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Only one soul in every era is blessed with this awesome blessing of being the Mother of the Avatar. In the present age, it is Mother Easwaramma. It is on the 6th of this month, more than 35 years ago, that she installed herself permanently in the heart of everyone who loved her. Let’s recapitulate sweet instances from her pious life, through this quiz based on our May 2006 Cover Story “Easwaramma – The Crown of Motherhood.” and sanctify our lives.

1. While sharing one of the many mystical and profound experiences that bedazzled Easwaramma,  Swami shares a story of an extraordinary incident that took place: “One day, somebody invited Me to their house for food. Actually their intention was to poison Me. They were feeling jealous of My growing popularity and prosperity. In those days I used to relish vadas made of Alasanda grains. Hence, they mixed poison in the vadas and offered them to Me. Before going there, I had told Easwaramma and Subbamma not to be afraid if any untoward incident was to happen. When I returned from there, My entire body turned blue and My mouth started frothing. I told Easwaramma to wave her hand in a circle.”

What happened next?

2. Comparing Mother Easwaramma to the other Divine Mothers who were chosen to play the role of Mother to the Avatars, we shared: Mother Easwaramma, truly, was a divine effulgence, whow graced mother Earth with a sacred mission and purpose by the inscrutable Will of the Divine just like Kaushalya, (Mother of Sri Rama), Devaki (Mother of Sri Krishna) or Mary (Christ’s Mother). She underwent similar agonies and ecstasies, fears and dilemmas, trials and triumphs, and ultimately bliss and beatitude that the Divine Mothers of yore passed through.

What was that common prayer that Lord Krishna’s Mother Yashoda and Bhagavan Baba’s Mother Easwaramma shared?

3. While sharing an incident of how distressful it was for Easwaramma as she watched her beloved son Sathya become Sai Baba, we mentioned: There were many occasions when she vacillated between being a mother and devotee. The transition from doting mother to adoring devotee was a long and tortuous path as her Son was revealed as the Source of divine light shining His benediction on humanity.

Just picture this scene as the anxious parents had rushed to Uravakonda to visit Swami, who was then still a mere lad. They were confronted with a large crowd of devotees who cheered them as, “Matha Pitha ki jai,” (Victory to the Parents!) close on the heels of each full-throated “Sai Baba ki jai” (Victory to Sai!). Sathya was seated on a chair with flower garlands piling up on his right as he accepted each one that was offered and added it to the mound. But when pressed to identify his parents, Sathya said: ____________

How did Sathya identify His parents on that eventful day that changed Easwaramma’s life completely?

4. As the destiny of Prashanti Nilayam was unfolding, we shared Easwaramma's aggravation: As the years went by Easwaramma had to adjust to many other changes that followed the ever-growing glory of her Son. She strained to retain whatever contact she could as Swami’s time became taken up by the needs of the devotees.

In fact, she was the one most aggrieved at what she considered Swami’s determination to keep Puttaparthi at arm’s length. The existing Mandir was already at the fringe of the village and the new site was a half-kilometer further away. Gathering all the arguments she could drum up against the project, Easwaramma went rushing into the hall where Baba sat among a group of devotees…

Who did Easwaramma recommend for Swami to consult before moving anywhere?

5. In fond remembrance of our Beloved Easwaramma, May 6th is also celebrated as Children’s Day in all Sai Organizations throughout the country.  In our article, we presented the reason: Truly, the whole life of Easwaramma is a shining example and ideal for Sai devotees to emulate. “Amazing love for Swami and constantly seeking happiness and welfare of others” – this is the summary of her life. She had a special love for children because in every child she saw Sathya hiding, inviting her to seek and succeed. Naturally, they cuddled in flocks around her. They watched with delight the twinkle in her eyes and the wrinkles on her cheeks and chin as she joked and laughed. They were amused and their attention was aroused when her gold and glass bangles jingled as she gesticulated, while stressing a point or underlining a caution. When she found a child chubby, she squeezed and pulled its cheeks to see the patch of pink, the thrill the impact lent to the angel face.

What was Easwaramma favourite past time with kids?




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- Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 7 Issue 05 - MAY 2009
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