Volume 8 - Issue 01
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Flying Happily and High….

By Sai… For Sai

On January 11 every year Puttaparthi witnesses a spectacle that stands out for its beauty and agility, colour and grandeur, courage and creativity. It is the inaugural function of the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions held in the Vidyagiri Stadium. What enraptures the audience is of course the scintillating performances, be it the bike stunts or gymnastics or elegant formations or hundred other such creative presentations. But before these items begin, Bhagavan Baba Himself lights the lamp to signal the Sportsmeet open, and then as part of this opening ceremony, He releases a cluster of colorful balloons. These inflated inches of rubber then climb high into the sky as if in celebration and joy as they have been touched by the Divine.

The Touch of the Divine does wonders not only to balloons but to every being on this planet. And the Sportsmeet every year is a telling testimony of this very fact. The students, year after year, display amazing feats and indubitably come out with flying colours… how do they do it? It is because it is Sai who has touched and transformed them, guarded and guided them, loved and continues to love them. They fly high because beneath their wings there is Sai!


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