions. Thank you so much, that was very helpful. 

Sai Ram, Ellesha Wanigasekera, Toronto, Canada

Sai Ram Brothers, Sisters,

From time to time, readers need this type of article to refresh their minds. I am busy with Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, but my partner is not. Sometimes it is difficult to explain how these things work. By reading this article, they can understand. Thank you very much.

Greetings and regards from Holland, Malathy

Dear Sirs,

I rarely have the patience to read 'online' any article; I am a 'paper' person! But, today's article kept me reading on until the end, and I was hoping to read some more! What a brilliant explanation of "Divinity"! The 'superficial' dialogue is simply brilliant and informative as well as the 'right' guide for answering this constantly asked question: ‘Do you believe that Sai Baba Is God?’ May Swami inspire you always!

Jai Sai Ram, Shashikant Ambegaokar, Vista, California.

Sai Ram,

I read with great interest your lovely article ‘Is Sai Baba God?’ This was indeed a very simply put answer to that question which made it very easy for me to understand. So I thank you for that. This is something I think about a lot and believe that the world would be a happier place if we could all sit and reflect for a moment on how important it is to love, and remember those in the world who may be less fortunate than ourselves. Reminding ourselves that we too are god is very important, as I believe we would all then be equally happy wherever we are in the world.

I have a challenge to face at present which I strongly believe will be resolved with my will to think happy thoughts, give love and support to my family who are feeling the impact of our situation, and not to judge or place blame on anyone or anything for this happening. I believe we have to meet challenges and tasks in life and learn from them and we can do this by remembering who we are: God, love and love for others.

Thank you for all the amazing articles that are lovingly written for us all
to read, it’s very hard work and I for one really appreciate reading them.

Love and best wishes to you all, Jaki McLennan.

Response to the Sunday Special, 17 December 2006 - WHY ARE OUR PRAYERS SOMETIMES NOT ANSWERED?

Dear Sir, Sairam,

I read this Sunday's editorial. It cannot be more fitting for the time. It reminds us of the enormous responsibility we have as Swami's devotees. Sri Rama had the Vanar sena to conquer Ravana, Sri Krishna had the Pandavas to show His glory and the Gopees to shower His Love. 

We have to play the role of Banar Sena, Pandavas and the Gopees combined to be the Lord's response in this infinitely more chaotic world of today. Today's editorial reminded us that today. Thank you so much.

With Love and gratitude, Debarshi Dey, CA, USA.


This is with regard to your article on last Sunday 17th. I feel sad that despite so many efforts by our Swami, mudslinging has been going on. But this is not new to us and I am sure that there will be no let up in the good work being done.

I think we should send a strong letter to the newspaper for hurting the sentiments of devotees. It is clear that there was absolutely no research done by the journalist prior to writing the article.

I am a regular reader of H2H and please continue the good work. Do not be disheartened just because there is no feedback from devotees. I am from Madras and now in USA as a part of official work here on a short visit. I happen to see the good work done by the devotees here silently without any fanfare. This is happening everywhere is US without Swami ever making a visit. This only proves that good work and thought travel much faster than such mudslinging. Just my thoughts....


Dear H2H,

A very scientific analysis of the situation leading to the so called 'events'. For the media, negativity sells, sensationalism sells. They should thank Swami that by doing such articles, their income is being increased, viewership is more, but little do they realize that the viewers are neither blind nor deaf; they see all, hear all and are intelligent enough to reason and understand all.

True, for devotees of our Beloved Mother Sai, it is disturbing, but does not Swami teach us to maintain equanimity in success and adversity? It is not a test
for His 'true' (if one may be permitted to use that term) devotees, as we know (or think we know) our Sai; "His Life is His Message".

It is in this light that it is important for Sai Centres around the world and in India, to highlight the humanitarian work done by Swami in the fields of Educare,  Sociocare and Medicare, touching only the positive outcome of His Work for society, leaving behind what the Sai sevaks did. Your article on 'Rural transformation in Andhra' is one such issue which could be provided to the 'intelligensia of the media'.

Sorry for such a long letter, but there are too many sentiments and one could go on and on endlessly and I am sure many of my fellow Sai family members worldwide feel the same.

In the Service of Sai, Narayan Ramachandran,
Orthopedic & Trauma Consultant, Armed Forces Hospital, Sultanate of Oman

– Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 5 Issue 01 - JANUARY 2007
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