Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
27 Feb 2017
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What does it take to shed our animal nature and progress to the stage of Divinity? Bhagawan, Our Loving God, poignantly points out to us today.  

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To reach the Divine within, you must qualify yourself to pass through the four gates of self-control (Shama), self-enquiry (Vicharana), contentment (Trupti) and the company of the pious and virtuous (Satsanga). Shama calls for steadfast faith in the Lord and control of your senses and the mind. When you succeed in controlling the cognitive senses (Jnanendriyas), it becomes much easy to control the organs of action (Karmendriyas). Shama makes one a master of the mind and indriyas (sense and action organs). Such a person transcends the animal nature and can go forward from the human to the Divine. Birds, beasts and other creatures are concerned with the enjoyment of external things. Man alone is gifted with the capacity to discriminate between the transient and the permanent, and seek what is everlasting by controlling the senses and giving up attachment to the perishable body and the ephemeral objects of the phenomenal world.

- Divine Discourse, Feb 19, 1987.

Sathya Sai Baba
Righteous action and control of the senses are essential for the cultivation
of universal love and goodness. - Baba