Volume 7 - Issue 07
July 2009
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Feedback from our readers on the June 2009 issue

Feedback on the cover story: The Copious Stream of Pure Love

Cover Story:
I read the cover history, it is very good and with great pictures too. I can imagine the feeling you had when starting to do this service. I want to thank all of you for giving all this beautiful and important information for the rest of the world - it made me think more about the role of service in my life.

Sergio, Gran Sabana, Venezuela.

I read and also listened to the audio of parts 1 and 2 of The Copious Stream of Pure Love. It was very informative and interesting. You must have put lots of effort and time to compile them. Thank you all. I hope that this mission will spread all over the villages in India and all over the world and the prayer Samastha Loka Sukhinobavanthu will become a reality.

Venugopal, Canada


General Feedback

Thank you very much for all the wonderful and inspiring articles. They are so pleasing to the heart that most of the time I burst into tears. I feel very at peace and very close to Prasanthi. They are also very informative.
Avinash Meetooah 

I feel am really blessed that Swami is always with us what ever the situation. I am an alumni of Sri Sathya Sai University. Life got busy and I was dragged away into the mundane world. Luckily at the right time I learnt from my friend about Heart2Heart; it’s really inspiring and energizing to see and read about Swami however far we are from Him. I thank everyone who has made this possible.

Shanthi Challa

My name is Blanca and I´m from Mexico. I have no words to express how grateful I am. Your articles have been such a great inspiration for me. To read Swami´s leelas and devotees’ experiences helps me to increase my faith. Today I am especially happy because Swami came into my dreams last night. Please continue doing what you are doing cause your work is excellent.


Your stories are very inspiring. I thank you very much for your ceaseless efforts to give us many spiritual insights, inform us about our Swami’s teachings and devotees’ experiences. Please continue with His grace.
Manos Karakostas, Greece


Feedback on the series Spiritual Questions and Answers

I enjoy learning from your responses to spiritual questions. It quenches my thirst. Not only do I check my knowledge but I also share this with my medical students who are doing rotations with me. They are learning the values of Swami thru this interaction.

Indra B. Sriram, M.D., Indiana, USA


Feedback on The Might To Follow The Right

I would like to express my gratitude to your entire team for presenting many inspiring articles of those who are implementing the values taught by our beloved Swami. I am working for one corporate IT company and these articles are really amazing as they inform us how different people survive in their careers without loosing their determination to follow the good values.



Feedback on The New Light in the Eyes of Little Sai

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story to me which made me so grateful - for we take our eye-sight for granted. Most important is the compassion and love of our dear Bhagavan for making such operations available to anyone who is in urgent need! He doesn’t just take care of the disabled he provides for their maximum comfort!
Vani  Naidoo, South Africa


Feedback on Prashanti Diary

Prasanthi Diary is our 'connection' to Baba's daily presence on earth. Relating our Lord's daily movements amongst His children, on the internet, is such a blessing to us who cannot be with Him physically at this time.

Baba continuously reminds us that our lives are His message and that we should recognize that God is everywhere, in all. Yet, the strong 'pull' we feel to His Divine form is inevitable. How can we not yearn to experience a gaze, a smile, His divine feet....? The ability to 'tune-in' to Him at Prasanthi is truly a blessing. I sincerely thank you for bringing the Lord's daily leelas and discourses to us, wherever we may be.

Mrs. Urmilla Mahabirsingh-Khan, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for the wonderful write-up with pictures on the June 13th Burrakhatha performance by students. It brought tears to my eyes as I felt the love of the students and Swami. Even though physically I could not be there, just reading it and looking at the pictures made me feel connected emotionally, mentally and spiritually recharged. I really appreciate it. Please keep writing and sharing.

Doreen Ong, Malaysia

Thank you for bringing to all devotees around the world beautiful reports of darshan and activities in Prasanthi Nilayam. Your account of the Bhurrakatha narration was very beautiful, giving me the feeling of being present in Sai Kulwant Hall. Thank you, again!

Parimala, Chicago, USA

I read the wonderful commentary on Prashanthi News about the Burrakatha on Mother Eashwaramma. You make millions of people like us feel as if we were watching it live. Thanks for this service that you're doing. Please keep up your good work. May God bless you all.


This is Geoffrey and Judith Last in Pahoa, Hawaii.  We look forward to your darshan updates and derive great joy from them.  Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for this service.  These reports keep us bonded to the Lord and the happenings at P.N. 

Hello from Germany, I am very happy with this information - it helps me not to get not homesick for Puttaparthi. Please carry on with this wonderful work and thanks again.


Every section of H2H inspires me a lot. I utilize my leisure time by reading it and today, I've gone through the full story of the AP Sai Youth Programme – I find the snaps in the story heart touching. What also inspired me is the Barclays Chairman’s award and how these ‘tiny squirrels’ rushed to the Lotus feet to dedicate it to Him. I am very thankful to the entire team of Radio Sai for publishing all the happenings of Prasanthi Nilayam.

Saiprabha Pattnaik

Feedback on Scintillating Moments with Sweet Sai

Mayur's story of his time at the campus was very well-written and funny too. These benefit all of us who have not had the good fortune of studying in front of Swami. The most lovable part of this story was that educare, values, spirituality happened with so much understanding, love and tolerance. I really loved it! I look forward to the next part of his story.

I request other stories about how values and basic foundations are operationalised; the starting phase when students go out and meet the world again. How do they put the learning into practice?

I have been feeling that educare and searching for the God within and outside are a very serious "occupation"! Please carry more such stories because otherwise it is difficult for me to understand, I can’t digest the learning easily!



Feedback on "Three Seconds Flat!"

I wanted to thank you and thank Mrs. Devika Gunasena for sharing her amazing experience with Swami. This story has really touched my heart and moved me deeply. I feel it is so important to share experiences of Swami's infinite Love with all devotees, because they give us strength and help us in many ways.

Sai sister Berit, Italy

- Heart2Heart Team

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