Volume 8 - Issue 01
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The Journey of the Sportsmeet Light

… Masterly Mascots for the Magnificent Event

January 11 is a red-letter day in the annual calendar of Sri Sathya Sai University because it is on this day that the students of all the campuses are blessed with a unique opportunity to present before their Divine Chancellor the flexibility of their bodies, the mettle of their minds and the power of their spirit. This is the inaugural day of the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet. And the opening ceremony on this day is a sight to watch as all the students of Baba’s schools and colleges march confidently and smartly in front of their Beloved Master.

There are plenty of other events, big and small, that form a part of this opening ceremony, and one among them which is most fascinating is the way the huge sportsmeet torch located on the Vidyagiri hill receives the fire and then begins to burn brightly. So, how does this happen? What is so special about the lighting of this torch? The mascots of various sportsmeets over the year now share with you this story through a series of pictures.


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