Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
13 Jun 2016
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In what form is the Divine Principle present in us and what is the easiest way to recognise it? Bhagawan explains to us in simple and clear terms.  

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'Childrens Hour - Episode 53
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The Daffodil Principle'

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Sathya Sai Baba

Brahman in the form of love enters minds and creates attachment between a person and another. If a mother shows affection to a child, we should interpret it as an aspect of the Divine and not just a bodily relationship. This aspect of Brahman present as love in the mother, expresses itself as affection. When this aspect enters the minds of friends, it takes the shape of friendship. When this spreads to various objects we like, it takes the form of desire. If this aspect is directed towards God, we call it devotion. Because this love is present in everyone, when we say, “Sarvam Brahma Mayam” (All this is Divine) we are stating an irrefutable truth. This is also why we say, “Love is God, Live in Love.” We must practice, “Start the day with Love; spend the day with Love; fill the day with Love; end the day with Love”, as this is the way to God.

- Summer Showers in Brindavan 1974, Vol 1, Ch 4.

Wherever there is love, there God is always present. - Baba