Durgati Nashini Durga - Photo Gallery

When the demon Mahisasura reaches the zenith of his wickedness, the Mother assumes the fiercest form ever and all the gods empower her to annihilate the destructive forces of evil to restore peace and purity in the world. Mahisasura, literally means, the buffalo-headed demon. Clearly the three forms of the Mother, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi, representing Iccha Sakthi, Kriya Sakthi and Jnana Sakthi (the power of will, the power of action and the power of wisdom) came together not to destroy a beast but the bestial tendencies of man.

Every Dasara we celebrate this victory of the noble over the evil. We perform rites and rituals to embolden us so that we can curb and subdue all that is unpleasant in us and shine in sublimity just like the Divine Mother.

Here are a few glimpses of Mother Durga sent to us by Mr. Sai Saswat Mishra, an enthusiastic photo journalist and a Radio Sai volunteer based in the state of Odisha.
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