Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
10 Sep, 2013
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Which one should we adopt ā€“ a dual or non-dual approach? Which is superior and easier? Bhagawan lovingly answers these difficult questions us today.  

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"Love to Love - a musical selection
on Faith - first aired live on
29 Nov 2012"

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"The Ganesha Principle as I
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- By Mr. Veda Narayan"

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Sathya Sai Baba

The Dual or Non-dual approach to Divinity (Dwaitha or Adwaitha) are not distinct; they are stages of mental transformation. The fruit is the same; the sun and soil make it ripen through the intermediate stages of raw, tender and mature fruit. The day you realise that the Lordā€™s address is as specified in the Gita: ā€œIshwarah sarva bhutanam, hriddese, Arjuna Thishthati (O Arjuna, the Lord is in the heart of every being)", that day you would have truly attained Him! To realize the Lord in every being, you must cultivate love and drive out the bats of hate, envy and malice that infest the dark caverns of your heart. Let the light of Love illumine your thoughts, your words, your activities, your movements and your judgements. When you are transmuted into love in this manner, the Lord, who is Love-Incarnate, will reveal Himself to you.

- Divine Discourse, Oct 11, 1964.

Love, respect, tolerance, mutual co-operation and forbearance ā€“ these must flow from the heart of each to all. - Baba