Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
11 Sep, 2013
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What qualities should we equip ourselves with to make sure we reach our goal? Bhagawan explains and motivates us today in our spiritual journey.  

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"Tryst with Divinity - Conversation with Mr. Chotelal Mirakhur from Kashmir"

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"Photo Gallery: Ganesha Glory
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Sathya Sai Baba

One cannot give adult food to a baby – you have to adjust the food to the needs and the digestive abilities of the child and gradually let the tastes develop with age. So too, you cannot reach the peak, in just one jump! It takes persistent effort and gradual progress to get to the top, is it not? Realize that it is a very hard job to negate the evidence of the senses. You can and must overcome the tendencies that have grown within you from hundreds of births. The truth that the world is an illusion and is a manifestation of the Divine is clear to a few, who have reached their destination. If you are an aspirant, until that realization hits you, you must persist in your path, patiently, with hope and sincere effort.

- Divine Discourse, Apr 12, 1959.

Bend the body, mend the senses and end the mind – make this your endeavor. - Baba