Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
Sep 14, 2022
Where is God and how can we experience Him daily? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today so that we may hold on to Him.  

Audio Special:
'Service In The Name Of Sai
- Ep 09 - Seva In Ukraine'

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H2H Special:
'When God Becomes Your Guardian
- by Mrs Bharathi Harihar'

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Sathya Sai Baba

He is in you! It is He that prompted you to project Him into the outer world, as this idol or that image, to listen to your outpouring and give you peace! Without the inspiration, solace, and joy that He confers from within, you will be raving mad, as one who has lost his moorings and is tossed about, rudderless, on a stormy sea. Hold on to Him in the heart, hear Him whisper silent words of counsel and consolation. Converse with Him, guide your footsteps as He directs, and you reach the goal, safe and soon! The picture before which you sit, the flowers which you place on it, the hymns you recite, vows you impose on yourselves, vigils you go through - these are activities that cleanse and remove obstacles in the way of your getting aware of the God within. Really speaking, you are He; not this body which you are carrying with you, like the snail, loaded with its own house, the shell! When the fascination for the body goes, the Light of the God within will shine and illumine your thoughts, words and deeds.

- Divine Discourse, Oct 21, 1969.

All work is God’s; He inspires, He helps, He executes, He enjoys, and He is pleased. - Baba