Volume 7 - Issue 07
July 2009
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Sai students and devotees often say that Prashanti Nilayam is Swami's Office, Brindavan (Bangalore) is His home, and Kodai Kanal is His playground. In a manner of speaking this is so, particularly regarding Kodai Kanal, for it is here that one gets a glimpse of that aspect of Sai which is so full of divine sport and manifestations. Here is a quiz based on many stories about such fascinating Kodai Trips that we have had over the years in H2H.

1. In The Kodai Kanal Experience from the February 15, 2004 issue of H2H, during an interview, Professor Anil Kumar shared a moving incident he witnessed regarding a boy who was receiving special attention from Swami during one Kodai stay.

“About six to eight years ago. Swami was showing special concern for this boy. We were wondering why? In fact, I was even jealous! Swami materialised a ring for him, then a chain, a watch and so on, and it seemed as if the whole trip was meant just for this boy! After a few days Swami materialised a pair of ear rings for that boy. We just couldn’t understand. The next day, Swami materialised another set of ear rings for the same boy. I thought to myself, ‘Swami I have three daughters, you can give me also one (laughter), why only to that boy, an unmarried fellow?’”

What was Swami’s explanation for the special favours He was bestowing on this boy, that He revealed during a discourse in the sylvan hills?

The boy had lost his mother and needed Swami’s Love and care


2. In a recollection of his trip to Kodai in 2003, from With the Lord in the Mountains, Part 7, Prof. Venkataraman said: “Kodai also gives Swami’s boys an opportunity to see how to play the role of a perfect host. Basically it is all about attending to minute details. Swami makes it a point to take many people with Him. Having undertaken that responsibility, He then bends backwards to see that all the needs of His flock are fully taken care of; He insists on playing the perfect host.

“I saw this aspect at its best in 2003. That year, the new Guest House Complex and the attached Canteen had not yet come up, and almost all elders in Swami’s party were put up outside in various houses.”

Demonstrating a lesson on how to be a perfect host, besides arranging for accommodation and food, doctors and transportation, how else did Swami go out of His way?


3. In With the Lord in the Mountains, Part 7, Prof. Venkataraman recounted an incident that shows Swami’s unprecedented Love and Compassion: “This particular picnic story was narrated to me by some students who were eyewitnesses to it. It happened some years ago, and was a picnic not organized by Swami but suggested by some Police Officers posted to Sai Shruthi for security duty by the local administration. Overwhelmed by the Love and compassionate attention that Swami showered on them, these Officers began praying to Swami that He must permit them to take the boys out to a nice spot where they could have a great picnic. After a while, Swami agreed to their plea and a day was fixed for the outing. The vehicles were arranged, the wagons stuffed with eats, and for their part, the boys were ready with all their party games to play out there in the picnic area.”

What did Swami say when He saw that the picnic spot was not so great after all?

“Hey boys! This is a beautiful spot, is it not?”

“Boys! It’s the company that matters; not the place!”


4. In The Divine Playground: Swami in Kodai Kanal, the cover story from the July 2005 issue, we told you about a very touching incident depicting the Lord’s everlasting love:

“On the 21st afternoon Swami took all the boys to the Hill Top building, the highest point in Kodai Kanal. There was an elderly devotee whom Swami had spotted during Darshan time and had brought him along. The devotee, overwhelmed by Swami’s love and kindness, said, ‘Swami, I am beholden to you! So graciously you recognized me in the big crowd!’

What was Swami’s most loving reply:

“You are my very own.”
“I remember all my cherished ones.”
“When I come as Prema Sai, even then I will recognize you.”


5. In With the Lord in the Mountains, Part 7, Prof. Venkataraman recalls another sylvan hills episode that took place: ‘Another Kodai incident; this happened one year when Swami was in Kodai on Easwaramma day. Occasionally this happens and whenever it does, there is a special Narayana Seva, plus distribution of clothes and blankets for the poor at Sai Shruthi. After the distribution was over, Swami came back inside, but seemed lost in thought. Normally, after such Seva, Swami is usually in an expansive mood and often talks to students about service, etc. This day, He did not and something seemed to be bothering Him, but no one could figure out what exactly it was. Suddenly, Swami called for the car, gave some instructions, took a few people with Him and simply drove out.”

What was the reason for Swami’s sudden outing?

He went to buy sundries from the poor hawkers outside the Ashram


Dear Reader, did you like this quiz? Is it too difficult? Is it interactive enough? Would you like more such quizzes? Please help us in serving you better by writing to h2h@radiosai.org mentioning your name and country. Thank you for your time.

- Heart2Heart Team


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