Volume 7 - Issue 07
July 2009
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Dear readers, till the December 2008 issue, in this section we serialized for you “Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai”, the glorious saga of Shirdi Sai and the divine life of Sathya Sai till His early childhood. This series continued for 48 episodes, and we received very positive responses to this serial. In fact, now that the script is available, this television serial has been re-enacted as a play in many Sai centres.

Encouraged with this, we decided to continue this section and offer something in a similar format. And now, after the Divine Life story of Bhagavan Baba, it is the innumerable dramas presented in the Divine Presence by the students of Bhagavan’s Schools and University, as well as by the Bal Vikas students and Sai devotees from all corners of the world. We hope the current series, which is accompanied with lots of pictures and video stills/clips, will not only make an enriching and edifying reading experience, but also will help devotees everywhere to redo these inspiring plays in their own settings with little effort. So, enjoy these divine dramas where the Divine was a keen spectator and the hidden director!

The current drama, which was staged by the students from the Prasanthi Nilayam campus of the SriSathyaSaiUniversity on January 14, 2009, drives into one the profound messages enshrined in the Bhagavad Gita through many scenes from the grand epic Mahabharata.



(1) Lord Krishna

(2) Vidura, the noble minister in the court of Hastinapura;

(3) Gopalas, the devoted cowherds of Brindavan;

(4) Uddhava, childhood friend of Lord Krishna;

(5) Maitreya, a noble sage;

(6) Dharmaraja (Yudhistira), the eldest of the Pandava brothers;

(7) Bheema, the strongest among the Pandava brothers;

(8) Nakula, one of the younger Pandava brothers;

(9) Sahadeva, the youngest of the Pandava brothers;

(10) Draupadi, the noble wife of the Pandavas;

(11) Disciple, the disciple of Sage Durvasa;

(12) Durvasa, a noble sage;

(13) Suyodhana, the eldest of the Kaurava brothers;

(14) Bheeshma, the great, uncle of both Pandavas and Kauravas who was one of the greatest warriors;

(15) Drona, the teacher of Pandavas and the Kauravas;

(16) Sakuni, the brother of Gandhari, the mother of the Kauravas;

(17) Karna, a great archer and a friend of Suyodhana, who was actually the sixth brother of the Pandavas;

(18) Arjuna: the master archer among the Pandava brothers.




Sportsmeet Drama 2009

Bheeshma’s Oath
Scene 3a

Bheeshma is in his camp sitting in a contemplative mood along with Drona. Duryodhana, Karna, Sakuni with Dushasana enter.

Duryodhana: Pranams Pitamaha (salutations grandsire)! Pranams Gurudev (salutations preceptor)!

Bheeshma: Yasaswi Bhava(May you be blessed with good fame)!


Drona: Ayushman Bhava, Vatsa (May you live long, Son)! Pitamaha and I were having a discussion about tomorrow’s battle formation.

Bheeshma: Duryodhana, I fail to conceive any reason for your nocturnal venture. Is there any crisis we failed to foresee?

Duryodhana: We are amidst the greatest battle of our times, and what a greater crisis we can hope for oh grandsire! Every day becomes a lost trail of my victory, and the arrogance of the Pandavas doesn’t seem to abate.

Bheeshma: In your fragile impatient temperament, you refuse to see the dwindling numbers of your enemy. Regiments of their soldiers are being dispatched to Yamaloka.


Sakuni: But, pitamaha, what is the use of slaughtering herds of sheep leaving the roaring lions to prowl. The sons of Pandu are making merry under your watchful eyes, O supreme commander.  

Bheeshma: The Kaunteyas (Pandavas) are an invincible force, shielded further by the presence of Vaasudeva. I have already told you, I shall not kill the sons of Pandu, in fact, they cannot be killed by anyone.

Duryodhana: Pitamaha, I wonder on whose side you are fighting, theirs or ours.

Bheeshma: I am not fighting on any side Duryodhana, I am fighting on the side of Hastinapura.

Duryodhana: Then, will you allow Hastinapura to go down on its knees in submission to the enemy? I can sense a treacherous surprise willing to surface any moment.


Drona: Control your violent impulses Duryodhana ! Your immature emotions must not tarnish the blemishless persona of pitamaha. The world knows about his terrible vows and his unparalleled loyalty to Hastinapura.

Sakuni: Forgive him, Gurudeva. He has already lost 24 brothers to the malicious mace of Bhima. He harboured false dreams of victory under Pitamaha’s banner, only to wake up in a terrible nightmare.

Bheeshma: Do not try to test my composure with your wit and sarcasm, Gandhar Naresh (king of Gandhar). Wagging tongues do not win wars, blazing arrows do. 

Karna: But none of your arrows could harm the Pandavas, Pitamaha. Lay down your arms and take rest. Allow me to test the Pandava’s invincibility.

Bheeshma: So, finally, an ardharathi (semi-skilled general) wishes to discourse me on the vagaries of victory. You take rest, Radheya (karna). Remember your cowardly flight in the war at Dwaitavana and the shameful defeat in the Virata war.

Duryodhana: Enough is enough, Pitamaha. [Padyam] As the representative of the King, this is my order. Leave the battlefield, and let Karna take your place.


Bheeshma: [Padyam] After I put my life on stake for you, this is the honour you wish to bestow on me. Alright, let my soul shatter and my vow be falsified. I shall blot the Sun with my arrows, and bring the wrath of Rudra to shame. I will be the prophet of doom for Pandavas, if that’s what destiny demands of me.

Krishna meets the Pandavas

Scene 3b:

Arjuna is completely lost in a contemplative mood, as Krishna enters


Krishna: Arjuna, you seem to be in some deep thought. I hope I am not intruding.

Arjuna: Where does the question of intrusion arise for the omnipresent, omniscient one, O Vaasudeva? Your arrival is the only happy moment I can relish at this moment. Every other thing is bitter about this war.

Krishna: Pour out your anguish to me, Dhananjaya, and relieve yourself of the distress that disturbs you. Maybe, I can be of some help.

Arjuna: If, not from You, from whom else can we seek help, Krishna. The fury of Pitamaha has caused cracks in the fragile morale of our army. The goal of victory seems to become more elusive than ever.

Krishna: Hmm… I think you should have opted for the Narayani Sena, Partha, instead you took this unarmed charioteer who is becoming a burden to you all.


Arjuna: Hey, Sanatana Sarathi! I shall never regret the choice I had made. If it is our destiny to lose, we would be more than happy to lose by Your side. The glory of victory pales to insignificance in front of Your divine company.

Krishna: Then, what about your terrible vows? Is it not your dharma to keep up your vows. Are you ready to forsake them?

Arjuna: We know no dharma greater than your word, Keshava. Let Your will shape our destiny.

Krishna: My mission is to secure the victory of dharma. Dharma is on your side and so am I. But the garland of victory shall continue to elude you as long as Gangaputra Bheeshma holds his bow.

The world is My stage, and every drama occurs by My will. It is time for the enactment of a play that shall secure victory for an army and emancipation of a devotee.  

[Sloka: Sarvadharma Parityajya …]


Krishna’s Leela
Scene 3c:


Krishna: Listen, to me carefully, sister. The fate of your husband as well as the war lies in your hands. Be very careful in dealing with Pitamaha.

Draupadi moves towards the throne of Pitamaha

Panchali, your sandals may make noise and alert Pitamaha. Leave them with Me, and I shall take care of them.

Draupadi: Krishna, You carrying my sandals…


Krishna: Panchali, just do as I say. Go now…

Draupadi removes the sandals and gives them to Krishna who wraps them in the cloth and keeps them under His arm. Krishna withdraws as Bheeshma enters.


Draupadi: Pranams, O Revered one!

Bheeshma: Deergha Sumangali bhava (May you have a long wedded life)! Who are you and what do you want, O sadhvi (holy woman)?

Draupadi: What else can a poor daughter-in-law ask for…except blessings, Pitamaha?

Bheeshma:  Draupadi, you? What brings you daughter here at this dark hour.

Draupadi: Dark times provoke desperate attempts, Pitamaha. You blessed me as a sumangali, I pray that you uphold the blessing.

Bheeshma: So, hearing of my declaration to kill your husbands, you have extracted a blessing very cleverly from me. Hmm… [Laughs] This act definitely bears the signature of a divine endeavor with perfect execution. Hey, Jagannataka Sutradhari (the Divine Director of this Universe)! Madhusudana! Where are You? Please come out of Your hiding and present Yourself.

Krishna: Pranams, Pitamaha!

Bheeshma: Hey Yashodanandan, you have not yet lost your mischievous touch. See what a precarious predicament You have forced me into.


Krishna: Is protecting your grandsons who are fighting for Dharma a predicament, Pitamaha? In fact, I am also helping you in fulfilling the blessing of victory you conferred on Yudhishtira in the first day of war.

Bheeshma: [slightly laughs] Alright Vaasudeva. Let it happen as You will. My dear daughter, shed all worry. Who can harm your husbands, while the protector of the Universe has taken it upon himself to protect them. In fact, the very thought to harm them is enough, He will devise some ingenious plan to bail them out of trouble.

Krishna: Draupadi, now you may leave. Here, wear your sandals and go. Pitamaha and I have some unfinished business left.
Draupadi wears the sandals and leaves as Bheeshma watches in choked admiration.

Bheeshma: Hey Bhakta Paradheena (One who is bound by His devotee)! When the entire Universe moves according to Your will, You submit yourself to Your devotee’s will. You are ready to carry even the dusty sandals of a Bhaktha. If only, I were the dust on Panchali’s sandals, I would have been liberated by Your touch. Vaasudeva, can you hear a plea from this old man?

Krishna: Pitamaha, a devotee need not plead with Me - he can command Me.

Bheeshma: Relieve me from the shackles of earthly bondage, Vaasudeva. The war ceases to be a war to me anymore. It is a dharma sankata (dilemma of righteousness) that is tearing me apart from within. End this suffering once and for all, Krishna. Have mercy on me. [Padyam]


Krishna: Bheeshma, you are the very personification of Shanta Bhakti. My very kartavya (duty) is to protect the virtuous and punish the wicked. You perform your duty, and I shall perform Mine. 

Pareekshit Episode
Scene 4:


Dharmaraja: The greatest testing time for the Kuruvamsha (Kuru dynasty) has arrived. The war has created such deep wounds that they may never be healed for eternity. A slight glimmer of hope lies in the arrival of an heir.

Arjuna: Agraja (eldest brother), a deep and unknown fear stalks me. That evil Aswattama has guided the cruel missile against all our progeny.

Bhima: Do not harbor such unreasonable fears, brothers. Our protector Krishna, has promised to save the unborn child. He will never go back on His word. There comes Draupadi. Surely she is bringing pleasant tidings about the arrival of an heir.

Draupadi: Hey Kaunteyas! The light of our clan has set even before it could rise. Uttara has delivered a still-born child.

Arjuna: Panchali! This is not true. This cannot be true. What wrong have we done to deserve this? What has this so called victory given us except pain, guilt and tears?

Nakula: Crisis has always been an eternal companion in our sojourn. We were robbed of our father’s love, denied the rightful share of kingdom, and made to live in exile by a conspiracy. Endurance has lost its meaning in the ceaseless flow of sorrow.

Sahadeva: And now, the last ray of hope too has gone leading us to a dark and uncertain future.


Dharmaraja: No Sahadeva, there is still one ray of hope left. The light which lit up our dark lives in exile and guided us through the troubled times, will surely dispel the impending doom.


Krishna: Arjuna, why is Hastinapura so silent? Make arrangements for celebrations - get the streets decorated, give charity…why are you staring so? Has the arrival of a grandson suddenly reminded of your age?

Bhima: The curse of Aswattama has taken effect. The world of Pandavas has collapsed with the death of Abhimanyu’s son.

Krishna: Ha! Ha! Your sense of humour has remained very intact, Bheemasena. But don’t utter such inauspicious words. See, how peacefully he sleeps in his mother-in-law’s arms. Arey! He is the very image of Abhimanyu. His eyes are like Abhimanyu, nose is like Abhimanyu, lips are like Abhimanyu…

Arjuna: His breath is also like Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu is dead, so is his son. Mockery has its limits, Vaasudeva. Don’t add any more fuel to fire of anguish raging within us.

Krishna: You are all mistaking a sleeping child for dead. Sister Panchali, give Me the child.

Krishna takes the child into his arms and with the touch of Krishna, the baby springs to life and laughs.


Arjuna: Hey Keshava! In what words do we express our gratitude to You? [Padyam] Hey Vamsoddharaka (One who redeems clans)!

In the midst of the padyam, Krishna’s mood suddenly became pensive. Arjuna notices this and asks.

Madhusudana, what are You contemplating now? When we were in sorrow, You were smiling, and now when we all are so happy, You seem to be withdrawn. What is the matter, Vaasudeva?


Krishna: Partha, do you remember the day Abhimanyu fell? And what did you say…[Padyam]…You then termed me as Vamsanashi (one who dooms clans). Then I was the destroyer of your clan, and now suddenly I am an emancipator.

Arjuna: Forgive me, Vaasudeva. Being in Your company for all these years, forgetting that You are divine, I have poured scorn on thee and hurt You. 

Krishna: When you accused Me as Vamsanaashi, or extolled me as Vamsoddharaka, I remained unaffected. Then and now, I am the same Krishna. [Padyam]

Arjuna: Fie on me, Madhusudana! Fie on me! Even after receiving the nectarine message of the Gita and having a glimpse of Your true form, the veil of delusion has not yet left me.  

Krishna: Dhananjaya! It is not just you. This problem is faced by everyone. When the infinite enters the realm of the finite, the principle of Maya accompanies Him and deludes everyone. I act every moment of My life but every act of Mine carries a message. Take the message behind the act but do not take the action as My reality.

Arjuna: Then Lord, who is the one who is truly liberated?

Krishna: [Sloka, Janma Karma Cha…] Whosoever in My birth and action recognizes in true light that I am divine, he is liberated. That is the true jnana and the essence of Gita.

Every breath we take, every moment we spend in the Avatar’s presence is His blessing. Know that He is Divine, He is God. That is enough to secure His grace and our liberation.  

Yudhistira: Following the Lord is the only true dharma - Mama Dharma.

Bheema: Let His message live through us, so that Our Life becomes His Message.

Nakula: Let us take the first step saying “I am Yours” and surrender to Him.


Sahadeva: Let us take the second step claiming Him, “You are mine” and offer ourselves to Him.

Arjuna: And finally let us achieve the ultimate merger with the grand experience of unity, “You and I are One”.

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