Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
17 Jun 2016
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Why do we have doubts on spiritual matters? How can we resolve them? What is our role? Bhagawan explains to us today.  

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'Fleeting Moments Lasting Memories - Mr. Ramesh Agraharam - Part 1'

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'What Thanks Can I Render Sai?
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After listening to a spiritual discourse, you should not spend your time in irrelevant things, but try to recapitulate and put into practice what you have learnt. You hear while you sit here; you must eat and digest this material when you go back. After taking in what you have listened to here, you must put it into practice so that you may digest it. After you have been able to digest all this, all the doubts will be cleared and you will get the strength of doubtlessness. One who does not have the capacity for digestion will get the disease of indigestion. Unless you try to digest and put into practice all that you listen to, learn, and assimilate, it is of no use. The person who repeats that he or she is full of doubts is really the one who suffers from indigestion. One who can understand themselves clearly will never have doubts.

- Summer Showers in Brindavan 1974, Vol 1, Ch 4.

Sathya Sai Baba
Depression, doubt and conceit - these are Rahu and Kethu (evil planetary influences) to the spiritual aspirant. - Baba