Volume 8 - Issue 03
March 2010
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“Hanuman is the supreme example of a devotee who practiced service as the form of worship to realize God. He is the embodiment of devotion and surrender. True devotion means even the blood stream should proclaim the Lord's name. Because Hanuman was such a devotee he could be the foremost servant of Rama.” This is how Bhagavan Baba hailed the illustrious personality of Hanuman in a discourse delivered a few years ago.

Bhagavan has always mentioned that for the students Hanuman is the ideal, for he is the epitome of purity, ability and sincerity of pure love for the Divine which earned him divine proximity and grace. To help us understand and emulate the character of this amazing devotee of the Lord, in the current quiz we have brought together 10 anecdotes from his life, each of which has been narrated by Lord Sai Rama Himself!

1. During the Summer Showers discourses delivered in 1977, Swami narrated the eventful day when Hanuman first met with his dear Lord Rama: “Sugriva and Hanuman saw that Rama and Lakshmana were coming in their direction while searching for Sita. However, Sugriva felt that they were messengers of Vali coming to spy on him, and do him harm.

“On the contrary, Hanuman, because of his noble and peaceful nature, told Sugriva not to be agitated, and that he would go and find out who those people were and report back. He advised that whatever we wish to do, we should never be in haste. Haste is not the right natural quality of one’s own mind. Haste always leads to waste; waste always causes worry and therefore, one should not be in a hurry. Hanuman was well acquainted with these maxims and so he did not make haste. He said he would go, find out and return.”

What did Hanuman do after he found with conviction that both the brothers were Divine?

He prostrated and begged them to make him their devotee right there
He asked them to wait until he came back with Sugriva
He offered to carry them on his shoulders to Sugriva
He still wanted them to go with him to be interrogated further by Sugriva


2. During a Divine Discourse delivered in 1986, Swami shared how Rama praised Hanuman heartily, and showed what His greatness was owed to: “Hanuman was proficient in all the different types of grammar. He was a scholar proficient in the four Vedas and six Shastras. The scholarship of Hanuman made him look at everything with equanimity and equal-mindedness. Hanuman is the brightest example of such a realized soul.”

According to Lord Rama, what quality made Hanuman win His Grace?


Humbleness in his speech
Harmony in his thoughts, words and deeds which were all offered to God
Sincerity in practicing all the teachings of the Vedas
His reverence to both the brothers


3. During a Divine Discourse delivered in 1986, Swami shared examples of Hanuman’s devotion to Lord Rama: “Concentrating on the name of Rama and rendering service to Rama were Hanuman's preoccupation all the time. He was no ordinary being. He was a master of the 64 sciences and arts. Rama described him as a hero of peace, who possessed immense strength and wisdom.”

After Hanuman found out that Sita was in Lanka, how did he build the bridge to help Lord Rama in crossing the sea to bring her back?

He hurled rocks into the sea uttering the name of Rama
He ordered a million monkeys to hold hands to build the bridge
He prayed to Lord Shiva to dry up the ocean first
He used his God gifted strength and swallowed all the water first



4. Swami often prods us: “A devotee of God must be prepared to undertake any service, however mighty the task may be.”

During the Summer Showers delivered in 2002, Swami narrated how Hanuman took upon any task as his life breath! “At the time of the battle, when Lakshmana fainted, Rama lamented thus, ‘If I search, I may find a wife like Sita; I may find a mother like Kausalya; but a brother like Lakshmana can never be found.’ Rama was ready to give up anything for the sake of Lakshmana.

At that time, he instructed Hanuman to go and bring the Sanjeevani plant. Hanuman was one who always obeyed Rama’s command. He always moved as one amongst the brothers.”

Since Hanuman was having a difficult time in identifying the life saving herb Sanjeevani, how did he get it?

A local reputed sage helped him identify it
He plucked and brought samples of all the different herbs that he saw there
He gave up reluctantly and waited for Lord Rama to instruct him further
He brought the entire mountain

5. During a Divine Discourse delivered in 1997, Swami described the secret behind Hanuman’s power: “Hanuman became the messenger of Rama. There are three classes of messengers - those who do not understand the orders of the master or do not care to understand, and who operate to the detriment of the work assigned them; those who do only just as much as the order literally communicates; and those who grasp the purpose and significance of the orders and carry them out unflinchingly till the purpose is achieved.

“Hanuman belonged to the last category. He never flinched in his efforts, whatever the obstacle, and reported back only after he was satisfied with the result of his assignment. He could delve into the commands of Rama and know what His order meant.”

So according to Swami, what was the secret behind Hanuman’s capacity to be able to fulfill all of Lord Rama’s orders so powerfully?

The darshan (sight) of Rama
His powerful meditation skills
A boon given to him by the Wind God
Blessings from his divine Mother


6. During the Summer Showers delivered in 1996, Swami narrated an amusing exchange that took place between the attempting-to-be-valiant Ravana and the courageous and strong Hanuman when he trespassed Ravana’s property to rescue Sita:

“There ensued a furious exchange of words between Ravana and Hanuman.

Ravana: O monkey! Who are you? You have spoilt my grove. Who sent you to Lanka?

Hanuman: The great Rama, the King of kings, who had cut off the nose of your sister, has sent me.

Ravana: Why do you address me so disrespectfully?

Hanuman: I am the servant of Lord Rama. I am at liberty to address you, a sinner, thus.

“Ravana felt frightened, looking at the power and prowess of Hanuman. He thought that when a mere monkey had so much courage and strength, the followers of Rama must be much greater than him. Ravana decided to humble Hanuman by setting fire to his tail, for the tail is very dear to a monkey. Yards of cloth were brought to wrap around the monkey’s tail, and it was set on fire. Hanuman leapt from mansion to mansion, setting fire to every house with his burning tail.

“After setting fire to Lanka, he found Sita safe in the Ashoka Grove and gave her Rama’s ring. When he saw that Sita was still doubtful that perhaps he was a trickster sent by Ravana, how did he convince her that he indeed was a messenger sent by her very own Beloved husband Rama?

He showed her a picture of Rama
He showed her a note written by Rama
He ripped open his heart to show Rama
He showed her Rama’s sandals that he had brought along


7. During the Summer Showers discourses delivered in 1977, Swami revealed a touching side of Hanuman’s personality: “After finding Sita in Lanka and after returning to Rama and Lakshmana and giving them the happy news, Hanuman, Jambavan, Rama and Lakshmana were resting on one side of the ocean. Thousands of other monkeys also joined them in their march to Lanka. That night was a full moon and cool night.

As Rama was somewhat tired after walking, he was resting with his head on the lap of Lakshmana. That night no one had sleep or rest because next morning they all had to go to Lanka, and participate in the fighting with Ravana, and so Rama and Lakshmana were giving encouraging counsel to all the others.

“Rama who was taking rest on the lap of Lakshmana could not keep quiet. He asked Lakshmana and Sugriva and finally Hanuman what they thought about the dark spot in the moon when it shines.”

What was Hanuman’s interpretation for the dark spot on the moon?

It was because some impending calamity was going to befall on them
Because of the reflection of Rama’s face on putting His head on Lakshmana’s lap
Because Ravana was furious at them
Because Sita was weary and sad


8. In a Divine Discourse delivered in 2001, Swami shared a blissful experience that Hanuman had: “Once Lord Rama asked Hanuman, ‘How do you contemplate on Me?’ ‘At the physical level, You are my Master and I am Your servant. At the mental level, I am a spark of thy Divine Self. At the Atmic level, You and I are one’, said Hanuman.

Pleased with Hanuman’s reply, Lord Rama presented him with a pearl necklace, which was given to mother Sita by her father, king Janaka, at the time of her marriage. Hanuman held this very valuable necklace in his hand, began to remove all the pearls one by one from the necklace, and kept it near his ear for some time and then after biting each one of them, threw them away.”

After Hanuman revealed that since he couldn’t hear Rama’s Name in the pearls, they were useless for him, what was Rama’s reaction?

Rama reprimanded Hanuman to always accept a gift graciously
Rama offered Himself by embracing Hanuman
Rama asked Sita to give Hanuman another appropriate gift
Rama put Hanuman through yet another test of devotion


9. In a Divine Discourse delivered in 1977, Swami narrated a sweet story which reveals Hanuman’s purity and simplicity: “After the Coronation celebrations, Sita, Rama and His brothers sat together, reminiscing over past events, and some of them expressed a desire to have a larger share of serving Rama. Bharatha and Sathrughna were the most eager. So a list was drawn up of all items of service that could be offered to Rama and the items were allotted to those present.

“Hanuman was not present at the time, and when he came in, the others announced, with certain amount of glee, that he had no more chance to serve Rama as everything was now to be done by others. Rama also joined in the fun.”

What was Hanuman’s reaction to that misfortune moment?

He pleaded to be given the duty of snapping fingers whenever Rama yawned
By dedicating all actions to the Divine
He had undying faith that his Lord Rama would find some duty for him
He begged Lakshmana to give up his duty for his sake


10. During a Divine Discourse delivered in 1992, Swami shared Hanuman’s worthiest gift of all that he received! “Hanuman, after the completion of his mission in Lanka, went to Sita to receive her blessings before returning to Rama. At that time, Mother Sita blessed Hanuman in this manner: ‘Hanuman! You are full of prowess, intelligence and fortitude. May you never grow old.’ This did not give joy to Hanuman.

“Noticing his sense of disappointment, Sita blessed him again: ‘Live as an immortal.’ Even this did not please Hanuman. Sita then blessed him again: ‘Hanuman! You are full of virtues! May the dwellers in the three worlds extol your qualities.’ Hanuman felt embarrassed and bent his head as if he was ashamed to hear her praise him.”

What was that one blessing finally given by Sita that sent Hanuman in rapture?

“May you always be worshipped first!”
“May you always lead all tasks given by Rama!’
“May you have equal amount of devotees as Lord Rama!”
“May Sri Rama always love you!”


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- Heart2Heart Team


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