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Radio Sai on Mobile Phones

With the Divine Blessings of Bhagawan Baba Radio Sai programmes can easily be heard on iPhones as well as on many other mobile phones which are GPRS-enabled through customised mobile applications.

Customised Radio Sai Applications


To download the iPhone Radio Sai App please click here.

Android Phones:

To download the Android Radio Sai App please click here.



Other Radio Applications (non-customised)

There are a number of other radio applications which can be used to listen to Radio Sai programs on various mobile phones including Android and Blackberry. To know more about this, please click here.

We hope these initiatives will enable more devotees to remain connected to Swami’s Love and Message even as we are busy exploring other more convenient ways of making this service available on mobile phones.



This is for mobile users in India alone. You can now listen to Radio Sai on any phone! Does not matter whether it is a Nokia or Sony Ericsson or Samsung or any other make or whether it is GPRS enabled or not.

All you have to do is dial a short code.

Service  Operator
Short Code

Once you dial this number and register for this service, you will have the option to listen to:

Asia Stream, Bhajan Stream or Telugu Steam

While this service is offered free by Radio Sai as usual, listeners will have to pay a minimal charge (of Rs. 2 per day) to the service providers (like Airtel and the like).

On Asia Stream and Telugu Stream you can listen to 'Live Broadcast of Vedam and Bhajan sessions from Prasanthi Nilayam' every morning and evening.

For more clarifications, you may please refer to the FAQs below.

With a deep sense of gratitude and love, Radio Sai offers this new service at His lotus feet and hopes that this will serve to take His message and Love to the masses in all corners of India.

Thank you.
Radio Sai Team


Does this service require a special mobile phone? Do we require Internet / GPRS enabled mobile phones?


No. You can listen to Radio Sai on any ordinary mobile phone.
Internet / GPRS is not required.
Which mobile phone service provider is offering this service?
Only Airtel to startwith. It means, only if you have Airtel SIM card, you can avail this service.
When would other mobile phone service providers offer this service?
Other mobile phone service providers like BSNL, Reliance, Tata Docomo, Aircel, Vodafone, Idea etc. will start offering this service shortly.
Is the service available all over the world?
This service is offered only for mobile phone users in India, not overseas.
How to register for this service?
If you have an Airtel SIM card, just dial 55251 and follow the instructions. This would enable you to subscribe for this service.
How much do we have to pay for availing this service?
Rs.5/- for registration (one-time payment)
Rs.2/- for subscription (per day)
As soon as you register for this service, Rs.5/- would be debited from your mobile account. Subsequently Rs.2/- will get debited everyday whether you tune in to Radio Sai on your mobile or not.
We know Radio Sai is offered FREE by Swami but why is there a charge for this service now?
As always, Radio Sai is offering this service freely. However, the mobile phone service providers charge for providing this service through their platforms; Radio Sai earns no revenue.
Is it possible to unsubscribe from this service?
Yes. Dial 55251, follow the menu and choose the option to unsubscribe this service.
Will I be able to listen to Radio Sai on mobile while in ‘Roaming’?
While I am listening to Radio Sai on my mobile phone, will I get incoming calls?
There would be a beep sound indicating an incoming call. You need to keenly listen to the beep sound and attend the call, else the caller would get a 'busy tone'.
Whom to address the disputes if any, concerning the subscription charges?
You need to address it only to the respective ‘Customer Care’ of mobile phone service providers.
To whom should we address our suggestions/feedback regarding the programmes on Radio Sai?
As always, please share your valuable suggestions / feedback to listener@radiosai.org





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