Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
24 Sep, 2015
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What is the Truth we must all strive to recognise and live by? Bhagawan clearly explains to us today.  

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Sathya Sai Baba

Uttering the truth is easy. But indulging in falsehood is a tortuous process. One has to take a lot of trouble to cover up one lie with more lies. Hence it is said: Speak the truth, speak what is pleasing, do not utter truth that is unpleasant (Sathyam brooyath; priyam brooyath; na brooyath Sathyam Apriyam). God is the embodiment of Truth. Truth is the foundation of the universe. This transcendental changeless Truth is beyond mind, speech and the categories of time and space. Vedanta has described it as ‘Ritam’. Live up to this Truth. Internalize the fact that the Lord is present in everyone. Only when you recognise the omnipresence of the Divine, will you easily experience the Divine. Hence from today give up swartha (selfishness), turn your mind towards the Supreme (Parartha), lead a life of Truth (Yadartha) and sanctify your lives. If you earn the love of God even to the slightest extent, you will experience infinite joy.

- Divine Discourse, Sep 15, 1988.

Thursday Darshan Video - 63
Believe that God resides in all beings. Speak such words as would spread goodness,
truth and beauty. - Baba