25 July, 2012
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In the Geeta the Lord advises Arjuna to picture God as Kavi, Anoraneeyan and so on. What do these terms really mean? Bhagawan explains to us these aspects of Divinity today.  

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"Talk on Buddhism by Dhammachari Dr. B.V. Rajaram of the Mahabodhi Society - 2 Jul 2012

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"Video: Miracle of Pure Love - by Prof. G. Venkataraman
- Part 17"

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sathya sai baba

The Lord is referred to as Kavi - one who is aware of the past, present and future. He knows all and sees all. It is the Lord who revolves in every heart and effects changes from step to step. He is the Motivator for the entire creation, the Prime Basis. He is the poet; His poem is all this (Kavi also means poet). He lays down the conduct for all. The five elements execute His orders. They cannot overstep the limits laid down by Him. His laws govern also the inner world of all beings as no human law can. And He is 'subtler than the subtle'; subtle not in form, He is the subtlest because He is devoid of qualities; something that you cannot fathom with the eye, the ear or the other senses. During sadhana (spiritual practices), the Lord has to be pictured as the ‘un-picturable’.

- Geetha Vahini, Ch 16

Compassion towards all beings is devotion to God. - Baba