Volume 8 - Issue 03
March 2010
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The Ennobling Story and the Inner Significance of Easter

A special audio story


Over two billion people the world over derive strength, solace, peace and love from their steadfast faith in the fact that “Jesus is alive forever; He is with us, He listens to us, He saves us.”

And one of the principal reasons for this resolute belief is the most mysterious and mind-boggling episode that happened almost after Christ has left His mortal coil. Rarely has any event in history had such an astounding cascading effect as the resurrection of Jesus on the day of Easter.

The Lord’s ways are always incredible and multi-dimensional. What exactly happened then? And what is the true significance of this divine manifestation?

Here is an audio story which will offer you an insightful glimpse of this glorious event; this is based on an earlier cover story of H2H.





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