Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
29 Oct, 2013
Featured on Radio Sai:
What must members of any community, town or village pursue to make it an ideal one? Bhagawan explains us the destination and the route to get there.  

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"Love to Love - a musical selection on the Game of Life first aired live on Thursday - 24 Jan 2013"

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"Photo Flipbook: Grama Seva Preparation 2013 - A Saga of Sharing Sai Love"

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Sathya Sai Baba

There are greater things in life that grant joy and peace – try to get a hold of them. Each and every one of you have earned the right to live in joy and possess these greater things – no one can take these away from your grasp. Fix your attention on the eternal values, and then you will not be swept off your feet by gusts of passion or fits of fury. In the past, sages and saints controlled the vagaries of their minds and dwelt in peace and bliss. You too must ensure that the temple of the Lord in your innermost heart is not overwhelmed by the sands of lust and anger (Kama and Krodha). When all live in this manner, the community will become an ideal one.

- Divine Discourse, Sep 9, 1959.

Cultivate your heart to raise a harvest of Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love. - Baba