Tender Hearts
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1. Diamond = die mind
Baba says that one must ‘die’ one’s mind, meaning get rid of or conquer one’s mind to become invaluable and lustrous like diamond.

2. Technology = trick knowledge
Technology, today, is basically doing tricks with knowledge.

3. Devotion = deep ocean
Devotion is like a deep ocean. In the ocean, one must dive deep to get the precious gems, diving in shallow waters is not of much consequence. Likewise, to get results one’s devotion must be steadfast and sincere, shallow devotion will only give hollow results.

4. Silence = sai lens
Baba often says,”Only in the depth of silence the voice of God can be heard.” Therefore, to experience divine one must first learn to quieten his senses.

5. Properties = Proper ties
Baba says that the worldly properties that we attach so much importance are only ties that bind us to this world. They are not the proper ties that we should be associated with. Only true property is Divine grace and love, which is eternal and ever lasting.

6. Hrudaya = hrud + daya
Hrudaya is the sanskrit term for heart. ‘Daya’ means compassion. Therefore, hrudaya (or heart) means that which is full of compassion.

7. Samsara = Sam (meaning, some or little) + sara
Samsara is the sanskrit word for the world. ‘Sara’ means essence. Hence, it means the world has little sum and substance. To the enlightened, this world is an illusion.

8. History = HIS + story
Only that story is true History which talks about His advent, His miracles, His messages.

9. Politics – poly (or many) tricks
Current day politics is only tricks, some more tricks and many more tricks. Sincere politicians are an endangered species.

10. Mankind = Men + kindness
To be addressed as mankind, all men must have kindness in their heart and should learn to love one another, Baba says.

11. Samaadhi = Sama ( equilibrium) + dhi ( intellect)
Samaadhi is the super-conscious state when an aspirant realises God. An aspirant reaches that stage when he has perfect equipoise, symmetry with himself and his surroundings.

12. Sadhana – Sa (good or divine) + dhana (or wealth)
Sadhana refers to spiritual practises. Spiritual practises and good deeds are our true wealth and not the worldly possessions, Baba often emphasises.

13. Radha – dhara (stream) of aradhana (prayer).
Radha was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Krishna. Her life was a saga of prayer and devotion which is reflected in her name, Baba has explained.

14. Baba says,
“People crave for interviews, but what is important is Inner view.”
“One should study to be Steady.”
“The only way to immortality from mortality is removal of Immorality.”

15. Vinayaka = Vi( No) + Nayaka (master)
Lord Ganesha, who is also addressed as Vinayaka, is the one without a master. There is none second to him. He is the master of all masters

16. Sai Baba = Sa (divine) + Aayee (mother) + Baba (father).
Thus, Baba very name means that He is the Divine mother and father of one and all.


Volume - 2 Issue - 13 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004