Volume 7 - Issue 08
August 2009
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ON Educare

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The importance of raising children with good character who can mould themselves into model citizens and serve their parents and their country has been one of the principal thrusts of Bhagavan Baba’s sacred teachings to mankind. Here is a quiz, culled from the pages of Heart2Heart, on Bhagavan’s unique educational programme of Educare, which seeks to bring out and let blossom the inherent human values in every child.

1. In ‘Getting Spiritually Better: Educare and Education from the December 1st 2003 issue, we shared in a rough paraphrase how Swami helps us distinguish Education from Educare:

Swami describes Education and Educare as follows. He says:

‘Education leads to a mind shaped by external forces.
Educare leads to a mind shaped by the divine source within.’
Swami then says:

‘Educare is a Divine Philosophy, Education is a __________ Philosophy.’

Dead-end Philosophy


2. In ‘Reflections: On Educare’ from the May 1st 2004 issue, we described how Swami explained Educare to His MBA students:
‘Swami wants man to look into his Heart and start from there – that really is what Educare is all about. Some years ago, while speaking to students of the Business School in His University, Swami related the processes associated with Educare to Import-Export. He said we must first import ‘love from the Heart’ into the Head and then, after processing it, ‘export it’ to the world outside through ‘loving words and loving actions’ [via the Body of course]. This is typical of Swami, translating a seemingly complex concept into not only simple language but also a practical recipe.’

How should we further the process of educare in our own transformation?


3.In ‘Getting Spiritually Better: Educare and Education’ from the December 1st 2003 issue, we dwelt on the fact that Educare is not a new concept:

‘The question arises: "Why suddenly educare? Why was it not there before?" The answer is the following: Earlier, the forces related to educare were working silently, implicitly and unobtrusively. There was morality in the home, morality in the school, morality in the work-pace, and finally, morality in the community also. Today, the situation has changed completely. God has been put on the back burner so to speak. Therefore, an entirely different strategy and set of priorities are called for. We have to first invoke God strongly and then only move on to other matters and business.’

In our article, how did we describe the lifestyle of a highly-educated person, devoid of educare?

Full of attachments

Guided by selfishness and self-interest


4.In ‘Reflections: On Educare’ from the May 1st 2004 issue, we shared the short-cut method that Swami recommends for applying Educare in life:
‘Human actions must generally reflect Divine attributes. What are the attributes that one expects? The most important of these is the harmony of feeling, thought, word and deed, a harmony that Swami often refers to via the word Trikarana suddhi. [Triple Purity]

In practical terms, it means the harmonious functioning of the Heart [the seat of feelings], the Head [the seat of thought] and the Body [the source for words and action]. When these three components, namely the Heart, the Head and the Body function coherently and in unison, it automatically implies that the feeling that underlies the word/action is Divine, so is the thought that formulates the word/action and so is final word spoken or the action performed. In other words, if Trikarana suddhi or Purity of Thought, Word and Deed is achieved, then it automatically implies that Educare has been given practical expression to.

According to Swami, how exactly does practicing Triple Purity help in real life?

We achieve success in all our undertakings
The world treats us with awe and respect
We achieve everything we aspire for, materially and spiritually


5.In our: ‘Getting Spiritually Better: Educare and Education - Dec 1st 2003’ issue, we made a comparison chart between Education and Educare. 







Survival & upmanship

Harmony with Creation


Greed & aggression

Love & compassion





Selfish grabbing


Please fill in the MANIFESTATION expression under the EDUCARE category.

Selfless Service


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- Heart2Heart Team


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