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31 July, 2015
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Where is our true Guru? Bhagawan emphatically underscores this for us on this holy Guru Purnima day.  

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'Talk by Mr. Leonardo Gutter from Argentina on 15 July 2011 during Gurupoornima celebrations '

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'Follow the Masrter: By Dr. Srikanth Sola - Talk delivered on Guru Poornima Day, 2013'

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The true meaning of Guru is, 'One who is beyond attributes and forms, the Supreme Self (Brahman)’. When this Self is within you, where is the need to search for a Guru? A teacher who teaches others has had a teacher himself. The one who has no Guru above him is the true Guru. The Sanskrit stanza which hails the Guru as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara and as Parabrahman is misinterpreted. The right approach is to consider Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara as the Guru. These three are symbolised by the three gunas or attributes: Brahma is Rajas, Vishnu is Satwa and Shiva represents Tamas. The whole cosmos is constituted by the three gunas and the gunas are present in you. The Trinity are present in the form of the three gunas in every human heart. Hence, you are your own guru. You need not seek him elsewhere. You have to feel at all times your inherent divinity, which is also present in everyone. When you help or feed someone you must feel that the Divine in you is feeding the Divine in others.

- Divine Discourse, 1 Jan 1996.

Sathya Sai Baba
Every person is an embodiment of the Divine. - Baba