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3 Points
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2 Points
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1 Point

We now bring you a quiz to test your recall power from reading Heart2Heart. Please click on the links to find out the full stories.

1.In our September 2005 edition, we informed you about an incident related by Mrs Geeta Mohan Ram when she was an eight year old child. Her grandmother was fearful about an impending eye operation, and mentioning this to Swami on the telephone she asked for Vibhuti. What happened next?

2.In our July 1 2004 cover story, ‘The Perfect Disciple: The Story of John S Hislop’, we carried the following episode as related by Mr Hislop:

One time, Swami went to Madras and arrived unexpectedly at the house of His hostess. You know, when the Avatar come to visit your house, I am sure you would want to have something with which to greet Him – some flowers or a tray of food or something to the welcome the Lord to your house. That was the case with this hostess too. Swami came to the door and knocked. The hostess answered, saw Swami standing there, and exclaimed, “Oh Swami, Swami, I am so happy to see You. But Swami, You didn’t tell me that you were coming, and I don’t have anything to welcome you with. I don’t have flowers or fruit. I don’t have anything.” The poor lady was quite distraught. So Swami said, “Don’t worry, don’t worry.”

What happened next?

3. In June 1 2004 , we carried the cover story ‘God’s Own Children’ concerning Sathya Sai Deenajanoddharana, the orphanage run by Swami, in Puttaparthi. In which year did Swami inaugurate this institution?

4. In our April 1 2004 cover story, ‘Sai Leela’, you will be able to find many entrancing and astonishing leelas, as recorded by old-time devotees. One such occurred when Swami went to the Chitravarti sands and presented Himself to the devotees first as the scorching Sun and then as the freezing moon! In what form did the Lord appear next? As -

5. In our cover story from March 1 2004 , ‘With Baba to Badrinath’, we carried Swami’s epoch-making trip to this Himalayan shrine, the highlight of which was Swami’s creation of the Jyothirlinga and its installation in the shrine. In which year did this take place?

Dear Reader, did you like this quiz? Is it too difficult? Is it interactive enough? How does it help you? Please tell us at

-Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 5 Issue 07 - JULY 2007
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