Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
21 Sep, 2013
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How can we go near God, understand and experience Him? Bhagawan explains how it is possible and how this path is not barred even for a sinner.  

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"Tryst with Divinity - Conversation with Kevin and Vikashini MacMahon from Australia"

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"Swami – My Mother
Unparalleled -
Mrs. Sangeeta Bhadriraju"

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Sathya Sai Baba

Repentance saves even sinners from perdition. No ceremony of expiation is as effective as sincere repentance. The shopkeeper may give short measure at times, but he will never accept less money; the bill always has to be settled in full. Pay it through repentance. You cannot deceive the Lord with insincerity. Unless you correct yourself through detachment and sacrifice, you cannot reach God. The Lord can be understood, only if you approach Him, develop attachment to Him, have unswerving loyalty to Him and have full faith in Him. You will easily understand Him when you feel that you are but the instrument and He wills every little movement, everywhere. Give up egoism in full, and develop faith. Then you can most certainly see Him.

- Divine Discourse, Oct 12, 1964.

Forgiveness is very important. It is Truth, it is Dharma, it is Veda, it is Non-violence, it is happiness, it is heaven itself. - Baba