Volume 7 - Issue 08
August 2009
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Part - 7

Scene 3:
Hanuman leaves for Lanka

Beautiful indeed is the tryst of the Lord and His devotee. Hanuman’s surrender to Rama was total and complete. Rama too placed utmost confidence in Hanuman and gave him His ring to be delivered to Mother Sita. Placing the image of Lord in his heart, Hanuman got ready to face the approaching devils, including the devils of despair.

[Angada, Nala, Nila, Jambavan, Hanuman are at the seashore. Hanuman sits a little away from the group silently. Jambavan gets up to address the gathering]

Jambavan: Brothers! We have searched every nook and corner and left no stone unturned in the mission of the Lord. The end of land is reached and the turbulent ocean stares at us as an insurmountable obstacle. Beyond the ocean, at a distance of 100 yojanas is the kingdom of Lanka where Mother Sita is imprisoned. The future course of action shall be decided by our leader, Crown Prince Angada.


Angada: There seems to be only one feasible solution to this problem. One of us has to cover the 100 yojanas in a single jump, confront the wicked Rakshasas and bring tidings of Sita for the Lord. Venerable Jambavan, you are the eldest among us. You have circumambulated the glorious form of the Lord in the Trivikrama form. 100 yojanas is a mere footstep for you.

Jambavan: The invisible tides of time have sapped away the huge reserves of energy that I have harboured in my earlier days. With a supreme effort, I can cover only 90 yojanas nothing more.

Angada: O vanara veeras (mighty monkeys), come forth with the assessment of your strength so that we can pick the right person for the enterprise.


Nila: Prince! I can jump at the most forty yojanas, not a finger-breadth more.

Nala: With all the strength that I can summon and the winds in my favour, I can definitely do a sixty.

Angada: Then, I, Angada, son of Mahabali Vali shall cross this ocean and carry out the task. Though I have a doubt as to whether I will have enough strength to come back, I am ready to take the risk.

Jambavan: No, Angada. You are the Crown Prince and you cannot go into the domain of demons. That’s against the canons of royalty. You have to delegate the task to any of your servants who are eager to do your bidding.

Angada: Fate is playing a cruel game with us giving a ray of hope in the beginning and suddenly plunging us in the darkness of despair.

Jambavan: Do not be disheartened, Angada. The ever merciful Lord who lays down the mission will even give us the strength to fulfill it. I know the one person who can undertake the task set by the Lord. [Moves towards Hanuman] Anjaneya! You will have to cross the ocean and finish the assignment given by Rama.

[Hanuman gives a puzzled look and remains silent]

Angada: Yes, Hanuman. You are the right person for the job. With your intelligence and diplomacy, you established the friendship between Rama and Sugriva. Now, use the same skills to deliver Rama’s message across the ocean.

Jambavan: Shed the cloak of meekness and rediscover your might. Remember! A single leap was all it took for you to reach the Sun, and a single leap is all it will take to reach Lanka.

Recollect the various boons and powers bestowed by the Devas (gods). It is time they be put to use for the Rama Karya (mission). Arise, Awake! The garland of victory is waiting on yonder side to adorn your neck.

Hanuman: O Vanaras (monkeys)! By the power of His name, I shall carry out His command. The glory of His form enshrined in my heart will give me the means to carry out the Lord’s wish. Sing His praise as you await my return. Jai Sri Ram!

All: Jai Sri Ram!

Scene 4:
Hanuman in Ravana’s Court

Narration: Hanuman leaped towards Lanka facing the various barriers with confidence and aplomb. Driven by the Lord’s grace, he overcame the various hindrances, and finally succeeded in the search for Mother Sita. Hanuman fought till the very end confronting even Ravana in the process.

[Ravana is seated on the throne and hanuman is dragged by Indrajith to the court]

Meghnad: Pranams Pitashree (salutations o father), I have captured the impudent, insolent monkey that dared to enter Lanka and destroy the Asokavana.

Hanuman: Captured [gives a slight laugh] I have come by my own will to your court. [Breaks the bonds and continues]. It is my reverence for Brahmaastra and not your son’s valour that had allowed this little meeting to take place.


Meghnad: For the vanquisher of Indra, a monkey is child’s play. I was only trying to capture you alive as per the word of my father. Or else…

Ravana: Meghnad. Alright, vanara. Give us your introduction. Why have you come? Why have you wrecked our garden and killed our soldiers?

Hanuman: Dasoham Kosalendrasya… I am Hanuman, the servant of Lord Rama. I have come as His envoy to deliver His message.

After a long and tiresome journey I was hungry. I shook the trees to relieve them of their fruit and some of them got uprooted. Then, your soldiers attacked me, and I had to slay them for self-defense.

Ravana: You can deliver the message from the grave, for that is where you shall go for killing my son. Guards, execute him immediately.

Prahasta: Tarry a while, Lord. Let us first hear the message that the mortal sends to the monarch through this monkey. That may help in the future course of action.

Ravana: So be it! Monkey, come forth with your plea.

Hanuman: Pleas and requests are for my master. For you it is just sermon. Born in the noble line of Pulastya, do not tarnish it with this single sin. Return Mother Sita and crave forgiveness at the feet of Rama. The ocean of compassion will definitely pardon you.

On the other hand, if you remain a slave of desire and decline to return Mother Sita…

Remember Ravana! The march of the monkeys shall shake the foundations of your empire. The twang of Rama’s bow will fill your hearts with fear.

Ravana:  You ignoramus! You dare to threaten me in my court!

The utterance of my name and vision of my form causes the three worlds to tremble. The head that lifted Mount Kailasa touching the feet of a mere mortal! Impossible.

Hanuman: If you remain obstinate, Ravana, that very head shall roll by the power of Rama’s arrow. Why do you want to turn Golden Lanka into a graveyard?  Why do you want to convert glory into infamy? 

Ravana: Your articulation amuses me a lot. So you mean to suggest that an army of monkeys led by a mortal will defeat the conquerer of devas. [laughs] Mukkoti cheyanidi Koti chesthundata…

Hanuman: You want to know what a monkey can do?

Understand Ravana, the secret behind the success and the mystery behind the might of the monkey. It is all due to the grace of Rama. Surrender at His lotus feet and seek the umbrella of His divine protection.

Ravana: If Rama, in the remotest possibility, does plan to attack Lanka, it is my protection that he will need.


Hanuman: Your arrogance degrades your achievements, be happy that your death is written on Rama’s arrow that shall tear your bowels and free you from the cycle of birth and death.

Ravana: Your tongue seems to be longer than your tail, Hanuman. Every utterance of yours is taking you closer to doom.

Remember that you are now living on borrowed breaths. You are strong at heart for you are able to bear the roar of Ravana and yet remain alive. A gesture is all it takes to send you to Yamaloka.

Hanuman:  I request you to take a trip of the Ashokavana. You will be able to see that I had facilitated Yama’s meeting with many of your minions.

Meghnad: You are wasting your valuable time on this monkey, my lord. Give the execution order immediately and finish him.
Ravana: Rightly said. Meghnad, Kill this vanara and avenge the death of your brother.

Vibhishana: Brother, I beg to differ. An ambassador must not be killed according to the code of conduct laid by kings.

Prahasta: You mean to say that an ambassador comes to our kingdom, destroys his majesty’s favourite garden, kills the dear son of our emperor, and we have to treat him like an honourable guest.

Vibhishana: It may be a mistake. But that does not authorize us to commit the same mistake. An ambassador is a guest to our kingdom and must not be harmed.

Malayavan: I agree with you, Vibhishana. A messenger cannot be held responsible for the intention of the message he delivers. Besides, when Hanuman goes back to Rama, he will describe the glory of Lanka and the might of its army. That may dissuade Rama from leading the army.

Prahasta: Agreed, that he cannot be killed but definitely he can be punished. Let them see the maimed monkey entering their camp and they shall think twice before trying to come for war.

Ravana: Mmm… The pride of a monkey lies in its tail. Let the tail of the creature be put to fire. The shrieks and jumps of the monkey will provide a good entertainment to the citizens.

Hanuman:  Ravana, you are putting fire not to my tail, but to Lanka itself. It is said, Vinasha Kaale Viprita Buddhi (When the end approaches, the mind looses its moorings). Brace yourself Ravana, for the beginning of the end.

(To be continued…)


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