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3 Points
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2 Points
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We are now bringing you a quiz to test your recall power from reading Heart2Heart. Please click on the links to find out the full stories.

1. In our series packed full of Unforgettable Moments With Sai, H2H readers could savour the divine memories of Mr Chidambaram Krishnan which went back to the 1960’s. In our May 2006 issue we carried his recollection of driving Swami from Puttaparthi to Chennai when he unfortunately suffered a double blow of getting lost and running out of petrol. As the car ground to a halt Swami got out and told him off! What happened next?

2. H2H regularly features the mammoth drinking water projects that Bhagavan has executed. Totaling all the schemes, such as Anantapur, Chennai, Godavari, Medak and Mehboobnagar how many people have been benefited from the projects?

3. In our February 2007 cover story we brought you the amazing tale of Sanathana Sarathi - its divine creation and sustenance by the Lord Himself. In the inaugural issue Bhagavan gave His first message to the magazine, praising Sanathana Sarathi as: “at the head of the spiritual cohorts”. How did Bhagavan describe these spiritual cohorts?

4. In our January 2006 issue we told you of a moving account of service to a poor and neglected paralyzed lady; how Swami’s seva dal restored her home and galvanized the villagers to help her too. At one point the district held a bhajan at the lady’s house and while all were immersed in the divine vibrations a miracle happened. What was this miracle?

5. On Swami's 65th birthday He declared that there would be a Super Specialty Hospital in Puttaparthi, built and operational in one year. What was noteworthy about the last few days before the Hospital's opening?

Dear Reader, did you like this quiz? Is it too difficult? Is it interactive enough? How does it help you? Please tell us at

-Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 5 Issue 03 - MARCH 2007
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