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Everyday thousands fill the cups of their hearts with love and bliss as Baba emerges from His residence to grant darshan. And on a few days when He decides to go on a drive, the euphoria it creates on the roads is simply thrilling. However, there are instances when Swami travels out of Puttaparthi and on such occasions the divine magic and ecstasy that devotees experience is truly ethereal. Every such trip of Baba is steeped with amazing instances of grace and spellbinding divine manifestations. Here are a few such tales culled from earlier issues of H2H in the form of a quiz.

1 In our article 'Unforgettable Moments with Sai - April 2006' issue, Mr. Chidambaram Krishnan shared his precious experiences while traveling with Swami to Kanyakumari, the southernmost point in the Indian peninsula.

'Because the Governor was traveling with Swami, the road was cleared of all traffic and our party simply sped along. In Kanyakumari, we were accommodated in the Kerala Government Guest House, and treated to a fabulous lunch. In the evening, Swami said, 'Let's go to the beach.'

'In Kanyakumari, there is a bathing ghat where it is safe to enter the water. Swami did not go there but instead headed for a rocky spot some distance away. The sea slopes very rapidly there and is very deep. Huge waves often form there, and visitors therefore avoid that area; but that exactly is where Swami went. Many have drowned there and so there was some concern in our party about Swami going there. Kasturi and a few others pleaded with Swami not to go there, but He brushed everyone aside and went straight for those rocks. I too tried to stop Swami saying, 'Swami, not there please.' But He pushed me aside.'

What happened when a huge wave came rushing towards Swami, and everyone feared that the wave would carry Swami away?

The Lord of the Sea suddenly became scared and was quiet
Swami became Krishna and played the flute to tame the waves down
Swami stood like a rock and let the waves pass
The Lord of the Sea came to pay homage to Swami


2.In our: 'Cover Story: Beauty, Bliss and Blessings of Sathya Sai in Chennai - Oct 2007' issue, we inserted a recollection given by Dr. Hislop that he shared at a National Convention of New Zealand in1993.

'In the early days, Swami used to go to Madras often. There was a family in Madras at whose house Swami usually stayed. At that time, He also drove His own car, although now He does not. Now He always has a driver who takes Him everywhere, in a car, which somebody has put there for His use. But before He had His present car, Swami had an old Chevrolet Station Wagon. He used to drive one of the cars Himself. When He would go to Madras to visit devotees there, other devotees would gather along the road at various places to see Swami drive by. The car would be coming along at a very fast clip and sitting behind the wheel was Swami with His arms folded, with the car going along about two inches off the road! Not even touching the road!

'One time, Swami went to Madras and arrived unexpectedly at the home of His hostess. You know, when the Avatar comes to visit your house, I am sure you would have something with which to greet Him - some flowers or a tray of food or some way of welcoming the great man to your house. That was the case with this hostess too.'

What did Swami do when the hostess said she unfortunately didn't have anything to welcome Swami with?'

Swami said He was too happy with her devotion to need a formal welcome
Swami's students were already prepared for it and gave her fruits and flowers
Swami tapped a tray in her kitchen and it was loaded with food
Swami beckoned at the car and two angels brought trays filled with stuff


3.In our: 'Cover Story: The Spectacular Saga of Sai in Kashmir - June 2008' issue, Mr. Ramkrishna Reddy who had accompanied Swami with a few other people to Kashmir, recalled an incident that took place in Srinagar:

'As we sat surrounding the Lord in the serene setting, Swami started speaking very casually to a few of us and then suddenly, as if struck with an idea, He asked General Malhotra. 'Is there any sand here?' 'Yes, Swami. There is a small creek nearby; there is little sand on its bank, but not too much though.' 'Ok, that's enough. You know' I used to do wonders on the sands of Chitravathi. I will show you how! Lets go!' the Lord retorted.

'And when we reached that spot, Swami sat on the sand cross-legged and like a small child started playing with it. And as the group excitedly watched, the Lord made the sand even, made it into a mound, poured more sand, made it flat again'and then drew a small figure, a sketch with His tiny finger'plastered that with more sand on top it'and then dipped His fingers inside the minuscule mound just then created, and out came a golden plate with beautiful and exquisite images of Lord Badrinarayan and Goddess Lakshmi standing!

''But this was not all. A few more blissful moments passed on the sands, and then the Lord enquired, 'Does any one have a pen?' Immediately somebody handed one to Him.'

What did Swami do with the pen?

He autographed His Name and gifted the golden plate to the owner of the pen
He used the pen to gift more golden plates for each member of the group
He sketched on the sand and produced a Lingam this time
He drew circles in the air with the pen and all kinds of fruits fell on the sand


4.In our: 'Cover Story: Shivam - Sai Hrudayam... The Heart of Sai - May 2008' issue, we presented an article on Swami's visit to His Divine Abode in Hyderabad ' Shivam.

When the construction was complete, Swami was in Mumbai then; therefore, five senior devotees went to Mumbai to pray to Him to visit Hyderabad, and inaugurate Shivam. In Mumbai, when Swami saw Mr. Prasad Rao, the main engineer behind the project, He said, 'Prasad Rao, so you have finally completed it! Come, let us go!' Thus, Swami descended to Hyderabad from His trip to Mumbai and Goa.

On the auspicious Telugu New Year 'Ugadi' day, Swami stepped into His Shivam. It became alive and charged! Swami materialized a lingam and installed it in the Shivam Hall so that devotees could worship it and derive benefits.

What benefit did Swami promise to confer on all devotees who enter the Divine portals of Shivam?

Mental Peace
Physical strength
Material prosperity
Leaps in every spiritual step taken towards Bhagavan


5. In our article: 'SwaMi and Me: Unlocking Our Immense Inner Power - Jan 2007' issue, Dr. Samuel Sandweiss, an eminent Psychiatrist from California, shared about his first encounter with Swami in Mumbai.

'I heard that Sai Baba was going to be at a stadium and fifty thousand people would be there to see Him. Now that was something for me, being a young psychiatrist. Why would somebody come out to watch another person? He wasn't going to be playing a guitar, or singing or dancing - none of that. And yet, fifty thousand would come out just to see Him! 'I have to see that,' I said.

'So I was invited by a devotee to have some lunch and a rest before I was going to go to the stadium. And this was way out in the outskirts of Mumbai. Mumbai is a city of seventeen million! I had some lunch at this apartment house and was resting, and then it was time to go. I walked down the stairs and somebody was rolling out a little red carpet. I said, 'What is that for?' He said, 'Sai Baba is coming to visit.' I said, 'There must be many, many Sai Baba's. This place must be filled with Sai Baba's!' You know it's a funny world, really. As you get into it, it's a mystery.'

When Dr. Sandweiss went to the stadium to experience Swami, what happened?

Swami walked the entire field and stood right in front of him!
A sevadal told him to come right up in the front!
After the discourse he got pushed in and stood face to face with Swami!
Swami sent word for him to meet Him back at the same apartment


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- Heart2Heart Team

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